Russian Federation’s National Day


Russia Day is celebrated on June 12th of each year. It marks the consolidation of Russian Statehood with its various symbols, the national flag, emblem and national anthem. The Supreme Soviet of Russia proclaimed it National Holiday since it was on this day in 1990 that the Declaration of the State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic was declared.

In Israel it was celebrated on Wednesday, June 10th in one of the few spacious and elegant ballrooms of the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Among the many distinguished guests of VIP’s, Minister of Immigration, Absorption and Jerusalem Affairs Zeev Elkin Ambassadors and various members of the diplomatic community, one could spot Former Foreign Affairs Minister, MK Avigdor Liebermann and Former Prime Minister MK Ehud Barak. Also present were representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church here in Israel.

In addition to the delectable buffet style meal composed of some Russian dishes and a colorful display of various desserts accompanied by an open bar, guests could also taste Russian beer and Vodka at some of the stands that were scattered around the ballroom.


The event also marked the end of His Excellency Sergei Yakovlev as his country’s Ambassador to Israel. In his farewell speech, Yakovlev, who spoke in Russian and English, thanked Israelis for their friendship and cooperation during his four years of service here.

Unlike Yakovlev, Elkin who spoke in Russian and Hebrew in more of a spontaneous manner, described the ever growing relationship between Russia and Israel on the political, economic and cultural levels. He also mentioned the deep rooted Russian culture in the Israeli one.

Russian pride and patriotism was expressed by Efraim-Fiodor Papernyi who praised President Putin for what he had done in honor of the victorious Red Army on the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Dr. Amin Safieh, a member of the Israeli Druz community who is an honorary consul for Russia in Haifa also spoke. He expressed his gratitude to Yakovlev for his great service and wished him the best of luck in his next appointment.
Under the stewardship of Aleksander Kryukov, Counselor of the Russian Embassy, the evening was well planned and, without doubt, very successful



 Photos  by Silvia Golan