President Peres conducted a work meeting with the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy      

 President Sarkozy to President Peres:

There is complete harmony in the thinking between us. The Jewish people who waited so long for a state should understand the desire of the Palestinian people for a state.

 President Peres addressed the growing tension on the Israel-Syrian border:

"We must lower the flames"


 The President of the State of Israel, President Peres, hosted the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, at his official residence in Jerusalem this morning. President Peres opened his remarks by thanking Nicolas Sarkozy for his great work and contribution for the State of Israel during his time as President of France: "I want to thank you on behalf of the State of Israel for your support over the years, in every position in which you served – you stood by Israel especially on the major issues especially the Iranian nuclear threat."

 President Peres addressed the growing tension on the Israel-Syrian border both in terms of rhetoric and military action and said, "There are too many flames in the Middle East, we must lower the flames." During the meeting President Peres said of the Syrian situation and said that he believes both in Syria and in Israel there is no interest in war and neither side wants to see the situation out of control. The two discussed Secretary of State John Kerry's peace initiative and President Peres said, "I hope that the efforts of the United States and Secretary Kerry succeed in restarting the process."

 Sarkozy, who is on a special visit to Israel to receive an honorary doctorate from the Netanya Academic College, thanked President Peres for the warm welcome and said that he had always been a friend of Israel and that following the Holocaust the cause of the Jewish people and the State of Israel was not a political but one for all of humanity. He added that the Jewish people, who had waited so long for a state of their own, is in the best position to understand the aspirations of the Palestinians for a state of their own. He concluded that Israel's security is inextricably tied to the creation of a Palestinian state. The former president of France also addressed his close ties to President Peres and described him as a man of belief and of peace and that their views are in harmony.

 President Peres concluded his statement by saying, "The doctorate can only be given to you by an academic institution but the honor is from the whole country." He added with a smile that, "My only complaint to you is that you came without Carla." Sarkozy smiled and said that next time the whole family will visit.