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 Gastronomical and cultural event will take place in Ha-Tachana (Tel-Aviv) on 15-16  May 2015.

Program of the Hungarian Days  HaTachana, Tel-Aviv – 15-16 May 2015

15 May 2015 (Friday)

11.00 – Opening ceremony of the Hungarian Days:
Speakers: Mayor Ron Huldai and H.E. Andor Nagy, Ambassador of Hungary
11.00 – Rubik’s Cube competition at balcony
11.15 – Palóc folk dance group’s performance from Szécsény/Hungary
12.00 – Farkas Zsolt Trio Jazz Band’s concert
13.00 –Palóc folk dance group’s performanc from Szécsény/Hungary
15.00 – Final Rubik’s cube competition – on stage
15.45 – Award ceremony – on stage
16.00 – End of event

16 May 2015 (Shabbat)

11.00 – Yotam performance for children
12.00 - Palóc folk dance group’s performance from Szécsény/Hungary
12.30 – Yotam performance for children
13.30 - Farkas Zsolt Trio Jazz Band’s concert
14.30 – Palóc folk dance group’s performance from Szécsény/Hungary
15.00 The Barcza Gergő folk music band’s performance
(Moldovan and Balkanian folk music)
15.45 – Lottery ceremony – on stage
(prize are WizzAir tickets and Budapest Cards)
16.00 – End of Event

There will be two tables offering you the flavours of the most famous Hungarian dishes some of them prepared there : Goulash, Kürtős-kalács (sweet hungarian pastry) Palacsinta (Hungarian pancake) Lángos (deep fried flat bread), goose liver (not kosher) Pick-szalámi (hungarian special salami - not kosher)


Photo Hungary Embassy




L’Chaim! Tel Aviv’s “Salute 2015” Wine Festival Coming to HaTachana


Against the backdrop of the beautiful beachfront promenade, the much anticipated “Salute 2015” wine festival, featuring many of Israel’s award-winning wineries will take place in "HaTachana", one of Tel Aviv’s trendiest cultural settings, on Wednesday, May 13 and Thursday, May 14 (18:30-23:00).

The “Salute 2015” event is being sponsored by the Municipality of Tel Aviv’s cultural department in cooperation with the E & M Production Company.

Participants in the festive “Salute 2015” happening will also be treated a various music interludes including vocal jazz bands, Latin music and other live performances. The unique lighting, decor, wine, fragrances and music, will accentuate the unique atmosphere surrounding the "Salute 2015" Wine Festival.

The festival itself has garnered a reputable image amongst Israeli wineries, winemakers, and wine enthusiasts. Tel Aviv’s “Salute 2015” Wine Festival is part of a series of wine festivals, which place on an annual basis across Israeli cities including, Haifa, Ashdod, Ra'anana and Jerusalem.

“Salute 2015” will introduce revelers to nearly 50 different wineries (which will be located in pavilions within the facility), including large and well-known wineries, as well as high quality boutique wineries.

Visitors will be able to purchase a special wine glass (cost 75 NIS / NIS 55 for holders of Tel Aviv resident Digital Card) and sample a delicious variety of 150 different types of wines. The wine festival attracts a wide array of people from the metro Tel Aviv region including business people, hotel, restaurant food and beverage professionals, as well as local citizens who enjoy sampling the country’s most exciting wines.


Sagi Epstein, the owner E & M Productions added, "We see that the exposure of quality Israeli wines in the mass media, as well as the increasing consumption by Israelis of local wines as an important development. Thus, we are working to promote this festival for the benefit of all wine lovers, where they can sample great products amidst a cheerful atmosphere and enrich their knowledge about Israel’s emerging wine culture."

Wineries who will partake in “Salute 2015” include:

Carmel Winery, DaltonWinery, Tishbi Winery, Barkan Winery, Segal Winery, Recanati Winery, Teperberg Winery 1870, Har Bracha Winery, Hasdera Winery, Kishor Winery, Tanya Winery, Tishbi Winery, Kinor David Winery, Stern Winery, Jerusalem Wineries, Arza Winery, Passionfruit Man Winery, Aligoté Winery, Or Haganuz Winery, Lavie Winery, Psagot Wines, Dalton Winery, Ella Valley Wineries, Talmey Shadai Winery, Galai Winery, Shamayim Winery, ‏Raman Winery. Agencies and importers who will also be featured at the event include: Aswine Path (NativYain), Tzor, BiBoViNo,


What would a wine festival be without cheese and other delicacies? Booths of artisan cheeses, pastries and delicacies (prepared by "Man Haadama") will also be available to visitors for tastings and purchases.



The Salute Festival was first held in Beersheva (2007) and then spread to other cities. It is now an integral part of annual cultural activities held in cities such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod and Ra'anana.

The E & M Production Company under the direction of Sagi Epstein has produced the series of wine festivals for the past 7 years, as part of an on-going effort to foment Israel’s wine culture. With each passing year the numbers of participants has grown, with nearly 5,000+ expected to partake in the Tel Aviv event. The next wine festival event will take place in Ra’anana (Area Park, June 24 & 25).







March 2015, Tel Aviv, State of Israel – The Queen of the Desert, a prestigious and all-female club in Israel consisting of 7,000 women leaders in various fields, has chosen the Philippines as its next destination for its annual caravan tour.


On 12 March 2015, the Philippine Embassy in Israel met with Yosha Sigal, Manager of the Queen of the Desert, Raanan Ben-Bassat, CEO of Geographic Society (a major tour company in Israel), and Yariv Fisher, Philippines-Israel Tourism Chamber Chairman and FlyEast Ltd. CEO, to discuss plans and preparations for the Philippine tour of about 400 Israeli women consisting of executives, community and government leaders and top professionals and celebrities. The first group of "Queens" will tour the Philippines in April-May 2015, while the next batches will go in October - December 2015.


