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Sports is one of the favorite recreational activities in the world! Sports is also one of the few amusements in today's world that allows people of completely different backgrounds to connect at a certain timepoint and share experiences of joy, anger, disappointment, enthusiasm, and deep sadness.


And who enables it? The same athletes, who work and train all their lives to produce for us, the spectators and the fans, those sports dramas and climaxes we love so much.


The marketing world understands how much sports fans admire their super athletes. The thousands of followers of the broadcast competitions are the ones that enable the athletes to become strong brands over time. Serena Williams, David Beckham, Michael Jordan and others are admired celebrities who promote themselves not only through the court or field but also by promoting businesses with brand merchanding and building an iconic and cultural persona that allows them to continue to relate even after the end of their sporting career. It allows the fans to identify with the values ​​that athletes represent: excellence, accomplishment, and adherence to the goal!


Last June, Forbes International published the 100th highest-paying athletic score, with Lionel Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar opening the first ten, and closing the first ten - American basketball player Kevin Durant.


In Israel, this phenomenon is less common. Few athletes have succeeded in breaking the boundaries of the game and have managed to brand themselves over time, outside the sports arenas in which they play.



Now, a new initiative, the first of its kind in Israel, intends to achieve just that and with the Israeli Olympic athletes, who bring great respect to Israel in the big international competitions throughout the year.


The new initiative "SportsGrow" is currently being launched, and includes, initially, five branded Online stores based on five  Israeli Olympic athletes: Linoy Ashram, Lee Korzits, Alex Shatilov, Yaakov Tomarkin and Hanna Knyazyeva Minenko.


The goal of the project is to allow outstanding athletes to enjoy being role models, to build themselves as a brand and create an opportunity for fans, large and small, to be in direct contact with their esteemed athlete. The project will allow athletes to set up their own personalized online store with branded personal products. These will help them increase their audience of followers while allowing fans to order products and feel that they are partners to their success and above all - to position the athletes as leading brands over time.


The new project is voluntarily led and managed by a company called "Business Grow" that specializes in developing digital tools for business management. The company has developed a unique model that includes the establishment of the store, construction of the logistical and commercial infrastructure,  delivery of products to the customer's home and customer service.


During the launch event, Kobi Hadad, CEO of Business Grow explained that Israel's top athletes are on the social networks and are watched by hundreds of thousands of Israelis and fans around the world in total. The new project will enable Israeli and overseas sports fans to directly support their favorite Olympic athlete, to purchase the branded products and to feel a partnership in their success. 


Olympic athlete Alex Shatilov, who competed three times at the Olympic Games, said that he was happy to be chosen as one of the five athletes to enter this unique venture that is supposed to increase awareness to Olympic sports and Olympic athletes and is an entry into the world of personal branding. Furthermore, it's an extraordinary experience to the digital world and is a very challenging endeavor with great responsibility.


Olympic surfer Lee Korzits, four times world champion, said that the online store gives her the opportunity to connect people to her world in a special way that exposes her fans both in Israel and abroad, that she represented as an international athlete. She also stated that she believes that the products that she chose personally will be meaningful to people and that they will express their support and solidarity with her in return.


The branded products will be priced between 49 - 149 NIS and include a range of products from wine bottles designed by the athletes themselves to branded shirts and clothing accessories for athletes.


Olympic Committee of Israel: The Olympic Committee of Israel is the recognized National Olympic Committee of Israel, and the governing body of Olympic sports in Israel. The OCI's headquarters is located at the National Sports Center – Tel Aviv.



The Olympic Committee Of Israel

6 Shitrit Street, Hadar Yosef, Tel Aviv

Tel: +972 – 3 – 6498385

Fax: +972 – 3 – 6498395

 To read more about the first five Olympic players were chosen by Business Grow please refer to the full article:



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One of the oldest furniture companies in Israel has entered the field of mattresses. The Wissmann Holdings group, the owner of the Shomrat Hazorea chain, is launching a new mattress series called "Impala". The Impala series was designed in Israel and is manufactured in Europe meeting the high-quality standards of both EU and Israel.

