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The research may help in developing methodologies that could predict diseases years before their onset

 The project, led by Prof. Eran Segal and his team of the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, and Molecular Cell Biology Departments, aims to use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies in order to generate personalized predictions for disease risk factors. The 10K project is a longitudinal study designed to collect lifestyle and clinical data from 10,000 individuals that will be recruited from the Israeli population and is suitable for Hebrew speakers only.


Segal and his team believe that the analysis of the data obtained in this study will help in developing methodologies that will influence public health in the future.   


For further information about Project 10K and registration (in Hebrew):


Prof. Eran Segal's research is supported by the Crown Human Genome Center, which he heads; the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust; the Else Kroener Fresenius Foundation; the Adelis Foundation; Judith Benattar; Aliza Moussaieff; the Fannie Sherr Fund; the Estate of Zvia Zeroni; and the European Research Council.

The Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, is one of the world's top-ranking multidisciplinary research institutions. Noted for its wide-ranging exploration of the natural and exact sciences, the Institute is home to scientists, students, technicians and supporting staff. Institute research efforts include the search for new ways of fighting disease and hunger, examining leading questions in mathematics and computer science, probing the physics of matter and the universe, creating novel materials and developing new strategies for protecting the environment.

Weizmann Institute news releases are posted on the World Wide Web at





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PM Netanyahu to the Start-Upists: "Take care of the new products and we will take care of the markets"
PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Head of the National Cyber Service Yigal Ona, Chief of Staff and Acting Director General of the Prime Minister's Office Yoav Horowitz and Chairman of the National Economic Council Avi Simhon, held a meeting today with about 20 representatives of Israeli cyber start-ups. The meeting was held as part of the 2019 Cybertech event in Tel Aviv.
PM Netanyahu spoke with representatives of the companies and heard from them about the various technological developments, the challenges, and opportunities in the cyber arena. He discussed with the representatives the cyber challenges in Israel in the coming years and the ways in which the State can assist companies.
PM Netanyahu: ”We have to strive forward all the time, this business is not guaranteed, just as the success of each of your companies is not guaranteed. If you do not keep running all the time, then you know what will happen. The same is true for Israel's economy. We have to keep running forward all the time. We, and you have only two ways to increase your business and increase our common business. Known rule - new products - new markets. New Products - I Trust You, New Markets - We Help You. You are currently accepting the whole world and that is what we tried to do here today, and we accept the whole world in this field of yours. “
‏CyberTech 2019, the largest cyber technology summit in Israel and the largest Cyber summit outside of the U.S., which is held today and tomorrow the Tel-Aviv Expo Center, with hundreds of participating companies from Israel and abroad, in buildings 1 and 2 at the Expo Center. Thousands of visitors from around the world will arrive in Israel for the event, that constitutes a unique meeting point for decision-makers, government officials, industry executives, entrepreneurs, major Venture Capital funds, investors, and advanced research centers. The event focuses on the broad aspects of the cyber revolution and how it affects our daily lives - Health, Career, Transportation, Economy, Judicial, and Consumers etc. Alongside the popular cyber-attack topic, Cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computers, will be exhibited at the convention. The unique topics that are covered at the summit are: cyber in medicine, cyber and aviation (with dozens of airports and airlines participating), cyber and the elections and more. Nati Cohen, director general, Ministry of Communications, will lead a round table about preparation for the era of IOT. In addition, one hundred start-ups will take part in the convention next to many companies from Israel and abroad.
‏A convention takes place along with the summit, where hundreds of experienced companies and start-ups will showcase their innovations. Amongst the exhibitors: The Mossad, 8200 Unit, Israel Police Lahav 433 Unit, The Innovation Authority, Check Point, CyberArk, IBM, RSA, Microsoft, Dell-EMC, Deloitte, Cybereason, Symantec, OPSWAT, FireEye, Intuit, Cyber Beat, Rafael, Aviation Industry, KPMG, PWC, SOMPO and hundreds more.
photo credit - Haim Zach


 The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and Intel Corporation inaugurated a new Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) yesterday, Monday, October 8th. The Center is chartered with advancing research in AI fields and collaboration between Technion and Intel researchers.

Intel’s Dr. Michael Mayberry, chief technology officer, and Naveen Rao, corporate vice president, and general manager of the Artificial Intelligence Products Group, represented Intel at the inauguration of the new AI Center. Prof. Boaz Golany, vice president for External Relations and Resource Development, Prof. Wayne Kaplan, executive vice president for Research, Prof. Nahum Shimkin, dean of the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Dan Geiger, dean of the Computer Science Department and Prof. Carmel Domshlak, Dean of the William Davidson Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, represented the Technion.


