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President Javier Milei's First Visit to Yad Vashem 

On the first full day of his first trip to Israel, President of Argentina H.E. Dr. Javier Milei visited Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, located in Jerusalem. President Milei, accompanied by native Argentinian Chairman of Yad Vashem, Dani Dayan, toured the Holocaust History Museum and the Hall of Names. Following the guided tour, the President participated in a solemn memorial ceremony in the Hall of Remembrance and signed the Yad Vashem guestbook outside the Hall of Remembrance. 

In President Milei's entry in the Yad Vashem guest book he wrote: 

"In this symbolic and transcendent place, where darkness reaches unimaginable extremes of cruelty, it is precisely here that we can see the greatness of a people.  The greatness of going through the pain and rising up again even stronger than before. We all bear the duty not to remain silent. Never again is now."


In part of his strong and emotional speech the President expressed: "As I see the grim images of the Holocaust, I wonder where the free world was then and today. I ask myself the same question again. Where is the voice of the world? freedom that demands the release of more than 100 people kidnapped for more than 100 days? Choosing life is demanding the release of those kidnapped! We must not remain silent in the face of the monstrosity of Nazism. In the same way, today we should not remain silent silence in the face of modern Nazism, disguised as the terrorist group Hamas... "that inside Yad Vashem saw destruction and death, but outside in the country it sees prosperity and freedom. He gave several examples from history, where after tragedies there was reconstruction.



At the conclusion of the visit Yad Vashem Chairman Dayan stated: 

"This visit was especially pertinent given the fact that there have been Latin-American leaders who have used in the last months rhetoric with clear antisemitic tones, including Holocaust trivialization. For the President of Argentina to visit Israel and Yad Vashem and commit so clearly to uphold the values and lessons of the Holocaust, is extremely important. Yad Vashem continues to work closely with the educational authorities in the Argentine Republic in order to increase Holocaust awareness and education for the Argentine people and the Spanish-speaking world."





Photos Silvia G Golan

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