Our Mission

Diplomacy.co.il views strong communication bonds and the access to information as the driving forces within any community.

We focus on providing the most extensive network of resources for both the diplomatic and international business community operating in Israel.  This portal seeks to answer all of the information and communication needs of foreign dignitaries before, during and after their stay in Israel.

Diplomacy.co.il aims to provide all of the necessary virtual tools to its visitors in order to be the most reliable, interesting and qualitative source of information.

Diplomacy.co.il helps bridge the gap between individuals in the diplomatic community both in Israel and around the world within a single communication system and structured database.


Work Strategy

Diplomacy.co.il knows that the visitor is the most important part of the virtual world.  Thus, he or she deserves no less than the finest attention to detail.

Diplomacy.co.il puts forth its most effective resources at all times in order to ensure the maximum comfort and benefit to its users.

Our Values

- Diplomacy.co.il obligates itself to providing objective and trustworthy information.

- Diplomacy.co.il will avoid publishing hurtful or offensive material.

- Diplomacy.co.il will avoid disseminating content of slander and will adhere to only the strictest privacy of the individual.

- Diplomacy.co.il is obligated to maintain a high standard of precision and equality.

- Diplomacy.co.il is committed to protect the rights of free speech and freedom of the press.

- Diplomacy.co.il binds itself to work with personal and organizational integrity.

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to provide the most pertinent and informative resources to foreign dignitaries in Israel and within the Israeli business community.

Diplomacy.co.il prides itself on being the number one source for diplomatic news, business events and networking within an easily navigable web-based platform.

Diplomacy.co.il aims to make diplomats in Israel feel more comfortable within the community

Diplomacy.co.il's ambition is to bring the diplomatic community to its full communication potential and to foster extensive business endeavors that will benefit those within our network


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