The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo is hosting the largest Eurovision promo-event, showcasing 30 artists to a crowd of thousands of participants from Israel and around Europe. The outdoor concert is the largest of its kind ever to take place.

For the third consecutive year, "Israel Calling" will bring together representing artists from dozens of countries around the continent, including local representative Netta Barzilai, who's song "Toy" has been topping the betting charts as a favorite to win this year's contest in Lisbon. Thousands of local and international Eurovision fans will gather in Tel Aviv to cheer-on the representatives from approximately 30 different countries who have already confirmed their participation – three quarters of all Eurovision participants.

The event, initiated and produced by Tali Eshkoli, is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, the Ministry of Tourism, the Jewish National Fund and the Municipality of Tel Aviv- Yafo - the host city.



Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo: "The Eurovision is not just a song contest; it's a cultural phenomenon, promoting tolerance, open-mindedness, respect for one another and a love for humankind. The Eurovision holds a special place in the heart of many Israelis; the song contest is a night where we put our differences aside and share a feeling of pride. No other place could be as fitting as Tel Aviv-Yafo for such an event.”      

Tali Eshkoli, initiator and producer of the show: "We're expecting the biggest Eurovision promo event ever. Thousands of people will gather in Tel Aviv and watch performances of about three quarters of the Eurovision 2018 participants. The show will be the culmination of the Israel Calling Events which will expose artists and journalists from all over Europe to Israel and Tel Aviv. We all hope that Israel will soon win the competition and that we will host the Eurovision here once again".

Filmed invitation - Ron Huldai, the Mayor of Tel Aviv:

The full list of participants will be published during the upcoming days on the event's social media pages-















Marcos Ayala arrives with his Tango Company directly from Buenos Aires to Israel for a few performances throughout the country from March 24 to April 5 2018!

A thrilling and swiping performance with hysterical success in the world stages!

Marcos Ayala, one of the best tango dancers in the world, arrives with his Tango Company to Israel. The company includes 12 outstanding and professional dancers, which will appear in Gan Shmuel on 24/3Kiryat Motzkin on 26/3Jerusalem on 28/3, and in Suzanne Dellal Centre (in Tel Aviv) during 1-5/4 in the performance of "Tango in the Shadows", a thrilling and swiping performance with hysterical success in the world stages.

Marcos Ayala, director, choreographer and dancer, advocates novelty and refreshment of this genre on a continuous basis to keep the actuality of the tango along the future generations.

"Tango in the Shadows" is a thrilling theatrical performance and hypnotizing dance carried out with the sound of a sensuous, sexy and exotic music from the streets and bars of Buenos Aires. It's a fiery and sensuous performance with passion and elegance, an opportunity for the public to relate to a dance that sweeps the world. A dance with continuous movement, performed by couples. Men appear with evening suits and polished shoes, and women with high-heel shoes and magnificently designed dresses.

Marcos Ayala was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From young age he started to participate in groups in folk dancing, where he became prominent and notorious as a raising talent. He completed his studies of dancing and became a teacher of Argentinean in the National School of Dance. Besides, he learned techniques of classical, modern, jazz, tango and couple dancing.

In 2006, at 20 years of age, he won the first place in the "World Competition of Tango" in Japan.

In 2010 he organized his tango dance group and started appearing around Argentina and then around the world, where he showed his great technique and his approach in combining modern techniques in tango, and so taking it to new levels. He won the titles "The Tango Discovery" and "The Tango Young Sensation".

In 2015, after completing a tour of performances in USA, the NY Art Critic Organization granted him the ACE award, as appreciation to his contribution to the tango dance field and his meteoric raise.

In 2016 he carried out a tour of appearances in 12 cities in Russia with the performances named "Buenos Aires Tango". These performances were tremendously successful and won enthusiastic comments.

In this way, Marcos Ayala won international appreciation and is currently considered as one of the best tango dancers in the world, who represents the contemporary 21st century tango.



As customary in the tango culture, an evening tango dance party named Milonga takes place among the tango performances in Suzanne Dellal Centre in the theater square. Thus, you'll be able to watch at no cost the Milonga experience on March 31, at 8:00 pm in the central square of Suzanne Dellal Centre. The tango dance will be organized by Silvia Rajschmir – free entrance!

The performances throughout the will take place from March 24 till April 5 2018. Bonus and discounts will be provided thru clubs and credit cards.

Ticket price: 259/339 NIS

Benefit code "5050" 1 + 1 (50% off!)

Phone: 03-5105656 


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Yaron Gotfried will conduct 25 musicians from the Israeli Plucked String Orchestra, who will join the Israel Chamber Orchestra in a concert celebrating the mandolin in the genre of Ladino music.



The concert, including Israeli and Ladino classics, will feature guest soprano Keren Hadar, and dancers from the Israel Flamenco Ensemble. Some of the Ladino classics to be performed, with a unique twist from the composers and conductors Daniel Akiva and Yaron Gotfried, are la serena, imre kero, adio kerida, and durme durme.

