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Spring festival in the Ein-Yael "Hands-on" Museum in Jerusalem- taking visitors 2,000 years back in time

Meeting ancient artisans in the colorful Roman street ; treasure hunt for the whole family in the garden of Song of Songs; the wonderful children's play "Magical moments by the spring" ; making musical instruments from natural materials ; live music in the beautiful outdoors of Ein-Yael ; weaving wicker baskets; spinning wool in the spindle and a variety of other fun activities for the whole family 


The Ein Yael "Hands-on" Museum is holding a spring festival in Hol Hamoed of Passover (24 -28 of April) this year! Among the activities: artisans recreating ancient handicrafts in the magical Roman street ; a treasure hunt for the whole family in the Song of Songs garden; live music which will be played around the site and a variety of other fun activities for the whole family.

In addition, visitors will be invited to experience all of Ein Yael's wonderful workshops: weaving baskets and making musical instruments of natural materials, painting wet plaster in the fresco workshop, learning about ancient building methods in the mud workshop, making clay in the ceramic workshop, planning and cutting a personal mosaic and lots more.


The dates of the festival are: 24-27th of April, from 10:00 to 17:00.


And on the 28th   of April from 10:00 to14:00


The Ein-Yael museum provides a special and enriching fun-filled activity for the entire family, combining arts and crafts with learning about the ancient way of life. In the museum you will find orchards, a recreated Roman street, petting corner, a live spring, ancient agricultural facilities and olive trees, vineyards and more.

Entrance cost: 45 NIS for child, 35 NIS for adult.


The Ein-Yael "Hands-on" Museum, Jerusalem (next to "Malcha" train station)



Telephone: 02-6451866

Free parking.


Courtesy: Ein Yael Museum.