Prof. Shie Mannor from the Technion Andrew and Erna Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering will head the Center. “The Technion is the leading university in Israel in the field of artificial intelligence and is one of the top ten universities in the world in the field,” Mannor said. “In 2018 the Technion ranked 7th in the CS Rankings: Computer Science Rankings.  The Technion has about 20 faculty members whose main field of research is computational learning and another 40 [researchers] are working in related fields. The majority of the researchers come from the Faculty of Computer Science, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management and some of them are from other faculties such as Medicine and Biology.”

Mannor added: “As part of this collaboration with Intel, the company will support research projects of Technion faculty members engaged in computational learning and artificial intelligence together with Intel researchers. The research will cover a variety of areas, including natural language processing, deep learning, and hardware optimization for different learning algorithms.”

Intel Israel CEO Yaniv Garty said, “We are proud of the cooperation with the Technion, which will promote Israeli technology and Intel's technological leadership in the field of artificial intelligence.”

“Intel is a leader in this field and the research center will help further advance AI innovation. I have no doubt that we will achieve breakthroughs that will lead to significant developments in the coming years. Intel has always maintained a close cooperation with Israeli academia, which has included many contributions, support of teaching programs, scholarships for outstanding students, joint research and more,” he said.

Prof. Boaz Golany, Vice President for External Relations and Resource Development
 added: “The Technion intends to expand its activities in the fields of machine learning and intelligent technology in the next few years and the joint activity with Intel is one of the first steps in this direction. We are working to raise unprecedented resources to support basic research in the field and in parallel, to work with leading companies such as Intel to promote applications in a wide range of fields including healthcare, autonomous vehicles, smart environments, home, and industrial robots and more.”

Intel and The Technion have maintained close ties for many years. In 2009, Intel awarded The Technion the "Intel Award" in recognition of the university, whose graduates were the founding nucleus of the company's branch which was established in Haifa in 1974. To date, Intel supports some Technion's labs and funds many scholarships for students at the Technion, including specifically supporting outstanding students in electrical engineering and computer science.


Intel and Technion teams

(L-R) Naveen G. Rao, Prof. Dan Geiger, Dean of Computer Science Department, Prof. Boaz Golany, Dr. Michael (Mike) C. Mayberry, Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management Prof. Carmel Domshlak and Dean of The Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering Prof. Nahum Shimkin

Credit: Shitzu Photographers, Technion Spokesperson's Office





Technion won a NIS 10 million grant from Israel’s Council for Higher Education (CHE) in the “New Campus Vision” competition


Technion - Israel Institute of Technology won a NIS 10 million grant for the advancement of entrepreneurship and innovation as part of a "New Campus Vision" competition of the Council for Higher Education. Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Chair of the CHE's Planning and Budgeting Committee Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats announced the winners.

The grant will be used to establish t-hub – The Technion Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, based on the strategic plan for entrepreneurship and innovation formulated by the university during the past two years. Technion is the only academic institution to win the competition individually.


“The grant from the Council for Higher Education comes at a perfect time,” said President of the Technion Prof. Peretz Lavie. “Two years ago we initiated a comprehensive initiative aimed at developing and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation activities on the Haifa campus connecting them to the new branches of Technion in New York and China. The grant will enable the Technion to make a significant change in the scope of its entrepreneurial activities and to realize the establishment of the Technion Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, t-hub, which will take the entrepreneurial culture on campus to new heights.”


Since its establishment, the Technion has championed the integration of basic science and applied research, striving to advance scientific knowledge while cultivating the desire to exploit it for the benefit of humanity.

Technion has nurtured entrepreneurial thinking for many years and has pioneered the development of curricula for all students. The first entrepreneurship course was founded 30 years ago on campus, initiated by Distinguished Prof. Dan Shechtman, a Nobel Laureate in chemistry.


Technion alumni are largely responsible for the creation of the "Start-Up Nation." Within 20 years, since 1995, Technion alumni have established more than 1,600 companies that have generated more than $30 billion and created nearly 100,000 jobs. The university is also regarded worldwide as an incubator that fosters entrepreneurship and was recently ranked 39th in the world in the number of patents registered in the United States in 2017.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are embedded in Technion's DNA and much of the research conducted by faculty members has led to applications benefitting Israel and the world. A recent example is Mazor Robotics, which started out in the robotics lab of Prof. Moshe Shoham of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Technion and was recently sold to Medtronic for $1.6 billion.


“Technion goals in entrepreneurship and innovation are to develop and promote technological and scientific excellence among its students, teachers, and researchers while providing tools for creative and entrepreneurial thinking,” said Prof. Adam Schwartz, Technion Senior Executive Vice President and Chair of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center. “These tools are designed to solve engineering, technological and scientific challenges over the course of a professional career - whether in start-up companies, in industrial, civilian, or security companies, in companies that benefit the public or in academia. Technion will integrate such thinking and activity in all its components and will establish the Entrepreneurship Center to concentrate, promote, and empower the entrepreneurial culture throughout the campus.”


t-hub will serve as a focal point for all entrepreneurial activities of Technion faculties; will encourage entrepreneurial thinking through teaching, research, and practical experience; and enable each student, faculty member, and others to experience entrepreneurial activities through centralized activities as well as by encouraging local initiatives.