The new mattresses will be sold at the Shomrat Hazorea chain and on the Shomrat Hazorea Net Collection website at very attractive prices. In addition, during the launch period, the mattresses will be offered at specially discounted prices throughout the chain. Nahum and Aryeh Wissmann, owners of The Wissmann Holdings Group, presented important properties of the new mattresses during the launch event.

The penetration of Shomrat Hazorea into the field of mattresses, complements the broad range of products that the furniture chain in Israel has to offer and is due to a management decision of the Wissmann Holdings Group to offer the Israeli customer full service and offer the customer quality furniture for all parts of the house at attractive prices.

Nahum and Aryeh Wissmann explained that based on market research and professional review of the field in Israel, they understood that most of the mattresses produced and marketed in Israel are manufactured according to the American doctrine. However, after weighing the data, and to ensure the value for money aspect, they decided to manufacture their new line of mattresses in accordance with the European doctrine. A cooperation agreement was signed with a leading European company to produce the new Impala mattress series that will be manufactured according to the Israeli specifications of Product Development Department of the "Wissmann Holdings" group.

The cooperation agreement with the manufacturing company from Spain, that also has an extension in Portugal, is an exclusive marketing agreement for Shomrat Hazorea in Israel for a period of 10 years with an option for extension. The factory produces 23 types of mattresses as well as mattresses made according to specifications of the customer. The plant has a production capacity of 2,500 mattresses a day which is marketed throughout Europe and this is the first time that the factory is marketing outside Europe by shipment in containers.



The Impala mattresses have special features that make them attractive to the customer at both the level of use and price, including:
• The thickness of the mattresses that range from 24 to 29 cm, making them easier to clean in comparison with thicker mattresses that have an additional unnecessary sponge filling.
• All mattresses meet the EU and Israeli manufacturing standards.
• Especially fast delivery times for the Impala Mattress series in Israel. Delivery of standard mattresses from the stock is within 10 days, and special orders within 60 days.
• The mattress design can be customized at the level of their internal composition as well as the degree of softness or stiffness of the model.
• As part of the warranty for the mattress, Shomrat Hazorea offers a significant advantage in terms of service and customer support. Every call to customer service related to mattress complaints will be handled by replacement of the mattress and not by repair.

During the penetration period in Israel, the plant in Europe will support a policy of special launch prices for the Israeli market through the Wissmann Group and the "Shomrat Hazorea" chain.

As stated above, first the mattresses will be sold, in the "Shomrat Hazorea" store chain, and on the "Shomrat Hazorea Net Collection" website, and later, wholesale to more than 100 stores throughout the country.

The New Industrial Center
A short time ago, the largest new industrial center in Israel named after Leo Wissmann Wood Industries was launched by the Wissmann Holdings Group. The new industrial center is located at the Bar-Lev Park near Karmiel and is the most advanced industrial center in the Middle East. It is built on a plot of about 12 dunams, with a size of 7,700 m that can accommodate about 250 containers [about 19,000 cubic meters] at an investment of $10 million.

In the center there are a number of activity areas, including an assembly hall, storage halls, a padding hall, a showroom, a professional studio for photographing furniture and a special area dedicated to the Group's fleet of trucks that distribute furniture to the Group's stores and chains throughout the country, including institutional projects and customers who order directly through the Net-Collection online store of "Shomrat Hazorea".
The new industrial center will support the distribution of the new Impala mattresses in Israel.



The Wissmann Holding Group manages several companies, among which are "Shomrat Hazorea" and the "Shomrat Hazorea Net Collection" mentioned within this article. The initial Wissmann Company was founded in 1932 by Leo and Yehudit Wismann, the founders who immigrated to Israel from Germany. Over the years, the company has supplied furniture to many homes in Israel from before the establishment of the State of Israel and later to educational institutions, universities, hotels in Israel, the Prime Minister's residence, office buildings, embassies and around the world. Today, the company's initial store covers 3,000 sqm., the largest in Israel and the largest in Jerusalem, providing home furnishing solutions.

