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Indigenous Coalition for Israel is pleased to announce the opening of an Indigenous embassy in Jerusalem. The Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem will be hosted by Friends of Zion Museum in center of Jerusalem.

The Indigenous Embassy in Jerusalem is an international project that opens with strong expressions of support from Indigenous leaders from all around the world: Singapore, Taiwan, Samoa, American Samoa, Hawaii, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Native American chiefs and paramount chiefs from Southern Africa.

Dr. Mike Evans- one of the greatest Evangelicals leaders, founder of Friends of Zion Heritage center, a # 1 New York Times bestseller of 118 published books read by 38 million people and Nobel Peace Prize candidate for his contribution fighting antisemitism, declares; "Friends of Zion Heritage center is a Zionist platform dedicated combating anti-Semitism and BDS, which main goal is supporting the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Naturally, the Indigenous Embassy which will open in Jerusalem would operate in its campus. I congratulate ICFI on the decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem and thank them for their support in Israel, especially in these times".

Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum who spearheaded the initiative along with the ICFI said, “We are grateful to the ICFI leadership for pursuing this initiative, especially during a time of war. The Jewish people are the indigenous people of Israel and so we are thrilled with the support of the global First Peoples’s community “.

According to Dr Sheree Trotter, ICFI co-founder and one of this project's initiatives: ‘Antisemitism has seen a disturbing and unprecedented rise in the weeks since 7 October. The indigenous peoples recognize the Jewish people as indigenous to the land of Israel. Further, many view Israel as a truly inspirational expression of self-determination in ancestral homelands. "We believe this is the right time to launch the embassy in order to send a strong message of solidarity from indigenous peoples around the world, that we recognize the Jews as indigenous to Israel and stand with her in her struggle against forces that seek her annihilation".

IEJ will become a hub for indigenous peoples visiting Israel and a tangible expression of their support. IEJ will also support and promulgate the academic work being undertaken to respond to false narratives.

IEJ will not purport to be an official representative of any of the governments that host nations of the respective indigenous peoples. It will engage in educational and cultural initiatives and mutually beneficial collaborative projects.

IEJ will foster relationships with Israel, promote understanding and fight antisemitism.

A formal inaugural event will be held on 1 February at 18:00 at Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, with the presence of the Foreign Minister Mr. Israel Katz

Friends of Zion Heritage center was established in 2015, in the center of Israel’s capital Jerusalem, by founder Dr. Mike Evans. 

This is a Zionist platform dedicated to the fight against anti-Semitism and BDS. On of its main goals is bolstering awareness for the historical support of the Christian friends of Israel. In their advanced Media Center, FOZ museum holds dozens of events, activities, and press conferences in line with their vision.