President Reuven Rivlin today (Tuesday) met with leaders of the Jewish community in Georgia at the Great Synagogue in the city of Tbilisi, as he concluded his State Visit to the country.


“At this difficult and painful time, I want to convey my condolences and send a warm embrace to the families of the soldiers murdered in Jerusalem on Sunday,” began the President. “From here, from far away, I send my concern and prayers for the injured – some of whom are fighting for their lives. I want to thank the soldiers and officers of the IDF, the men and women of the ISA, the police, and all the security and emergency rescue services, who work night and day to defend us, the dear people working unwaveringly for the sake of our security. We must not allow terror to weaken us, we must stand firm and united in safeguarding our security.”


The President went on to speak about the history of Jews in Georgia, and the close ties that existed over the years. He said, “The faith and heroism of the Jews of Georgia are not only of the past. The Jews of Georgia fought with dedication for their Jewish beliefs during the days of Stalin. And the Jews of Georgia were the ones who began to break and crack the Iron Curtain. I remember well the public letters sent by eighteen families from Georgia to the UN Human Rights Committee, letters which helped open the gates.”


The President continued, “The connection between the State of Israel and Georgia is good, yet we must do more to strengthen the ties”, and stressed, “here you have an central role. The Jewish heart, the close bond with the Jewish community here, adds extra special essence to the ties between the two countries. Just this last Shabbat, we read in the Torah of Judah who was ready to be held as a guarantee in place of his brother Benjamin. The mutual responsibility is the secret of the strength of the people of Israel, so it was in the past, and so it is today. Jews in Israel and around the world have a responsibility for each other, we are one people. We will do all we can to perpetuate, and to preserve the warm bond with you, and with the Georgian people, and I am certain we will succeed.”


Earlier, President Rivlin met with Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, Kobakhidze Irakli, who reiterated the sorrow of the Georgian people over the terror attack in Jerusalem, and stressed the need for ongoing cooperation in the fight against terrorism. He said, “The relations between our nations are firm and longstanding. We share parliamentary ties as well as wide-ranging bilateral ties in different areas. The meetings between us are important for both nations and our ability as a parliament to continue to strengthen our ties.”


President Rivlin thanked the Speaker for the warm welcome and told him and the other members of parliament who took part in the meeting that, “The parliament is temple of democracy, and must help the government to ensure stable governance, while at the same time knowing to hold it to account as necessary.” The President added his thanks for the sympathies expressed by the Speaker to the Israeli people, and told him that he had considered postponing the visit in light of the attack. He said however, “We did not postpone because we understood that to do so would be to award a prize to terror, and that we must stand firm against it, and not allow it to dampen our resolve.”


President Rivlin was due to return to Israel later this evening.


Photo credit: Haim Zach (GPO)








President Reuven Rivlin this morning (Thursday) issued a call for 2017 to be a year of “mutual respect, between people, and between nations,” in a recorded greeting issued to mark the civil New Year.


The President noted that 2016 had been a year with many “highs and lows”. He said, “There is much to look back on, over the last 12 months. This year the world came together in Rio for the Olympics and Paralympics, and we are proud of the Israelis who represented us there. This year I had the chance, to visit India, where I saw Israeli innovations used to develop water and agriculture, working to bring an end to the curse of hunger and thirst; in Asia, Africa, Latin America and around the world. I also welcomed to the President’s office, here in Jerusalem, Presidents and Prime Ministers from around the world, as well scholars, religious leaders, business leaders, working together to build a better future.” He added, “That future starts now. I am hopeful that during the New Year we will see the fruit of this hard work.”


The President continued, “There is no ignoring the fact that 2016 was a very difficult year. Bloodshed and terror, in the name of politics and religion, have led to much misery, and loss. We also have said goodbye to some great leaders. We mourned the loss of Shimon Peres, Israel’s ninth President, who helped build the State of Israel, and the vision for its future. We mourned Elie Weisel, a man whose moral light helped us remember and understand the darkest days. We also lost the great Leonard Cohen and Gene Wilder, among many others who brought us joy in their music and films.”


The President concluded by quoting Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Steer Your Way’ and said, “‘Steer your way, year by year, month by month, day by day, thought by thought.’ After a year of so many highs and lows, let’s make 2017 a year of mutual respect, between people, and between nations. I wish all of you; to the Christian community in Israel and around the world, season’s greetings, and a very happy, healthy New Year; and to all our Jewish brothers and sisters, I wish you all, a very happy Chanukah. God bless, and Shalom from Jerusalem.”


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Wednesday, November 2nd, David Johnston, Governor General of Canada honored at a ceremonial tree planting in KKL-JNF Forest, in the presence of many dignitaries

The Governor General came for a visit in Israel escorted by his wife Sharon. Mr. Johnston's is one of the most senior representatives from the very friendly nation of Canada, an outspoken supporter and a true friend of Israel. Yesterday the Governor General visited Jerusalem and the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site and today joins a list of leaders who planted an olive tree as a message of peace, partnership, fellowship, life and continuity.



During the ceremony, Mr. Johnston said: "I am very pleased to plant an olive tree in the Grove of Nations. It is a sign for peace and for future generations. President Shimon Peres, his memory be blessed, planted a tree here in 2012 and my planting is a true gesture of solidarity between our nations"



Dany Atar, KKL-JNF Chairperson said: "I welcome you to plant an olive tree in the Grove of Nations as a message of peace, especially following the UNESCO decision to ignore the Jewish ties to the holy sites in Jerusalem. You represent one of the friendliest nations to Israel, and the planting ceremony is another step in the connection between the two nations".



The Governor General is the representative of the queen, in a position is similar to that of the president of Israel. The queen, with the support of Canada's former Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper, who is also a loyal friend of Israel, appointed the Governor General.


KKL-JNF Grove of Nations found in the Jerusalem Forest is home to many trees that were planted by heads of state from all over the world. It is an integral part of the "Olive Tree Route” project in Israel - a part of the initiative led by UNESCO and the Council of Europe to establish an Olive Tree Route around the entire Mediterranean basin expressing the common desire for peace and co-existence.


Photo Credit: Yaal Herman, KKL-JNF, Caption: (left to right) David Johnston, Governor General of Canada and Dany Atar, KKL-JNF Chairperson revealing the Canadian plaque









Christmas  Chanukkah & New Year greetings




To honored members of the Israel Diplomatic corps and Embassy staff,


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and to all our  friends:



As 2016 approaches, we would like to extend our very warmest and best wishes


to you all for a joyous Christmas   , Chanukkah and holiday season


and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.



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Latin America Ambassadors visit KKL-JNF Hula Lake Park and plant ceremonial trees



Today, October 6, 2016, a delegation of Ambassadors from nine Latin America countries, including, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Argentina, received a tour of the lake as well as an explanation by KKL-JNF personnel about the Crane ("Agurim") project. They proceeded to conduct a bird ringing as well as planted an Oak and Pistacia Atlantica ("Atlantic Ela") trees.


KKL-JNF maintains and develops the Hula Lake - the biggest bird migration site in Israel, and a unique environmental feat of reintroducing the lake after being dehydrated for years, which.





Photo Credit: Efi Naim, KKL-JNF