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On Wednesday 29th December, at 8am, forty journalists from all over the globe, from Taiwan to Belgium set out on an Agro-Mashov tour, in advance of the agro-mashov exposition that will take place in the coming 2nd and 3rd of March at the Tel Aviv exhibition grounds; one of Israel’s most renowned events and also its greatest annual, international, agricultural exhibition.

The worldwide and unique event which has an average of 20,000 visitors in past years, from fifty different states, will encompass new innovations in global agriculture, developments in agricultural mechanization, new varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers and of course a visit of delegations from around the World. The Israeli Agro-Mashav exposition has become the natural meeting point of the modern world’s agricultural village because it is a leading pioneer in the industry.


This year is also a particularly special year as it has been reported that the event will host the Palestinian Agricultural Minister, Dr. Ismail Daak and about two hundred Palestinian farmers, a great initiative towards bringing the two peoples closer. A senior official in the Palestinian Authority stated that the two hundred Palestinian farmers: ‘promote many projects in agriculture, allowing farmers on both sides to expand their knowledge of work practices and to be updated about innovations in the industry.’


Many international brands are represented at the exhibition: Carmel, Jaffo, Pure Line Seeds, John Deere, to name just a few and the event has attracted people from all over the world, who use the exhibition in order to update themselves on new innovations and to nurture international cooperation. The event has also become the forum for the start of joint venture projects and business deals between different agricultural companies. Of the numerous, renowned, Israeli agricultural companies that are to be represented in this yearly phenomenon is Hishtil, the highly successful plantation business, the market leader in the world of advanced horticulture nurseries. The company is constantly involved in joint venture projects around the world and in 2009, sold over one billion plants. Ecopak is another company to be present at the event, which is the business which produces a new more hygienic, recyclable and flexible form of packaging of fruit and vegetables and replaces cartons. This project is very likely to soon become an international phenomenon.


This unique event provides a golden opportunity for all agricultural representatives and members of the agro-business manufacture to present their products and services and also for buyers to create new commercial contacts. It is one of the biggest international, agricultural events and in its aftermath thousands of new and successful business deals are closed.


This March, come and witness the hub of new agricultural innovations at the Agro-Mashov exhibition in Tel Aviv.