Many distinguished guests and members of the diplomátic community in Israel, gathered on June 30th at the sunset in the Slovenian ambassador residence in Hertzliya in honor of Slovenian 24th national day. Live Jazz and colorful mosaic of people contributed to the special ambience at the event.


The ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Israel her excellency Alenka Suhadolnik, welcomed the guests with great eloquence, humor and charm. She highlighted the beauty in the relationship between Israel and Slovenia which she was surprised to reveal during her 4 years of service. She expresessed her hope for the ties of friendship between Israel and Slovenia to continue growing even stronger in the coming years. "The potential is enormous, and we are committed to developing the relations between the countries".


The Deputy Director General for Europe at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Aviv Shir-On, congratulated the Republic of Slovenia on the occasion of its National Day. "Slovenia has made great strides since declaring its independence and seceding from Yugoslavia in 1991. Israel was among the first countries to recognize Slovenia as an independent country and provided assistance in the Slovenian War of Independence,while the whole world stood indifferent".


He emphasized that Slovenia is a country known for its natural beauty, making it a highly attractive destination for tourists, including even medical tourism. Israelis have discovered Slovenia and so far thousands visited there each year.


Moreover, Mr Shir-On stated, that our countries enjoy growing economic relations, as is reflected in numerous areas, and especially in innovation. Additionally, the Israel-Slovenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, based both in Tel Aviv and Ljubljana does important work to promote bilateral trade. In April this year, the CEO of the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute visited Slovenia to further advance trade relations between our two countries. He also mentioned that the port of Koper serves as an important gateway for the distribution of Israeli merchandise to Central Europe.


The guests were inspired to learn that Ljubljana has demonstrated its commitment to commemorating the memories of its Jewish community that perished in the Holocaust while trying to return the property of the victims and survivors to their families.


At the political level, Israel looks forward to strengthening the positive trend of mutual visits and to promote the excellent professional relations between our Foreign Ministries. In fact, at the begining of July, the political director of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alon Ushpiz, will be visiting Slovenia.


Israel and Slovenia also have a strong program of cultural exchanges in the fields of music, literature and the arts. There are growing numbers of books by Israeli authors that have been translated into Slovenian in recent years. Even the book Start-Up Nation, has been translated into Slovenian. Furthermore, an anthology of Israeli poetry will soon be published in Slovenia.


Towards the end of the event the ambassador awarded three finalists for the photography competition. The prize of a flight ticket to Ljubljana was sponsored by Josef Weiss, the owner of Adria Airways.


To conclude, Mr. Aviv Shir-Or expressed his gratitude, on behalf of the State of Israel, to the warm hospitality this evening. "Please convey our congratulations to your government and to the Slovenian People on the occasion of your National Day. May Slovenia enjoy growing prosperity, success, and peace".



 Photos  Silvia Golan