The "Shomrat Hazorea" furniture chain was purchased 20 years ago from the kibbutzim Shomrat and Hazorea. Today the chain has 10 large stores spaced throughout Israel. It is one of Israel's oldest and leading furniture and interior design brands, offering a contemporary furniture collection with a high level of design and quality of raw materials. It offers several products including seating systems, dining areas, wall systems, and living room tables, armchairs and general furniture.

The "Shomrat Hazorea Net Collection" is the professional Internet furniture shop, which offers an exclusive website furniture collection.

To read more about sample prices for the new mattresses and about the new pillows, please refer to the full article:

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Mifal Hapayis Fashion Factory Incubator supports promising Israeli designers and has promoted the "Mifal Hapayis" fashion project for the fourth consecutive year.


Mifal Hapayis invited young fashion designers with up to 2-10 years of experience in the field to submit proposals for designing a new clothing collection of at least 10 outfits for presentation at the Tel-Aviv Fashion Week 2019.


Mifal Hapayis appointed a professional artistic committee to examine the proposals. The committee selected seven young fashion designers who received a grant of up to 120,000 NIS to cover the expenses together with professional accompaniment by a leading fashion designer as well as business consulting in building a business plan and managing the budget.


Members of the artistic committee were Sasson Kedem, Naama Hassin, Claudette Zorea, Yael Schnberger, Motty Reif, David Adika and Michal Chitayat.

 The 7 designers chosen were:

Kim Dror, owner of Kimka Studio, Shirley Lasri, owner of the Petit Pois brand, Eran Zemach, and Sarah Anshin, owners of the Kaete Dan brand; Michal Yersens Mengistu, Shadi Abed, Shiran Reuven, owner of the mamo brand and Aner Shevach, owner of the answer 5777 brands.



The Fashion Factory project has been very successful and some of the designers who won in previous years were even invited to exhibit at leading exhibitions abroad.

Participants in the Mifal Hapayis Fashion Factory Year 1 included: Hed Mayner, Eliran Nargassi, Rotem and Nir Gueta for the Hanna brand, Gal Shenfeld for the Mews brand, Assaf Reeb, Muslin Brothers, Nadav Rosenberg for the Northern Star brand and Rachel Cohen for the Common Raven brand.


Participants in the Mifal Hapayis Fashion Factory Cycle 2: Sabina Moyal Musayev; Elisha Abargel; Daphna Pilossof, Noa Gur and Noy Goz with the TRES brand; Hilly Yaakobi and Ari Shustorovich with the HILI ARI brand; Tali Kushnir (Tk); Anat Meshulam and Dor Chen with the brand Holyland Civilians.



Participants in the Mifal Hapayis Fashion Factory Cycle 3: Shahar Avnet for SHAHAR AVNET, Adi Banjo for the brand Adi Benjo, Dana Cohen, Moriel Dezaldeti, Ariel Bassan, owner of the ARIEL BASSAN studio, and Eran Shani for the ERRANT label.


To read more about what the Mifal HaPayis organizers said during the show, refer to the original article on:




Photo of the 7 designers by Silvia Golan

Photos of the Models by Avi Waldman







The boutique hotel DAVID TOWER is a city spa hotel belonging to the luxury brand By Sofitel MGallery of the international Accor hotel chain.


The DAVID TOWER hotel was launched two years ago and is located along the first line of buildings next to Netanya beach. It is near Independence Square and just 500 meters away from the vibrant Netanya market.


Independence square is the first interactive square in Israel with light and water shows, children's games embedded throughout, an artists' stands, an ecological fish pond, street performers, and more. The Netanya market is considered one of the most colorful markets in Israel with fresh food stalls, clothing stores, authentic dishes, spices, and several cafés and restaurants to dine out in.


The hotel design is based on a storyline as with all Sofitel MGallery hotels. In this case, the love story of Sultan Daoud Pasha and his lady love were the source of inspiration for the DAVID TOWER, leading to an opulent design of marble and gold creating a royal atmosphere that runs from the lobby throughout the hotel. An overall effect is a luxurious place of refuge and relaxation from everyday life.


Recently, the ACCOR Hotel DAVID TOWER of the MGallery by Sofitel brand has been awarded the 2019 Excellence Award by Tripadvisor, the world's largest and most exclusive tourist website.