The Center will integrate values of entrepreneurship and creativity into campus culture, in study programs and in applying and commercializing research results with the aim of training engineers and scientists to lead technological innovation in Israel. This center will lead in harnessing the scientific activity on campus for the benefit of the Israeli economy and the world.


t-hub will turn Technion into a leading center for scientific-technological initiatives that will serve the university and its surrounding environment. The Center will train Israel's next technology leaders and strengthen its economy out of a national responsibility for promoting Israel through research, development, and technology. The Center will be headed by Prof. Eyal Zussman, the Center's academic director and Dr. Dana Sheffer.


The Technion's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center has many partners among Israel's leading industrial and hi-tech companies including Teva, Rafael, and Alpha Omega.

“The establishment of an entrepreneurship center at the Technion is a necessary step for the northern region which will lead to a change in the socio-economic situation in the area,” said Technion alumnus Imad Younis, President of Alpha Omega. “In light of the high level of technological education at Technion, and in view of the entrepreneurship gap between Israel's center and its periphery, Technion is the academic body best suited to connect the various populations in the periphery and lead a significant change in the field of entrepreneurship making it accessible to all.”


“Rafael is proud to be a partner in the Technion Entrepreneurship Center and is happy that it won," said Technion alumnus Dr. Irit Idan, executive vice president of research development at Rafael. “The two entities have been intertwined for seventy years of partnership. The Entrepreneurship Center at Technion and the Entrepreneurship Center at Rafael in Teradion will work synergetically as a hub for incubation and innovation.”


“Teva is proud to create a new and unique framework of academic-industrial cooperation with Technion, which will support the mutual needs and objectives of both sides to promote Israeli innovation, the development of a talent pool, and to train the next generation of industrial leadership in Israel, especially in bio-pharma,” said Iris Beck-Codner, Executive Vice President of Global Brand & Communications at Teva. “This cooperation represents another tier of Teva's commitment to the State of Israel - as outlined by the President and CEO Kåre Schultz – while strengthening the company's global management headquarters in Israel, research and development, and production activities in Israel.”





Israel Innovation Authority: 9 Leading Israeli Biotech Companies to Participate in 25th Annual BIO International Convention  

The 25th annual BIO International Convention will be held from June 4th-7th in Boston. The conference, considered the world’s largest and most prestigious biotechnology conference, will host 16,000 professionals from more than 74 countries, showcasing the best and most promising new companies and developments in medical technology and life sciences. Nine leading Israeli biotech companies will be participating.

“The conference is a dynamic and professional platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences, insights, and best practices pertaining to biotechnological innovation,” said Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry, Eli Cohen. “It is intended to provide solutions to some of the most pressing and important global challenges, such as: treatment of chronic illnesses, improving public health in the digital age, feeding growing populations and keeping up with global energy demand.”

“Israel will be represented at the conference by an impressive national pavilion which will include nine leading companies carefully selected by the Israel Innovation Authority, with support from the Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI). These companies represent Israeli innovation in various fields of the life sciences,” Cohen added.

EIMindA, amongst the companies representing Israel, has won international recognition for revolutionizing the field of brain technology by leveraging machine learning and IoT for analyzing brain function patterns. Other Israeli companies attending include BiomX, a company developing microbe-based technologies and medicines for treating acute chronic illnesses such as cancer and obesity, and; Taliaz, a company that has developed an artificial-intelligence based smart platform helping physicians match anti-depressants to their patients according to specific genetic and health characteristics.

Aharon Aharon, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority, which has participated in the conference for the past 20 years and facilitated the Israeli national pavilion for the past decade, said: “The Israel Innovation Authority’s goal is to increase support for a dynamic medical and pharmaceutical ecosystem, with the goal of positioning Israel as a global leader in these fields. The Authority aspires to bring significant multinational companies in the field to Israel and is pleased to offer several avenues of support for entrepreneurs, helping them maximize their potential. These include programs encouraging the establishment of R&D centers in biotechnology and medicine for multinational companies and startups, promoting technological infrastructure, providing financing and offering cooperation platforms supported by the Authority together with counterparts from 65 countries around the world.”

Israel Shamai, Head of the Americas Desk at the Israel Innovation Authority, noted: “The BIO International Convention is an important event and incredible opportunity for Israeli innovation in the health and biomedical industries. Companies that have taken part in this conference in the past have reported success in forging groundbreaking deals, funding, collaboration agreements, and ties with strategic partners that were the direct result of meetings held during the conference.”

The nine companies representing Israel in Boston this year are:


Cell Cure Neurosciences LTD


FutuRx LTD


Nucleix Ltd

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc


VBL Therapeutics