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VDroom has launched a machine-learning based smart gallery that displays the hotel’s best images in an optimized order. Israeli start-up VDroom continues to surprise and reinvent the field of hospitality

In recent years, the field of hospitality has gone through a virtual revolution of the booking process, and this is precisely where VDroom is aiming - Led by Michal Hubschmann and her team, the company has recently begun working with several multinational chains and is increasing the number of clients joining at a rate of over 100% a month over the past year.


Following this success,  VDroom has launched a smart 360°/VR gallery that is displayed right by the hotel’s 2D gallery. Based on machine-learning, the gallery has the ability to identify and display the best performing images in order to increase chances of conversion. The algorithm knows how to calculate the most relevant parameters in order to display the images in the most efficient order.

"In recent years something has been happening in the virtual field," says Hubschmann. "There is also a push on Google and Facebook’s part, and we are taking advantage of this opportunity, using our intuitive user interface - we run hundreds of tests simultaneously in real time to achieve this level of search engine optimization. In fact, we approach the hotels and apartment owners and tell them - if you leverage your images you can also leverage your revenue.


"The hotels and rental apartments invest millions of dollars in commissions to keep their properties at maximum capacity. Property owners need to ask themselves how they can distinguish themselves from the competition in order to increase their revenues and the value they provide to their customers"


What is the secret that makes this technique work so well?

"The secret is in the simplicity and in the efficiency of the technique. Nowadays, hardly anyone makes a hotel room booking without looking through TripAdvisor and getting an opinion about the hotel. In fact, it's the most trusted advice available to anyone who orders a room. We managed to prove that 360°/VR images provide the optimal solution to this issue, by allowing your guests to feel as if they were actually present in the room and touring the hotel. All the other solutions on the market are technologically very heavy, have long loading times and have no machine-learning in the picture display. The simplicity is that in two clicks you get to feel like you are right in the room - in a room that suits you!


What does the hotel need to do in order to connect with this service?

"In fact, the hotel doesn’t need to make any developments or change anything on the site - You receive a finished product that links to the existing hotel or rental apartment site and can begin leveraging direct bookings and revenues”.


Where did you acquire your experience in this field?

"I lived in the Netherlands for about 16 years and that was where we first established a company in the field of online hotel reservations - and with about 80 employees and a turnover of 100 million euros a year it is already a proven success. Together with the team that worked with us for years, we reunited to establish VDroom. All of our employees are from the hospitality industry and are well acquainted with this field. We can provide a solution that’s simple to operate and proven to work, increases hotel room bookings by 35 percent and exposure on Google SERP while remaining very affordable and cost-effective."





Photo VDroom