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The Gypsy Kings, led by Andre Reyes, will perform Shlomi Shabat's 'And I Sing' on stage for the first time, in a series of concerts held over Passover 2022. Gypsy Kings has been Israel’s leading band for Spanish music since the 1980s, with numerous popular songs and covers adapted from English, and even a performance in the John Turturro film The Jesus Rolls.



The Gypsy Kings recorded a special international version of Shlomi Shabat’s hit song “And I Sing” in Spanish (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu8ZsSrhx90 ) . The song took over radio stations and playlists in Israel and was the top song heard in the country for five weeks running. Now the group will perform the song for a live audience for the first time. 


The concerts will be held over four days in Tel Aviv and Haifa: 

April 17-18-19: Heichal Hatarbut - Tel Aviv

April 20: Merkaz Hacongressim - Haifa


Ticket sales starting at 199 NIS:

via phone: *8780 or at www.leaan.co.il 


 Video credit Yuval Arhel


 Video credit  Egoist



 Photo credit: Gypsy Kings - Sergei Demianchuk

Photo credit: Shlomi Shabbat - Gabriel Baherlia