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At the beautiful Dan hotel in Tel-Aviv gathered Ambassadors, business men, CEO's and other honorable people to celebrate the Korean national day and the opening of Korean food week.

The Korean Ambassador, Mr. MA Young-Sam, received all the guests in a traditional and colorful Korean wear, as well as his wife and the rest of his family.


Korea_23-8-2010 003


The evening started with a choir assembled with Korean children singing the Israeli and Korean anthems.


Afterwards the Korean Ambassador, Mr. MA Young-Sam, spoke to the crowd and welcomed them to the Korean national day and the opening of Korean food week.



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Ambassador Young-Sam Spoke about the special relationship between Israel and Korea, he mentioned the Korean War and the founding of the Israeli state, he talked about the economic crisis of 2008 and how Israel and Korean were the two countries who coped the best with this economic storm and came out stronger.

Mr. Young-Sam spoke of the great technological, educational and agricultural cooperation between the two countries and said that the Israeli- Korean bond is growing stronger each day.


Mr. Ambassador MA Young-Sam, had said that his tennis partner is Mr. Yuli Edelstein, as they are currently at a tie situation and they will have a deciding match soon. Mr. Edelstein is practicing every day, according to Ambassador Young-Sam.  

The Ambassador finished with good news, as he said that a new 3 acres property in Herzliya Pituah has been approved to build the new Korean Embassy.


After the Ambassador's words, the government representative, welfare minister Mr. Yitzhak Hertzog, spoke to the crowd. Such as the Ambassador, Mr. Hertzog spoke of the brave relationship between the two nations and wished that the vast cooperation will continue and grow.


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Mr. Hertzog had said that the Korean and the Israeli people are similar and both of the countries have to deal with security, economic and other challenges every day.

After the speeches the crowd was welcomed to enjoy varies types of Korean food and the Ambassador made sure he won't miss a picture with anyone who desired.  


Photo Silvia Golan