Sail Tel Aviv - the largest maritime event in Israel


SAIL TEL AVIV, the largest maritime sports festival in Israel, will take place for the first time between April 18th-28th, 2016.


The highlight of the festival includes a large flotilla for numerous types of vessels. The flotilla, on April 28th, will start from Tel Aviv Port at 11:30 and will sail across the coastline of Tel Aviv to the Jaffa Port and back.


The rest of festival will include a variety of water sports activities and competitions: Yachts, Kayaks, SUPs, beach volleyball and open water swimming.


The festival is held in partnership with Atarim, a municipal-owned company, and Israel Yacht Club.


 Photo  Ziv Koren 









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KKL-JNF hosts "Israel Calling" - Celebrating Eurovision together - Planting a tree with KKL-JNF


KKL-JNF hosts "Israel Calling" - Celebrating Eurovision together

For the first time in Israel: Eurovision artists from all over Europe attended in a unique promo event on April 12th, 2016 in which they planted trees in KKL-JNF’s Tzora forest.


Mr. Danny Atar, KKL-JNF World Chairman: “The current visit by leading artists from Europe will connect diverse musical talents to Israel's rich nature thus promoting cooperation and fellowship between various Nationalities and cultures over common ideals – Nature and musical art are entwined.



KKL-JNF is Israel's largest green organization, with a well established reputation around the world. We believe that through common grounds, which nature and music represent so well, we can communicate more aspects of the country of Israel”.


Photo Credit: Avi Hayun, KKL-JNF Photo Archive.

Photo Caption: Eurovision contenders at KKL-JNF President's Forest in Tzora Forest shouting: TREES!

Video clip from the event:





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 “Ethnic food” has been given a bad name in certain parts of the world, where faux-chefs do the wrong things to the wrong foods in the wrong places. Fortunately, Reena Pushkarna, owner, founder and hands-on manager of the Tandoori chain in Israel (actually only two restaurants today) does everything right.


When you go to Tandoori in Herzlia Pituach (so convenient for the diplomatic corps!) hope that Reena will have time to chat, even briefly. Her delightful personality is enchanting, adding to the authenticity of the dining experience. The restaurant is attractive, the service is “Indian” (read: polite and deferential), the menu (Hebrew and English) clear and explanatory, but most of all, the dishes are authentic and delicious, with choices for everyone.



Of course Israel has its own ethnic food, some very very good, so one might puzzle over why anyone would want to dine Indian in Israel. There comes a time when hummus and falafel and kebab – no matter how good – need a rest. There comes a time when another Italian or Thai or Turkish meal doesn’t sound like fun. Indian food, properly prepared and served authentically, is attractive, delicious and different. Besides the fact that Israelis travel to India in droves and when they return they ache for another good curry or whatever, there are many Indian, Singaporean and Sri Lankan diplomats, consular staff and other diplomats who yearn for those tastes and aromas – not to mention tourists who have the urge to try other ethnic styles, and who find Tandoori the perfect answer.


Tandoori was founded some 33 years ago. As Reena tells it, when she opened her first (then) vegetarian restaurant “… to Israelis, vegetarian meant a tomato, a cucumber, a carrot and maybe a few lettuce leaves ... Indian vegetarian cuisine was too exotic back then”. Today at Tandoori, besides the selections of dishes than include fish, lamb and chicken and even beef, there is a wide offering of vegetarian and vegan dishes, redolent of the fragrant spices that so perfectly define Indian culinary specialties. And beyond vegan, the restaurants also offer dishes (probably by advance notice) that adhere to the stringent delineations of people who obey the principles of Jainism. Needless to say celiac sufferers will also find wheat-free dishes to accommodate their dietary limitations.



Afraid of hot spicy foods? Don’t be. At Tandoori they can accommodate all tastes, from mild to wild. Also remember, the waiters will usually suggest packing up what you do not finish (the dishes are very generous) as take-aways for tomorrow’s lunch – a grand idea.

If words like masala, kulcha, pilaff, biryani, curry, tikka, somosa and kulfi make your mouth water, or even if they don’t, a meal at Tandoori is a whole new experience. We had dinner at the Herzlia branch and cannot wait to go back.  SITE  FACEBOOK



   Zamenhof Street Tel Aviv  2  

Tel   03-6296185

Herzliya, 32  Maskit Street 

Tel  09-9546702




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Austria :Travel, Tourism and Tirol.


On Monday evening tourism professionals gathered at the charming residence of His Excellency Martin Weiss, Ambassador of Austria to the State of Israel, where he and his wife Suzy hosted a cocktail reception in honor of emissaries from the Tirol Region of Austria. The group was in Israel to promote the region as an attractive tourist destination for the locals. Israelis are known as inveterate travelers, who do more business and pleasure trips annually, per capita, than any other nation in the world.



Beautiful posters of the region attracted almost as much attention as the guests. Nevertheless, the Austrians chatted amicably with the Israeli counterparts while everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and delicious refreshments. It was not all “fun” for the visitors, who that same afternoon had met with other tourism officials for a working seminar at a Tel Aviv hotel.




Among the guests were Moni Barr (Domicar), Aviva Lavi (El Al), Ofer Adler (B.D. Graiver), Wilma Himmelfreundpointer (Austria-St. Anton), Maritta Jungmann (Austria-Ischgl), Guenther Schabhuettl (Commercial Counsellor, Austrian Embassy), Michael Eiter (Austria-Swarovski Tourism), Ben Segenreich (Austria-media specialist), Holger Gassler (Austria-Tirol Tourism Board), Silvia Golan (LatinaMediaGroup &, Yigal Ravid (Israeli radio & TV presenter), Rolf Kohler (Austrian Airways Manager, Israel), Marina Kaplon Digmi (Stern Ariely PR), and more.


Tirol – here we come.











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