Premier has exclusively captured the unique benefits of the Dead Sea with the most advanced, patented processes of purification available in the field of cosmetic science.


These unique, potent, paragon free, fortified formulations containing Dead Sea actives, phospholipids and stem cells capture the earth's rejuvenating secrets.


Featuring an exceptional, unique and exclusive combination of Dead Sea salt with silica to form precious ''silica salt'' capable of re-igniting the skin's luminosity.


Premier's most advanced and innovative skin care collection, SUPREME.


Unique, potent, parraine free, fortified formulations containing Dead Sea actives, phospholipids and stem cells capture the earth's rejuvenating secrets.


Driven by the everlasting quest for the most advanced and powerful natural age defying ingredients, Premiers research team scours the earth searching for new innovations.


This quest has led to a 7 year research unfolding the secrets of skin aging.


Today Premiers researchers are writing a new chapter in the history of Dead Sea mineral skin care.


They have discovered an exceptional, unique and active combination of ingredients, each capable of complimenting the other to offer unprecedented age defying powers.


Premier is among the leading manufacturers of high-quality skin-care.

Thanks to expert aerospace dermatologists and chemistry professors who specialize in anti-aging, Premier has developed innovative formulas and purification processes that are the heart of the award-winning products.

The secret behind the ultra-modern purification process is its ability to extract the necessary ingredients for renewing and rebuilding skin cells and combine them with an innovative liposome and phospholipid complex.

The new award-winning generation of Premier's products stands tall among all others because of its unique and innovative cosmetic concept, which is one of the most recent discoveries in the field of cosmetics.


Premier's research team is constantly exploring the opportunities found in nature and in the advancement of scientific discovery and applying these to the products.
It is this expert combination of science and nature that delivers the best nature has to offer your skin with the most effective means of producing real, visible results.

Premier is a skin care company which uses only the most advanced cosmetics technology in combination with the famed minerals from the Dead Sea. It aims to bring significant improvement to the condition of the body and health of the skin as a result of years of research and development, which continues to this day. All Premier products contain active and essential components in packages that offer high levels of hygiene, delivering maximum advantage for your skin.


Premier takes natural plant extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea and by utilizing patented and cutting-edge technology, makes luxurious, effective skin-care that far exceeds your best imagination about beautiful skin.


Scientifically developed by top dermatologists and chemistry professors specializing in skin aging, Premier's award-winning products have been recognized world-wide for their effectiveness and innovation. They are based on a secret purification process that extracts the necessary ingredients for renewing and rebuilding skin cells and combines them with an innovative liposome complex that delivers the active ingredients directly to the skin cells.


Thanks to the best natural ingredients and advanced purification methods, Premier facial products provide immediate, effective results.
Whether cleansing, detoxifying, balancing, toning, moisturizing, or nourishing the skin / Premier products enhance its health and beauty.
Among the wide array of body products, Premier features both products for general health and vitality as well as specifically targeted products to fight unwanted symptoms.


Using the most advanced purification processes in the cosmetic science, Premier exclusively captures the unique benefits of the Dead Sea, the world-s largest natural spa, and creates the finest skin/care in the world from the Dead Sea, to your finger/tips.


Premier was awarded the ''Original Dead Sea product Good quality mark''.


The good quality mark was awarded to Premier by the manufacturers association and by the cosmetic industry association.

All Premier products are made in Israel.



Premier is proud to bring the finest skin care range in the world from the Dead Sea to your doorstep.







Next week (on the 10th February), for the 21st successive year, the International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) will open at the congress center of the Tel Aviv fairgrounds.


The gala event, which takes place every year and lasts for two days, showcases Israeli and international tourist attractions in an ideal setting. Countries from around the world have stands and booths were exhibitors from those countries can present themselves to Israeli and world visitors to the fair.


Similarly, a wide range of Israeli tourist attractions and companies (some representing, and acting as agents for, international players in the tourist market) are displayed for the thousands of fair visitors.


Israel Travel News (ITN – publishers of tourism magazines, websites and newsletters) and ORTRA (Israel's premier conference organizers) are behind this successful project which has grown in leaps and bounds from year to year.

ITN, hand-in-hand with ORTRA, facilitate and organize the event which includes not only the actual displays, but meetings, lectures and live presentations (some by invitation only) on issues that interest tour operators, guides, tourist organizations, the diplomatic corps, and of course – a public hungry for information on exciting tourist destinations.


One of the desirable "by invitation only" events is the lavish pre-opening breakfast on the first day, exclusively for ambassadors of the diplomatic corps serving in Israel. All ambassadors have already received an invitation and the responses ("RSVP") are flowing in. Ambassadors who have not yet responded are reminded to do so as soon as possible.


Each year new exhibitors join the fair to benefit from the exposure. This year, a series of start-ups under the title of "Digital Travel Dome" (designated separately in the glossy catalog distributed free to all attendees) display the ingenuity of the start-up nation – Israel – in the field of digital apps that make finding information on your smartphone soooo easy. If for no other reason (and there are plenty of other reasons), make sure you get your catalog when you visit the fair.


