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Over 70,000 people took part in the “Science Games at the President’s Sukkah” online broadcast on social media and apps

The tradition of the President's Sukkah at Beit HaNasi, open to visitors during the Sukkot holiday, was continued despite the restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic, when President of Israel Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin opened his sukkah to visitors this morning for the seventh and last time. This year’s sukkah was online, with the title of “Science Games at the President’s Sukkah” and held in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology and Minister Yizhar Shai this morning, Tuesday 6 October 2020 / 18 Tishrei.

The broadcast was anchored by Dudu Erez and Shira Levi, with the participation of special guests from the world of science, space and technology, including Nobel Prize laureates, sicentists and researchers, the members of the Israeli National Youth Robotics Team, members of the Horizon community, pupils from TELEM (students build satellites) and singer Agam Buhbut performed during the broadcast. Among the activities, young viewers took part in cracking scientific codes, home experiments in science, space and technology and trivia quizzes during the broadcast via a dedicated website, video calls, Zoom and social media platforms.

“I am so happy that you are my Ushpizim, guests in my Sukkah, despite the fact that you are visiting from afar, in line with the instructions,” said the president to the participants during the broadcast.

He added, ““We pray ‘and cover us with your sukkah of peace, over all Israel and Jerusalem’.  Indeed, at this time, a covering of peace is a particularly important blessing.  Only when we are together, supporting each other, can we overcome challenges like the one the virus presents. That is something we are learning as a people in these complex times. But our Sukkah, here at Beit HaNasi is not just a covering of peace, it is one of science. Those who visit our sukkah will enjoy particularly exciting activities and experiences! It is true that at Sukkot, and over the last few weeks in general, you haven’t been going to school, but it is always fun to learn new things, to expand your knowledge and perhaps even to give us interesting new ideas about how to build a sukkah or to celebrate this beautiful festival in an scientific and unique way.”

Minister of Science and Technology Yizhar Shai thanked the president for his collaboration and said, “We are living through challenging times when we cannot perform the mitzvot of the festival by being hosted in friends’ and family’s sukkot. The virus may require us to socially distance, but the wonders of technology allow us to continue the tradition and come together for a shared celebration at the house of the people, Beit HaNasi. It is only appropriate that when we are dealing with an invisible, cross-border threat, we make Israeli science and scientists who are at the forefront of fighting the virus, the focus of our festivities. It is a great honor for the Ministry of Science and Technology and for me to be the president’s guests and we would be delighted if all Israel joins us on Tuesday for a celebration of scientific and technological inspiration.”

For further activities, available until the end of Sukkot, please visit: www.sukkot-president-science.co.il

The broadcast is available on Beit HaNasi’s Facebook and YouTube channels.



Photo courtesy of Beit HaNasi