STATE. Exhibition of the artists Dorina Horătău and Claudia Mușat at The Artists' House, Tel Aviv. 7 - 21 May 2016


The Romanian Cultural Institute has the honor to invite you at the exhibition STATE, open between the 7th and the 21st of May, 2016, at Tel Aviv Artists' House. On display there will be fiber artworks by  Dorina Horărău and Claudia Mușat, two of the best Romanian fiber artists today.

The exhibition highlights a series work stages, as well as studies of the textile materials in various phases of processing. The artworks of Claudia Mușat reveal the artists' researches on silk and the tri-dimensional works of Dorina Horătău express meaningful moments of her private life.

The opening will take place on Saturday, the 7th of May, at 12:00 hrs., in the presence of the artist Dorina Horătău.

The exhibition will be open for public at Tel Aviv Artists' House, 9 Alharizi st. on the following schedule: Monday to Thursday between 10:00-13:00 and 17:00-19:00, Friday between 10:00-13:00 and Saturday between 11:00-14:00. More information:

Partners: Tel Aviv Artists' House, The Romanian Artists' Union, The National Art University in Bucharest.