Cross-border travel is the hallmark of peaceful coexistence. Israel-Arab exhibitors at IMTM are already well represented. Perhaps tourism will be the flashpoint of peace in the Middle East? Perhaps for world peace as well? Only time will tell.


Representatives from will be at IMTM 2015. We hope to see you there.



"Padani Jewelries" Chain opens the first luxury store of its type in Israel, which enables an exclusive buying experience, together with a service and professionalism of the highest world standards. It offers jewels of the best international brands, which lead in quality along with the unique designs of "Padani Jewelries".


For the first time, the "Padani Jewelries" Chain launches the news in the prestigious jewelries category with its "My First Padani" collection – at special prices, suitable for the young population and for whoever seeks her first jewel, and the first step in the prestigious world of jewelry.


This collection includes pendants and bracelets, and in the near future also earrings and rings, starting from 740 NIS up to about 1980 NIS. The jewels in the collection for the young are made of 18-karat yellow gold, combined with diamonds, in young and modern designs.


The "My First Padani" collection includes, in the line of pendants, gold pendants designed in the form of dragonflies, keys and hearts. In the line of bracelets, the collection includes jewels with designs in the form of dragonflies and violetto flowers.


 The "My First Padani" collection will be displayed in all the stores of the "Padani Jewelries" Chain. The chain is also launching an innovative Internet website, , with an overall investment of 150,000 NIS. This website is designed for operating with mobile phones and tablets. Its operation is integrated with the new Facebook page of "Padani Jewelries", which already includes more than 10,000 friends.


The Internet website shows a leading selection of collections of jewels and watches, which are iconic of "Padani Jewelries", and provides a platform for updating the chain customers on all the innovations in the prestige jewelry field, and for establishing immediate connection.


"Padani Jewelries" will nearly open an Instagram page and launch a newsletter for its customers.


Besides, the "Padani Jewelries" Chain displays its iconic prestigious jewelry collections for 2015, among them: VIOLETTO, DRAGONFLY, LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, SIGNET RINGS – TOTALLY YOU, SYMPHONY, PLIAGE, and ICE.


About "Padani Jewelries":


From its start, more than 60 years ago, "Padani Jewelries" specialized in the design and production of jewelry collections of the highest quality and at international standards.


In the last years, the chain has launched unique jewelry collections, which add to their aesthetic design human feeling messages, such as love, friendship, loyalty, motherhood, and more. These collections are offered at accessible prices, starting from only 1,000 NIS.


Due to its strict preservation of the highest quality and international standards, "Padani Jewelries" has been chosen by the leading jewelry brands to be their representative in Israel.


The "Padani Jewelries" Chain includes 9 stores throughout the country: four in Tel Aviv, one in Raanana, one in Jerusalem, one in Haifa and two in Eilat.


Photos  Silvia Golan







HOLLANDIA, the company specialized in sleep engineering, launches for the first time in Israel three innovative products:


· Tempur Sleep Center, experiential simulation room that provides a feeling of floating in space.

· Pierre Cardin collection.

· 4 SEASONS warm cover.


HOLLANDIA brings to Israel for the first time the experiential Tempur Sleep Center, a revolutionary sleep center, a sleeping room that makes you feel as floating in space.


This room is presently available in the company branches in Herzliya, Jerusalem, Haifa and other cities. Now, everyone can try the Tempur mattresses in previously unseen conditions. The experiential Tempur Sleep Center is a simulation room having adjustable beds with the pampering Tempur mattresses. The room is built without ceiling, it is not opaque nor transparent, and with soft lighting to provide sleeping room atmosphere. The screens in the room show a film that explains the unique development of the Tempur mattress, where the Tempur Sleep Center, also known as Space Cabin, operates continuously, every item in it moves, so that a vivid experience of floating in space is created.


Tempur mattresses are especially pampering. The Tempur material was originally developed by NASA for the production of space pillows for astronauts. It has an unusual capability for pressure spreading. This capability enables these mattresses to provide an experience of healthy and comfortable sleep, and a feeling of weightless sleep. The Tempur mattress structure provides all the conditions for natural, deep and continuous sleep.


The Tempur Sleep Center experience is offered free of charge for everybody.

Simulation duration: 7 minutes.

This room is available in the company branches in Herzliya, Jerusalem, Haifa and other cities.


HOLLANDIA presents, toward winter of 2015, a new collection of blankets, bed covers, and a variety of textile items from Pierre Cardin's fashion house.


HOLLANDIA offers also a collection of blankets, bed covers, and textile items manufactured by the French prestigious Pierre Cardin's fashion house.


The designs of the blankets and bed covers are inspired on nature and characterized by a variety of earth coloring, such as brown, red, dark gray, and more. The blankets are manufactured from natural and synthetic fibers in different textures, and weaved with high-quality embroidery, and the exclusive Pierre Cardin's logo impressed in their center. The unique design of these blankets allows their use with no need to cover them, and their wide sizes make them suitable for use as bed covers.


The blankets and bed covers are part of a larger collection that includes a separate set of towels in 3 sizes for the hands, face and body, and another set that includes the towels, and an additional set that includes the towels plus a bathing robe. The collection also includes towels in a variety of colors and shapes.


