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During the days 20, 21 and May 23 the Panama Embassy participated in Tourism seminars held in Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv organized by Polaris Group. The seminars main objective was to present travel agents 3 destinations in America: Ecuador, Peru and Panama. Ambassador Hector Aparicio opened the presentation with a speech and the rest of the presentation was translated in Hebrew.

There was an approximate participation of 212 travel agents being Tel Aviv the city with major participation.

It was observed that Ecuador is a known destination and Peru is realizing the same path. Panama is considered an exotic destination and there are  possibilities of multi destinations with Colombia.

In 2013, Polaris will be holding a tour with travel agents to Colombia. There is an open possibility that Panama might join this tour. Nevertheless, it has been expressed that in the near future there will be a tour with journalists, in which National Geographic is already holding conversations with Mr. Aparicio regarding this topic.

Panama is a destination that awakens the Israeli market interest. Polaris will present a publication about Panama via Internet. Their recommendation is to present an event based on images of Panama where the press and agencies will be invited. The main objective of this event will be to create interest in Israelis about Panama (folklore, gastronomy, etc.). Polaris feels that Panama is occupying a high interest in the tourism market.

It is the first time that Panama participates in the seminars of Polaris Group. It is necessary to point out that Panama is presented as a safe destination to visit.

Interesting note, Mayor of Panama Ms. Roxana Mendez and Mayor of Tel Aviv signed an agreement stating Panama City and Tel Aviv as sister twin cities.

Tourism in Israel is around 3.5 million of Israelis in which the United States occupies the first place of interest.