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Remembrance Day Ceremony for Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust and Digital exhibition ′′ To Tell the Story Together  ". Event that was hosted by HIT Holon institute of technology in cooperation with Mr. Dan Oryan, Israeli Ambassador to North Macedonia and Director of the Balkan Department at Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The HIT  Commemoration event  and digital exhibition were the culmination of long fruitful partnership in Innovation Technology Actions under Ambassdor Oryan leadership that HIT is partner in cooperation with ′′ Yad Vashem, Bar Ilan University, Azrieli College, Music4life, Word Zionist st Org, ARHAM, Acta non verba . Those important event and digital exhibition again help us to keep the memory trough new innovative ways  instead of sand Parallel with March of the Living we  the Ambassador Oryan and Dr.Levy-Drummer organized each year in Bitila-Monastir, North Macedonia. The other great moment in the event was HIT  President Prof. Eduard Yakubov speech where he tell as about the courage of those Central Asia countries Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, etc, that opened their doors and hard for Jews during the IIWW.

On the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day,  the Holon Institute of Technology  presented a special exhibition to preserve the memory of the Jewish community of Northern Macedonia. On April 8, Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) hosted a Memorial ceremony and the launching of a digital exhibition in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the annual Holocaust memorial days.

The event focused on the special story of the Northern Macedonian community, a small community that was almost entirely destroyed in the Holocaust. 7,144 members of the community from the city of Bitola did not return from the Treblinka death camp to which they were sent in March 1943. This meant the loss of nearly the entire Macedonian Jewish community. In recent years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been leading special efforts to tell the story of this community with the help of a series of initiatives such as coordinated programs for youth from Israel, Germany and northern Macedonia, exhibitions, poetry events and more.

The new digital exhibition was produced by the HIT in partnership with Shlomi Amsalem who curated the original photography exhibition "Memory from its 2019 cancellation", which is at the heart of the new initiative.



The event was organized and led by H. E. Mr. Dan Oryan, Israeli Ambassador to Northern Macedonia and Director of the Balkan Department at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mrs. Tony Duchev-levy Director External Relations Manager of HIT the Holon Institute of Technology .

Among the special guests who told their story at the event were Yitzhak Adiges, the well-known manager who told his personal and moving story via Zoom; "Dr. Rachel Levy Drummer, the head of the Association for Memorializing the Jews of Bitola, who shared her own personal story; Professor Edward Yaakobov, the President and CEO of the Holon Institute of Technology, who talked about the Jewish history of Europe and Central Asia, and Israeli Ambassador to Northern Macedonia Dan Oryan, who added that: " The Foreign Ministry attaches great importance to the war on anti-Semitism and to preserving the memory of the Holocaust. The special connection in the exhibition and in the joint activity with the HIT is an innovative collaboration. Together, these things create a language that allows the young generation in Israel and around the world to bring the issue closer. "




The guests also enjoyed a performance by the Music4Life band headed by Mrs. Oprah Cohen.



You are cordially invited to see the exhibition at the following link : "Tell the story together" - https://hit-vitrina.webflow.io/


Photos Silvia G. Golan 

More pics at Facebook " Israel Diplo"