September 1st is the Slovak Republic Constitution Day. In Slovak, this holiday is called 'Deň Ústavy Slovenskej republic. It commemorates the adoption of the Slovak constitution on September 1st, 1992.

This holiday is marked by traditional customs such as folk dancing and traditional singing. The parliament and Bratislava Castle are opened up to the public. In the evening, Bratislava Castle is lit up to mark the occasion.

In Israel, the event was celebrated at the home of the Slovak Republic Ambassador in Herzeliya on Monday, September 7th  .


It was hosted by the Ambassador designateת His Excellency Peter Hulenyi and his wife Tatiana Hulenyi Ova. The atmosphere was pleasant and cordial. The delectable Slovakian food prepared by “Little Prague was delectable and the guests also enjoyed the traditional Czech beer, Staropramen that was served.

Among the distinguished guests were Colonel Lubos Klima, Slovakia’s military attaché to Israel and his wife Yonca,   Mr, Amikam Muller, Haifa Branch Manager of Flying Carpet, wholesale Travel Service. His late brother,Yaron Miller, was the Honorary Consul of Slovakia in Israel and other Ambassadors and Members of the Diplomatic Missions in Israel.


Following the address by the ambassador  H.E Peter Hulenyi  :


" Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen! Gvirotaj ve Rabotaj!


It is a great pleasure and honor to welcome you all at the celebration of a Slovak Constitution Day. Tarsu li leareach otchem be admat Slovakia. And although the ground is literary speaking Slovak, the temperature here is still a little bit more Mediterranean.


Allow me to share with you four brief points:


First: I have to underline that relations between Slovakia and Israel are traditional excellent. Nevertheless as we usually say, there is always a potential to develop. Exploring and using this potential, that is a goal of the Slovak Embassy in Israel and my personal mission as well.


For the second: As we are aware, the common history of Slovaks and Jews goes throughout centuries. Therefore I am delight to see its continuation in Israel thanks a vivid and active community of expatriates from Slovakia. I would like to use this occasion and express my gratitude for this.


Third: I am firmly convinced that the tragedy of Slovak Jews during the Second World War should not be forgotten. We have to remember and recall the murder of more than 70 thousand Slovak citizens. In this respect I am glad I could announce that a first Holocaust museum will be open in Slovakia next year. The inauguration will take place on January 26, 2016 in Sered, the city where a concentration and labor camp was located during the WW II.

At the same time I would like to highlight that Slovakia has a highest number of Righteous among Nations per capita and we are very proud on that.


Finally: Let me go back to the potential of future cooperation mentioned in my first point. Israelis are known in Slovakia as a Start-up Nation and Slovakia is a country of automotive industry with the highest number of cars per capita produced in the world. Both countries are good examples of a success story and could benefit from mutual cooperation. Common activities should be focus on start ups, cyber security, information technologies as well as agriculture, pharmacy and tourism. At the same time a people to people relation in culture, education and R&D should get an adequate attention as well.


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen! Gvirotaj ve Rabotaj!

Allow me to thank you again for accepting our invitation and enjoy the evening.

Na zdravie, Lechaim,

Shana Tova."


Aviv Shiron, Deputy Director General for Europe was the guest speaker.

 He talked about the twenty two years of good and friendly relationship between Israel and Slovakia.

These are reflected not only in the trade between two nations which currently stands at $200 million, but also in the high-level official and political visits. These include visits by The Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Pavol Paška, together with the former Minister of Health Zuzana Zvolenská in the summer of 2014, Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák’s visit in November 2014, and the visit by Deputy Minister of Defense Milan Koterec in June 2015.

Likewise, official Israeli trips to Slovakia included visits by the then Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman in 2012. This coming October, Speaker of the Knesset Edelstein will be visiting Bratislava.
Mr. Shiron took the opportunity to thank the outgoing Ambassador, Radoslav Javorcik for his efforts and contribution to the good relationship between Israel and the Slovak Republic and wished the Ambassador-Designate Peter Hulényi much success in his new post.


 Photo Silvia Golan