The DAVID TOWER's 75 rooms and suites are designed in an eclectic style that combines eastern and western influences and contains all the accessories and amenities of ACCOR International's high standards. The result leads to a perfect hospitality experience that combines business and pampering relaxation. Most of the hotel's rooms overlook the sea and since the hotel supports the concept of wellbeing, the beds include the unique 7-inch plume mattress brand, My Bed by Sofitel by Accor International.


The 1,000 m2 VIA MARIS  Spa, provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of the spa world. Its treatment rooms are equipped with exclusive NILO electric beds that have a heated mattress, a Turkish steam bath, a Finnish sauna, a double treatment suite with a Jacuzzi and an oil bath, a private sauna, a gym fitted with the most advanced fitness equipment by TECHNO GYM and accompanied by a certified gym instructor, a heated indoor swimming pool and resting area in a traditional style as befitting of sultans with a breathtaking panoramic view of Netanya's beach.


The cosmetics company LIV UNIQUE was chosen to provide the clients with luxurious and effective facials and to provide the VIA MARIS spa with an entire line of aromatic high-quality products.  The components include Shea butter complemented by macadamia nut oil known for its healing properties, salt peels from natural sea salt spray, reflexology cream and more.




For body and hair treatments, MOROCCAN OIL was chosen as it is internationally known for its Argan oil infused products that are perfect for body skin and hair restoration. A few years ago, Moroccan Oil has launched a series of body care products abroad. The Via Maris Spa was the first spa in Israel to collaborate with the company and build a unique treatment series based on their products that the customer can purchase at the end of treatment.


The abundant breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant includes a variety of fresh salads as well as antipasti, creamed potatoes, soft and hard boutique cheeses, several smoked fish, a hot stand with omelettes, pastas, pancakes etc., a health bar with yogurt, granola, dried fruits and halva from quality boutiques, freshly baked sourbreads and pastries, natural juices and an excellent variety of coffees with several gluten-free and vegan options.


For more details on the hotel offerings you are welcome to read the full article:





Facebook / Instagram David Tower Hotel - MGallery by Sofitel  

Facebook VIA MARIS SPA  

King David St 8
Netanya, Israel
Call 09-373-0013
Fotos by Silvia G  Golan




Eli Cohen is a hair professional who specializes in hair extensions and wig building. He has utilized his 30 plus years of experience to implement an improved method of application of hair extensions.

The technique that he uses was inspired by the African braid culture and is based on weaving in the hair accessory to only 8 points whereas common methods used today tape or glue the accessory to 100 points along the scalp.

The whole process takes only 40 minutes. The accessory weighs 50 grams and is woven with a high-quality PU thread that is also used in medical operations. Once every month and a half or two, the accessory is removed and reattached to 8 different spots.

The advantages of this technique are that it cannot cause accidental burns and bald spots, it takes less time and less points of hair bear weight in parallel. Moreover, the 8 weight-bearing points have time to recover their strength because the spots are changed with each maintenance adjustment.



The hair extensions come in wide variety textures and colors so that they are suitable for a multitude of cases such as: thinning hair and avoidance of a transition phase when growing hair or when growing back to white.

All the additions used by Eli Cohen are based on natural hair imported from Europe. The extensions are sown on site and have a one year warranty. They are suitable for curly, wavy and smooth hair types allowing all women to enjoy thick fashionable hair in all shades without the use of soldering or chemical processes that damage the hair and its renewal.

Although not mentioned by Eli, based on his website he founded a volunteer hair salon at Sourasky Medical Center where he utilizes his experience with hair extensions and wig building to help cancer patients maintain their appearance.

 Facebook אלי כהן - אמן תוספות השיער, מילוי ועיצוב

Eli Cohen - The Center for Professional Hair Solutions specializes in hair thinning and extensions. The center offers natural hair extensions and uses various methods including the above weaving method as well as clip on and other options based on personal counseling. Eli Cohen is the only one in Israel who sews and fixes hair extensions on the spot. Lastly, in addition to the hair extensions, the center offers a variety of fashionable wigs. The center is located in Ramat-Gan on the border of Tel-Aviv.

For contact details please refer to the original article on:



Photo Silvia Golan