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Dear Guests,
We appreciate your choosing to participate in the 4th conference of the Global Forum for Combating
Antisemitism , taking place here in Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Israel.
Antisemitism has taken many different forms in the course of its long history. While old Antisemitism
still exists, new forms of Antisemitism are manifesting themselves in recent years putting into use
new technology and modern media to spread an ancient hate. Increasingly anti-Israeli tendencies and
activities are inseparable from Antisemitism, with Israel being attacked as the new collective Jew,
while Iran develops military nuclear capabilities and her leaders deny the Holocaust and threaten
Israel with destruction.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, join forces with
many organizations, states and individuals, in the fight against Antisemitism in all its manifestations.
The Jewish people and the State of Israel, its national home, stand at the forefront of this effort. Yet
responsibility lies with the leadership of every state in which Antisemitism still exists.
Antisemitism, xenophobia and racism are maladies with which the free world must deal and that must
be placed high on the international agenda. Not all is bleak: we recognize and appreciate the many
world leaders, religious leaders and NGO’s who act and speak up publicly against Antisemitism, enact
laws to help fight it, and help educate towards tolerance and understanding.
Indeed, the diversity of the participation in this conference and the forming of a concrete action
plan is a testimony to the renewed commitment of many governments and organizations to eradicate
Antisemitism. The willingness we have seen in recent years by many international actors including the
United Nations, the European Union and others, to give prominence to the fight against Antisemitism
in public discourse, represents an important step towards creating a more tolerant and just society.
We therefore call on you, the participants of this conference, to send a simple yet meaningful message:
Zero-tolerance to intolerance.
We wish you all a productive and proactive conference.
Zeev Elkin                                                         Naftali Bennett
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs  Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs

Dear friends and colleagues,
It is my great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the 4th Conference of the Global Forum for
Combating Antisemitism.
The Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism (GFCA) is an active coalition of parliamentarians,
statesmen, NGO's and scholars from across the world. The GFCA was last convened in 2009. Regrettably,
the past four years have shown an alarming increase in the volume of Antisemitism and diversification
of its manifestations. Indeed, we still mourn the innocent victims of the 2012 Toulouse massacre. It has
therefore become apparent that a convening of another conference of the GFCA is needed at this time.
Our mission is to fight the growing manifestations of Antisemitism and other forms of racism around
the world and to strengthen acceptance of the other, mutual respect and tolerance. The international
conference provides an opportunity for us to come together to formulate a concrete action plan and
work effectively to combat Antisemitism’s growing threat.
The highlight of this upcoming 2013 Conference, will be the convening of 10 Working Groups that
will deliberate and each separately formulate concrete action plans on the second day of the conference
(29 May). These will be consolidated into one concrete document: The Action Plan for Combating
Antisemitism 2013 and Beyond. This will not be a theoretical document, but a real blueprint for action.
Among the topics that we will be addressing in this Conference will be: Antisemitism in the Muslim
and Arab World , Latin America , The Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe region, The EU and
Western Europe. Various forms of New Antisemitism will be discussed in the Working Groups on
Antisemitism in the Guise of Delegitimization and Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism in the Internet
and in the Media. Effective measures will be also addressed in the fields of Law, Legislation and
Enforcement in the Combat of Antisemitism and maintaining continuance of Diaspora Jewish Life as
well as Antisemitism on Campuses.
We will also be exploring positive and harmonious ways of confronting this evil, through the exploration
of Inter-Faith Dialogue as an instrument to mitigate Antisemitism, and the role of Education in promoting
tolerance in future generations.
I wish to thank the valuable and indispensable contribution to the success of this Conference of the
Co-Chairs of the 10 Working Groups. My best wishes for fruitful discussions.
I am sure that together we can make a difference.
Ambassador Gideon Behar
Conference Chair
Director, Department for Combating Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Remembrance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem