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Tourism Ministry Director-General Noaz Bar-Nir was named 2012 Man of the Year in Tourism  today (Tuesday) at IMTM – the International Mediterranean Tourism Market for his role as chairman of the Committee to Reduce the Cost of Vacation Packages in Israel, which Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov established. Bar-Nir said that he was pleased that the industry appreciates the work of the Tourism Ministry. 

He added that the committee was established to improve Israel’s competitive edge over other tourism destinations in the world. According to Bar-Nir, those redundant regulations that exist in Israel and do not exist in OECD or other European countries are the reason for the increased cost of vacation packages in Israel. “The question is, are these regulations necessary and suitable for our times, or do they stem from the regulators’ disinterest in taking risks. It is important to remember that with authority comes the responsibility for the continued proper functioning and competitiveness of the market. As regulators, we are asked to help in establishing businesses that contribute to the creation of new jobs. Correct risk management takes not only caution into consideration but also the cost and probability of development.”