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For the first time: Following the Abraham Accords, a virtual stamp exhibition AAPE 2021 of the best philatelic collections of Israel the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

The exhibition will be open to the public from June 15th until June 30th free of charge

The Abraham Accords Philatelic Exhibition (AAPE 2021) is a virtual exhibition of stamps and other philatelic items. The exhibition is part of the implementation of the Abraham Accords in the field of philately. It is organized the Israeli Philatelic Federation (IPF).

The exhibition, which will open on June 15th and close of June 30th will include 5 different categories, and many rare and expensive items, some of which are centuries old. Among the different categories are:

  1. Traditional Philately: Collections that focus on the stamps of a single country at a certain time. For example, one of the Israeli exhibits in this category is devoted to the early stamps of Mozambique. Another collection from the U.S. is about the first stamps of Israel (“Doar Ivri” stamps), and shows the “behind the scene” items of that issue: the original artist proposals, the debate about the name of the country not yet born, early production steps, complete sheets and the perforation trials.
  1. Postal History: Collections of letters sent through the mail at a specific time to and from a specific place. For example, one of the exhibits depicts letter sent to and from the holy land during the Ottoman period. Another exhibit is devoted to letters that were sent throughout the Mediterranean by airmail in airplanes that experienced crashes, and yet survived the ordeal. Collectors form the UAE will exhibit some collections of the postal history of the emirates from the British era, when the Emirates were known as “the Trucial States”.
  1. Thematic Philately: Collections by themes, such as animals or flowers. The exhibit will include an American exhibit on palm trees, and an Israeli collection devoted to the game of chess, making a comparison between “the game of war” and real life warfare.



  1. Picture postcards: One of the exhibits here is a pilgrim tour in the Holi land around the end of the 19th century. Through postcards that are over 100 years old the exhibitor shows what a pilgrim saw while visiting the places sacred to Christianity, and the experience he had gone through. Another collection shows “Shana Tova” postcards, while a third collections takes us to Shanghai in the late 19th century.
  1. Court of Honor: One exhibit from each of the participating countries, which have previously won top awards in exhibitions worldwide.

Overall, each of the three countries will be represented by up to 9 collections, with at least half of them being related to the Middle East.

The exhibits included in AAPE 2021 will be judged by a panel of experienced judges from the three countries. The members of the jury are experienced collectors and exhibitors, who were specially trained on how to evaluate philatelic exhibits.

AAPE 2021 will open on June 15th and end on June 30th at www.aape2021.com

The exhibition is organized by the Israeli Philatelic Federation (IPF), a non profit organization that promotes stamp collecting in the country. The IPF works in collaboration with the Israeli Philatelic Service, and is supported by the Israeli post. The IPF was founded in 1945, and a year later was accepted as a member of the international Federation of Philately (the F.I.P).

Despite the technological advances and the emergence of social media all the countries of the world still issue stamps that reflect their values and commemorate their countries and their way of living.

The virtual stamp exhibition AAPE 2021, which includes collections from Israel, the United States and the United Arab Emirates will be open to the public free of charge from June 15th till June 30th at www.aape2021.com

AAPE 2021 will open on June 15th and end on June 30th at www.aape2021.com


 Photos courtesy  Israeli Philatelic Federation (IPF)