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On Sunday evening , July 16 the Ambassador of Colombia, H.E. Mrs.Margarita Eliana Manjarrez Herrera, held a celebration of the 213th anniversary of Colombian Independence and the 66th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Colombia and Israel by hosted a cultural, culinary , music and dance event at " Zappa " in Herzliya Pituach

The cultural program offered an excellent opportunity to familiarize the Israeli public with the Colombian music and danse and starts with the presentation of the famous Colombian tenor Alejandro Escobar, tenor of phenomenal voice, capable of tenderness and great blouse showmanship.




Escobar’s is an excellent performer with tremendous voice. He is a tenor with great power and quality, and a wonderful stylist with a natural voice. He amazed audience with his fantastically Colombian worldwide known songs as songs: Colombia Pueblito Viejo, La Ruana (Bambuco) and Soy Colombiano, Pasillo Brisas Del Pamplonita, Cumbia La Piragua, Vallenato La Gota Fría and famous Cumbia La Pollera Colora, and his command of the lyrics was sensational. The Escobar’s magnetism made him irresistible. The Israeli Opera lovers will have opportunity to listen Alejandro Escobar as Alfredo Germont in famous Verdi’s opera La Traviata in Haifa on July 30 and 31, 2023.

 After the playing of the national anthems, Ambassador Margarita Manjarrez welcomed the guests then began her remarks. " this year we wanted to offer a cultural event. Today not only honoring our homeland and the country that hosts us with our national anthems, but mostly focusing on our beautiful Colombian music within a festive atmosphere" ... Building a nation is not an easy task. Colombia, despite its 213 years, continues to walk, with progress, with setbacks, with challenges and hopes like those of all societies that seek well-being, the guarantee of rights, happiness, and a good life for their citizens. In our country, one of the challenges we continue to work on is the objective of achieving true and definitive peace. This national purpose is based on the conviction that dialogue is the way to resolve conflicts. The second challenge is the task of continuing to develop while doing so in a sustainable way, because although we are a biodiverse nation rich in resources, we also suffer to a high degree from the effects of climate change and environmental deterioration.

These two challenges, the achievement of total peace and overcoming the environmental crisis, not only concern Colombia, but they also concern the entire world. For this reason, we should rejoice when progress is made anywhere on the planet in coexistence and democracy, as much as when technologies, means and actions that preserve and improve the environment are developed.
In this last aspect, we have made progress in cooperation with Israel, a country that is an example of the development of new technologies in crucial sectors such as agriculture and clean energy. This is very important because science and innovation should promote our societies, as well peace and culture. For this reason, this night of celebration of our independence is above all a cultural dialogue.
I am convinced that knowing the cultural richness of other societies and sharing ours is the basis for achieving understanding, good relations, agreements, and coexistence. Recognizing and valuing the other also allows us to do business, to invest, to visit, and to cooperate with one another. After various negotiations, this year we will sign a Film Co-Production Agreement with Israel and a Cooperation Program in Education, Science, Culture, Sports, and Youth, because Colombia and Israel feed off each other. Tourists, investors, workers and students, officials, diplomats, scientists, all of us who weave relations between our two countries soak up each other's culture and are representatives of our own. Colombians in Israel also represent us, with their joy, their tenacity and their perseverance and each one is a bridge with Israel and its people.
For this reason, to delve a little deeper into this cultural knowledge, we welcomed you with a photographic exhibition about life in the Eastern Plains of Colombia by the artist Juanita Escobar, part of what we brought to the Photo Israel festival last year and we have had Colombian musical rhythms in the great voice the tenor Alejandro Escobar. Now we will offer a gastronomic test of Colombian empanadas and arepas and give way to the dance music segment with Gustavo Quiñonez, who I hope will encourage you to dance and to end this celebration of our national day with many smiles."

The joyful celebration continued with the Show of Gustavo Quiñones, Latin singer & composer from Colombia, living in Israel. He makes the Colombian Independence Day an extraordinary celebration of dance and festival of culture and friendship between Colombia and Israel



At the entrance we see an photographic exhibition about life in the Eastern Plains of Colombia by the artist Juanita Escobar, part of what we brought to the Photo Israel festival last year

Among the distinguished guests in attendance were :Jonathan Peled- Deputy Director General for Latin America Israel MFA ;Ariel Goldshtein - Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff at the Prime Minister Office; 
Amb.Irit Savion Waidergorn Director Training Department MASHAV; Matias Schapiro, President of the Israel-Spain Chamber of Commerce; Gabriel Hayon - President of the Diplomatic Institute; Mrs. Tony Levy, External relations ,President Office HIT Holon Institute of Technology; Tali Laufer Epstein CEO The Israel Association of Travel Agencies & Consultants; and many foreign Ambassadors, militars, business leaders and members of the Colombian community in Israel

The Staff of www.diplomacy.co.il  congratulates the government, people, and Embassy of Colombia on the occasion of the 213th anniversary of Colombian Independence and the 66d anniversary of diplomatic relations between Colombia and Israel.


Photos Silvia Golan

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