Minister of Strategic and Intelligence Affairs and International Relations Dr. Yuval Steinitz, this afternoon (Tuesday, 2 July 2013), in Berlin, met with German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and with German Finance Minister Dr. Wolfgang Schauble in order to discuss the continuation of international sanctions against the Iranian nuclear program. Minister Steinitz, who was accompanied by intelligence officials, discussed with his interlocutors the holes that have been discovered in the sanctions on Iran and ways to fix them. They also discussed the current situation regarding developments in Iran's nuclear program and following the recent Iranian election. Minister Steinitz stressed that since Rohani portrays himself as a diplomat and negotiator, it is especially important to tighten sanctions, and added that it must be made clear that Iran will be judged solely by its meeting the demands that have been set by the UN Security Council, including a halt to the enrichment of uranium, and not by rhetoric and gestures.

Tomorrow, Minister Steinitz is due to visit Paris and meet with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.