HOLLANDIA launches an innovative blanket: 4 SEASONS.

A special patent makes this blanket suitable for the coming winter and the following seasons.
A high-quality blanket that is healthy, and friendly to the user and the environment.




The blankets and bed covers are part of a larger collection that includes a separate set of towels in 3 sizes for the hands, face and body, and another set that includes the towels, and an additional set that includes the towels plus a bathing robe. The collection also includes towels in a variety of colors and shapes.


HOLLANDIA launches the 4 SEASONS innovative, high-quality and pampering blanket, for the coming winter and the following seasons.


This blanket consists of two parts that can be attached or separated, as needed, and, as labeled, can be used during all 4 seasons. In the transitional seasons, autumn and spring, you can use a blanket that weighs 250 grams. In the summer you can suffice with a 125-grams blanket, and in winter you can attach both for a warmer and pampering 375-grams blanket.


The blanket is made of 100% fine and softened polyester micro fibers, with a texture made of squares. The blanket quality is determined by the number of contained stitches. Since this blanket contains long fibers and relatively few stitches, the quality of its isolation is high.


The 4 SEASONS blanket is especially healthy. It is anti-bacterial and repels dust mites. The blanket fibers undergo a special treatment that impedes living space for dust mites. In addition, the blanket is well ventilated and enables pleasant and good sleep during the whole night.


The blanket is very comfortable for use. Unlike other blankets, it can be cleaned very easily, using a washing machine, and dried easily using a drier.


The blanket is produced in Spain using 100% recycled materials.



Single-size blanket, 150-200 cm at launching price of 785 NIS.

Double-size blanket, 200-220 cm at launching price of 1275 NIS.


Selling place:

HOLLANDIA chain stores throughout the country.



HOLLANDIA chain is owned by the Barseset family. It includes 7 branches throughout the country and a logistic center in Sderot. It represents the international companies TEMPUR, AUPING, Elegante and Pierre Cardin in Israel.


 Photo Silvia Golan







Mrs Dafna Kuper , General Director of the Chain , explain us :


In our chain, each woman receives high-quality underwear products that suit her body.

Our chain includes 14 stores spread out in the country. We also have an Internet store, at website AT4U.CO.IL , where you can shop online everywhere in the country. Following our event in which we launched our winter collection, we are happy to the readers of this message with a special benefit, 30% discount on our house collection. All you have to do is approach any of our stores and show the saleswoman the attached coupon or say the code "Blog 30".


About the Chain of Women Underwear "AT":


The chain of women underwear "AT" was founded in 1978 by Dafna Cooper, who envisioned the idea "Women for Women". She believes that every woman can look sexier and yet feel very comfortable. From then and up to now she cares to develop this field and invest many resources in qualified personnel to provide each woman with the best response to her needs.
For over 34 years of experience and expertise, we provide the place is where a woman feels at home, when trying underwear and getting an advise. Each woman receives personal matching and leaves each of our stores more feminine, maximal comfort and with the most suitable underwear for her body.


Our slogan: First of all "YOU"


Chain stores: The chain includes 14 stores spread out in the country from Ashkelon in the south up to Kyriat Bialik in the north. We plan to open two additional stores in 2015.
We also have an Internet store, at website AT4U.CO.IL , where you can shop online everywhere in the country. All our stores are operated professionally with soul and love.


Intended customers: Our chain specializes in women underwear, and we stress good service and professionalism. "AT" addresses its intended customers in all range of ages, and offers a huge variety of products for all population layers, at different socio-economic levels. Each store of the "AT" chain presents the largest variety of underwear and bathing suits available in the market. These products are offered in many models, all sizes and a large variety of colors. We also supply products for women with especially large breasts and for women following breast operations and prosthesis. In this way, the "AT" chain provides solutions for all its customers' needs.


Service and professionalism: In each store of the "AT" chain work many professional sales women with 25 to 30 year experience in the women underwear business. The workers undergo special training in clothing, sales and customer service. The "AT" chain employs dressmakers whose role is to suit the underwear to the customer's body and special needs. During the sale, we are strict in solving the of each woman's problems having to do with her chest, including health problems, such as mastectomy (breast removal), prosthesis, and operations for breast enlargement and reduction. We deal with the solutions to these problems with utmost care, good service and warm attitude.


Exhibits and brands: Brassieres, lower underwear, body shapers, undershirts, dressing and sleeping gowns, bathing suits, prosthesis, and other products of the world leading brands.

Chain specialties: prosthesis, brassieres and bathing suits designed for women after breast removal.


"AT" Chain provides the best prosthesis in the world and the largest variety of brassieres for prosthesis of the brands ANITA and AMOENA. These brassieres can be smooth, padded, with or without lace. The brassieres and bathing suits are offered in all sizes.


Each woman is special and different from others, and every operation leads to different result. Thus, the prosthesis and brassieres are personally suited to each customer by professional personnel with special training.


Site :  AT4U.CO.IL 

   1800- 200-234


Photo  Silvia Golan