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Pasta della Casa, a pasta factory by Chef Moshe Barel, specializing in the production of fresh pasta products for the last 30 years, was the venue hosting an evening of culinary experience with Accademia Italiana della Cucina – The Israeli Chapter of the Italian Academy of Cuisine

The Academy is an international body, with branches in over 70 countries and over 200 chapters in Italy alone


As you turn the corner onto Derech Afek Street in Kfar Saba, the front of Pasta della Casa Factory and shop, comes into full view 


Dr. Cinzia Klein, Academy Delegate of the Israeli chapter and Chef Moshe Barel greeted us with a cordial handshake and a Buona sera and Shalom. 



As you walk into the shop entrance a showcase displays a marvelous variety of home-made pasta produced on site, wines and other Italian specialties. The site was decorated in an Italian style, with Italian music playing gently in the background. The front patio, an open-air place offers a variety of the best pasta: chestnut and cream ravioli, in sage butter, peas and chestnut chips; mushroom and and truffle sauce tortellini; short pasta filled with fresh wild mushrooms, oregano, olive oil and white wine, fried potato gnocchi.

The pasta melted in the mouth

We all cheered and praised chef Moshe Barel and the outstandingly professional and efficient staff

Apfel Strudel and other delicious specialties crowned the charming evening

Bartenura wines were poured and special offers were given to shoppers in the store


According to Dr. Klein, the Incontro Ecumenico is a culinary meeting, one that is held on the same date by all the worldwide chapters of the Accademia

The theme of the meeting was the book published by the Academy: “Il Bosco e il SottoBosco: castagne, funghi, tartufi, frutti di bosco nella cucina tradizionale italiana” (Forest and undergrowth: chestnuts, mushrooms, truffles and berries in the regional culinary tradition). The book was offered to Chef Moshe Barel as well as to the other delegates and guests of the Accademia.

Chef Barel will be given an award during the SixWeek of the Italian Cuisine in the World. 

A brief of Jewish Pasta History was held by Mr. Roberto della Rocca Vice President of the Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce, symposiarch of the event together with Ms. Klein.


Among the notable personalities attending the aperitivo were Mr. Emanuele Oldani, Italian Consul in Israel; Ms. Sarah Eti Castellani, Deputy Head of Mission; Ms. Giulia Calabrese in charge of the Press and Media Affairs of the Embassy of Italy in Israel; Mr. Rocco Palma, in charge of Cultural Affairs of the Embassy of Italy in Israel and a member of the Accademia, H.E. Mr. Amos Radian, a former Israeli ambassador to Italy; Ms. Sabrina Fadlun, vice delegate of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina as well as other dignitaries and members of the Academy.


We all cheered and praised chef Moshe Barel and the outstandingly professional and efficient staff

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