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Angola Celebrates 40 years of Independence.


Independence for any country is the diamond in the crown. Angola gained independence after 500 years of colonial occupation, followed by 14 years of civil war. The relief, the incentive, the independence are a fabulous reward.


Last Sunday evening the Angolan Ambassador to Israel, his Excellency Feliciano Antonio dos Santos and his wife hosted a charming celebration of the 40 years of Angolan independence, at Tel Aviv’s Dan Panorama Hotel ballroom. Ambassadors and Diplomats graced the event, together with the cream of Israel’s business and social community. Among the Ambassadors who honored Angola with their presence were their excellences from The Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Ghana, Zambia, in addition to His Excellency Raphael Singer, Israel’s Ambassador to Angola, who came to be here for the event, and more.


A delicious and generous dinner preceded the formal events, which began with a rendition of the national anthems of Angola and Israel. Then His Excellency Ambassador dos Santos addressed the gathering, welcoming the guests and thanking them for attending. He pointed out that: “The Angolan people, led by President José Eduardo dos Santos, are building a new Angola. It is this Angola that you can see in the photographs displayed here and the video being screened at this event.” Angola is the second major oil producer on the African continent and the fifth largest producer of diamonds in the world, so the current drop in oil prices has not done Angola any good, to say the least.


His Excellency continued: “The spectacular socio-economic growth of Angola, the most visible aspect of which is the construction of thousands of kilometers of roads, railways, new airports, new cities, hospitals and schools, accompanied by a promising national plan of executive training programs, has obviously had the participation of companies and businessmen from friendly countries, such as Israel. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Israeli companies and businessmen who operate projects in Angola, some of whom are present here with us today.” He mentioned the importance of cooperation by investors and added: “Your Excellency, Mrs. Gila Gamliel [representing the State of Israel at the event], allow me to stress my country's satisfaction with the excellent state of our bilateral cooperation and to express my wish to see it strengthened even further.”


The Ambassador stressed his country’s contribution to the United Nations, and its standpoint regarding peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, leading to a: “…peaceful and lasting solution based on two states, living side by side in peace and security.” He ended his address by reaffirming Angola’s commitment to see the process of peace negotiations resumed between the government of the State of Israel and the Palestinian National Authority.





Knesset Member Gila Gamliel responded on behalf of the State of Israel and its people. She warmly congratulated the Government and the people of Angola on the occasion of the country’s 40th anniversary. She added that the two countries have had a firm relationship for over 20 years, including diplomatic ties and cooperation in business, agriculture, water and energy. “We also see Angola as a partner in culture, the arts and education, with the goal of enhancing our people-to-people relations.” Ms. Gamliel noted the importance that Israel attaches to Angola’s UN positions, and expressed the hope that Angola would use its influence to help Israel regain its status as an Observer State in the African Union.


But she also spared no words when mentioning the radical Islamic terror that had recently raised its ugly head, not only in Israel, but now in Paris too. Her harsh criticism of the way some nations have responded to terror against Israel reflected the embodiment of Israel’s disappointment.


MK Gamliel ended her address by asking the Ambassador to convey “hearty warm wishes of the Government and people of Israel to the Government and people of Angola. We wish Angola peace, stability and prosperity … and good relations and friendship between the State of Israel and the Republic of Angola”.


A beautiful cake with the Angolan flag was cut by the two dignitaries, after sharing a glass of champagne and drinking to one another’s health.


 Photos att Angola Embassy