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The Israeli Association of Fire Protection joined the International Association of Firefighting and the CFPA


The organization's delegation from Israel participated in the Fire China exhibition in Beijing.


The Israel Fire Protection Association was accepted as Israel's representative in the international organization and CFPA, which includes 30 leading fire protection organizations from countries such as the United States, England, Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain.


The goal of the international organization is to mobilize collective resources to reduce the global fire problem, increase safety and save lives by sharing experience, research, technical know-how and fire statistics.


The Israeli delegation, headed by the chairman of the association Dr. Shmuel Netanel, the secretary of the association Yaakov Azuz and the members of the executive committee, participated in the World Congress held in Beijing as part of the events of the international exhibition Fire China.



The decision to accept the organization was unanimously accepted by the organization headed by Egyptian representative Dr. Hatem Kahiri, who was invited to the annual conference of the Israeli association in December.


According to Dr. Shmuel Netanel, Chairman of the Israel Association, "We view the acceptance of the international organization as an expression of confidence in the professionalism of the Israeli organization in terms of advanced methods of fire fighting, and the cooperation with the organization will add to the knowledge base and the toolbox in the important field of safety and fire protection".

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In a special ceremony attended by the Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, and Chief of Staff, Gadi Eizenkot, the procurement building at the Ministry of Defense was named after the late Ninth President of Israel, Shimon Peres. The building from which he served as Defense Minister and Director General of the ministry for many years will henceforth be called "Shimon Peres House"

Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman: "Shimon Peres was undoubtedly one of the people who contributed the most to Israel's security. His contribution is still evident to this day, and Israel's security has been based, throughout the years, on the strong foundations that he laid"


The inauguration ceremony took place this morning (Thursday) in the presence of the Defense Minister, the Chief of Staff, the Director General of the Ministry of Defense, and the Peres family

The Ministry of Defense commemorated the late Ninth President, Shimon Peres, for his many years of work and his contribution to the State of Israel. The Ministry of Defense honored his efforts in the field of security through naming the procurement building at the Ministry of Defense (Building 22) the "Shimon Peres House". This building served as Peres' office during his time as Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Defense Minister, and as Prime Minister.
In an official ceremony held this morning (Thursday) at the Kirya in Tel Aviv, the sign at the entrance to the building was unveiled. On the ground floor, alongside his portrait and sculpture, a permanent exhibition with pictures from throughout Peres' life will be erected. The ceremony was held in the presence of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and with the participation of the Peres family, the Deputy Defense Minister, the Chief of Staff, the Director General of the Ministry of Defense and employees.

Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said at the ceremony: "Just one year has passed since Shimon Peres left us, but it is clear to everyone that he is still with us – we see all of the signs that he left for us. It is clear to see everywhere, through the years of effort that he put in. Shimon Peres was undoubtedly one of the people who contributed the most to Israel's security, as Director General of the Ministry of Defense at the age of 29, as Defense Minister, Prime Minister and as President. His contribution is still evident to this day, and Israel's security has been based, throughout the years, on the strong foundations that he laid. I am sure that this building, which from today bears his name, will be a living testament for many years to come, and will always remind us that security requires daring, investment, initiative and vision."

Professor Tzvia (Peres) Walden, daughter of the late President Peres, spoke in the name of the family and said: "I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, from the entire family, for the proper and professional manner in which the Ministry of Defense handled the commemoration of my father. The speed, the attention to every detail, and the tasteful ceremony and exhibition. From my father's place of work, from morning to evening, and even from morning until morning, the security affairs of the country were conducted. From his humble office they ensured the security of the country - from procurement to manufacturing of missiles and aircraft. From this bureau they dealt with the affairs of bereaved families, the wounded and the disabled. I find this verse from the mishna particularly meaningful and rooted in security: 'He that walks uprightly walks surely; but he that perverts his ways shall be known.' Our father has now left this place, which from now on will be called the 'Shimon Peres House'. He sought to procure for Israel the weapons it needed to fight, but also to guarantee its power of deterrence. He sought to advance the nation's brainpower in the form of computers and to provide the State of Israel with insurance in the form of a nuclear reactor. He strove to assure Israel's strength in the air, by sea and on land. But he knew that our real strength comes from the heart - courage. As Israel grew stronger and he understood that there was no longer any fear that it would fall, our father dedicated himself to becoming a fighter for peace."


Photo Credit : Dana Shraga – Ministry of Defense & 

Photo credit : Yosef Avi Yair Angel (Jucha) 




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