The concert will be performed on Monday, March 12 at 19:00, and Tuesday March 13 at 20:00. Both evenings the concerts will be performed at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

On Tuesday evening, a tour led by Yosi Goldberg and focusing on architectural aspects of the museum will leave at 18:00.

Conductor: Yaron Gotfried

Lead violinists: Elina Gurevich and Ana Dolov

Soprano: Keren Hadar

The Israel Plucked String Orchestra, led by Adiel Schmidt

The pieces that will be played include:

Y. Gotfried: Concerto for two violins

N. Sharif: Concerto Gruso

Corelli: La Folia

Bach: Concerto for violin in A minor

Albeniz: Asturias: adapted for mandolins by Raziel Tsur

B. Ben Moshe: Morning Stars

Manuel De Falla: Three Cornered Hat

Following the Israel Plucked String Orchestra’s 2017 concert tour in Germany, it became part of the first initiative to collaborate between a plucked string orchestra and a philharmonic orchestra (The Reutlingen Philharmonic). Consequently, the Plucked String Orchestra requested pieces from leading Israeli composers: Rami Maalot, Noam Sharif, Boaz Ben Moshe, Haim Parmont, and Josef Bardanashvili. These works blend the voice of the mandolin with the world of classical philharmonics. This led to a series of well-received concerts and calls to continue the iniatiative.

To purchase tickets:




Photos: Anders Keren-Hadar; Daniel Chechik







Meeting ancient artisans in the colorful Roman street ; treasure hunt for the whole family in the garden of Song of Songs; wonderful story teller for children ; making musical instruments from natural materials ; live music in the beautiful outdoors of Ein-Yael ; weaving wicker baskets; spinning wool in the spindle and a variety of other fun activities for the whole family  


The Ein Yael "Hands-on" Museum is holding a spring festival in Hol Hamoed of Passover (1-5of April) this year! Among the activities: artisans recreating ancient handicrafts in the magical Roman street ; a treasure hunt for the whole family in the Song of Songs garden; live music which will be played around the site and a variety of other fun activities for the whole family.

In addition, visitors will be invited to experience all of Ein Yael's wonderful workshops: weaving baskets and making musical instruments of natural materials, painting wet plaster in the fresco workshop, learning about ancient building methods in the mud workshop, making clay in the ceramic workshop, planning and cutting a personal mosaic and lots more.

The dates of the festival are: 1st-5th of April, from 10:00 to 17:00. On April 5th from 10:00 AM to 14:00.

The Ein-Yael "Hands-on" Museum is a 10 acre beautiful piece of natural land. The museum provides a special and enriching fun-filled activity for the entire family, combining arts and crafts with learning about the ancient way of life. In the museum you will find orchards, a recreated Roman street, petting corner, a live spring, ancient agricultural facilities and olive trees, vineyards and more.

Entrance cost: 45 NIS for child, 35 NIS for adult.

The Ein-Yael "Hands-on" Museum, Jerusalem (next to "Malcha" train station)

Telephone: 02-6451866

Free parking.


Photo Courtesy: Ein Yael museum.






On Wednesday evening February 21 citizens and friends of the Czech Republic and Slovakia celebrated 100 years since the founding of Czechoslovakia, and 70 years for the state of Israel, with a heritage concert held at the Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv. The concert, featuring top Czech and Slovak musicians, showcased Jewish Czechoslovakian music. Many more events are planned throughout the year to continue the centennial celebration.


Deputy Ambassador of the Czech Embassy Mr. Karel Pažourek extended greetings to the guests on behalf of H.E. Ambassador Ivo Schwartz and the embassy. The deputy ambassador pointed out that this was the first of a number of events planned, including a meeting between Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, and the Czech Parliament scheduled for early July in Jerusalem.



The Ambassador of Slovakia, H.E. Mr. Peter Hulényi, pointed out the embassy of the Czech Republic was actually the site of the original Czechoslovakian embassy. He highlighted the uniqueness of the Czech-Slovak relationship, and the fact that both nations could jointly celebrate the founding of Czechoslovakia, noting that such camaraderie was unfortunately rare in international relations following the formal division of states.


Ziv Nevo Kulman, head of the Cultural Diplomacy Bureau spoke on behalf of Israel. Kulman recalled his own position as a deputy ambassador in the Czech Republic, and observed that one of the common features between the people of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Israel, is a shared love and appreciation for music.


The capacity crowd then enjoyed a private concert featuring music from the Ensemble Moscheles, which works to preserve and promote Jewish musical compositions. The concert was an additional demonstration of the cooperation between the three nations, as it featured violinist Tomáš Tuláček from the Czech Republic, pianist Uri Brener from Israel, and mezzosoprano Angelika Pavlech from Slovakia. All gifted and internationally acclaimed performers, together they created a lovely evening of nostalgic Jewish heritage music, bringing the sounds of Jewish Czechoslovakia to life. wishes congratulations to the Embassies of the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the centennial marking of Czechoslovakia’s founding.


Steven Aiello
Photos Stella Szpira