The Queen of the Desert tours are very popular in Israel. Founded by the Geographic Society in 1999, the Queen of the Desert conducts an annual expedition combining adventures in off the beaten tracks and routes not usually found in regular tourist maps, and activities that challenge the participants' physical and mental strength and teamwork skill. The tour is different from other travel experiences as it gives participants more opportunity to immerse themselves in and learn from the culture of the places they visit, and contribute to communities in the form of humanitarian projects. Joining the tour is a most sought-after "badge of honor" among Israeli women of substance who are in their 40s and up.


Philippine Ambassador to Israel Neal Imperial welcomed the decision to embark on an expedition in the Philippines and assured the group that the participants, as well as the rest of Israelis following the event, will be treated to beautiful sights and a wide range of unique and unforgettable experiences.


He stressed that "The Philippines is the most gender-equal country in Asia and the Queens will feel at home there. Our country is well-known for its smart and independent-minded women who are in the same mold as the fearless members of the Queen of the Desert."


The Queen of the Desert's upcoming trip to the Philippines will be a big boost to PH tourism, currently enjoying 30% growth in Israeli tourist arrivals. The new direct flight between Turkey and the Philippines, which started this March, offers more options for Israeli tourists going to the Philippines via Istanbul.


Last year, Israeli news and travel agencies, News1 (http://www.news1.co.il), Walla (http://travel.walla.co.il), Terminal (http://www.terminal.org.il), and International Air Services (http://www.ias.co.il) featured the Philippines in their websites, referring to it as the next must-visit destination for Israeli travelers because of its rich cultural heritage and world class tourist attractions. The Queen of the Desert is the latest to consider the country as a preferred destination.


The Queen of the Desert tours continue to attract thousands of women in Israel and even from other countries. It owes its prestige to the fact that applicants have to qualify in a rigorous screening process in order to participate in the expedition. Since its first trip to Jordan in 1999, the group has gathered more than 7,000 women from Israel to travel to far and exotic places in countries such as Turkey, Ethiopia, Georgia, Thailand, Romania, Morocco, Uganda, Spain, South Africa, Albania, Lapland, China, India, France, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, and Laos.


Photo  : Yosha Sigal, Manager of the Queen of the Desert, Philippine Ambassador to Israel Neal Imperial, Raanan

Ben-Bassat, CEO of Geographic Society, and Yariv Fisher, Chairman of the Philippines-Israel
Tourism Chamber Chairman (from left to right).






The Jerusalem Municipality opens the first urban nature park of its kind in Israel - a kind of nature reserve in the middle of the city - complete with a herd of gazelles and dozens of varieties of other fauna and flora, ponds, streams, walking trails and bicycle paths.


The Jerusalem Municipality is currently putting the finishing touches on the first nature park of its kind in Israel. Slated to open at the end of this month, Gazelle Valley stretches over 250 dunams, and features five ponds, both natural and manmade, two flowing streams, bird and rodent watching areas, the natural habitat of untamed animals, a manmade island accessed via wooden bridges, and the park's namesakes - dozens of wild gazelles roaming free.


The completion of the park is an unprecedented victory for the municipality and the public over the real estate tycoons who sought to build high-rises on the land. The park will soon be open to the public, seven days a week with free admission - as of Monday, March 30.


The new city park represents an innovative urban approach of open spaces located in the heart of the city, such as Central Park in New York, Hampstead Heath in London, and Parc St. Jacques in France. This approach, applied nowhere else in Israel, stresses the importance of creating a green lung composed of natural greenery and hosting a variety of animals and birds capable of living in the heart of an urban environment, to be enjoyed by city residents as well as visitors from Israel and abroad.


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said: "The park's guiding principle is revolutionary in terms of Israeli urban public spaces - a nature reserve in the middle of Jerusalem. Gazelle Valley is one of the biggest and most important Jerusalem projects in recent years, representing above all community involvement in the city and the power of joint brainstorming and planning by City Hall and residents. For us, the Gazelle Valley project represents the direction in which we want to take the city: developing Jerusalem's green spaces together and in partnership with the community and with the backing of many municipal entities working to enhance the environment and protect Jerusalem's natural assets."


In fact, over the years, the park, located in the city's southwestern corner at the foot of Highway 50 (Begin Boulevard) and Pat Junction, became a symbol of the public and civil struggle for open spaces in the city. In the past, the grounds were home to many fruit orchards, but in the 1980s these were abandoned and the location acquired a new identity: it became known as “gazelle valley” for the herd of gazelles that inhabited the site. Over the years, the herd became trapped among busy highways, the Malha Mall and various residential projects, with no habitat left. Because of harm caused by human agents and stray dogs, the herd shrank to only five gazelles.


As the herd was dying off, real estate developers "discovered" the spot and applied for permission to build more high-rises there. In an unprecedented move, various segments of Jerusalem's population united - religious and secular, old-timers and new immigrants, members of the entire span of the political spectrum - with the help of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and other environmental organizations and social activists, and began a persistent fight against planning and zoning authorities to establish an urban nature park in the valley. Six years ago, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat joined the residents' struggle, and it was decided to establish the first urban nature park of its type in Israel.


Landscape architects from Israel and abroad paved walking trails and bicycle paths, built a wading pool for young children, and set aside shaded spots perfect for observing nature. In the future, the park will also feature an orchard and a farm pond as well as an educational center devoted to the mountain gazelle (Gazella gazella), which is native to this part of the Middle East, and will be home to the Jerusalem Center for Urban Nature. Gazelle Valley will also be part of the Jerusalem Municipality's master plan, featuring bicycle paths that will go all around the park and link up with two already existing bicycle paths running along Sacher Park and Mesila Park. At a future date, a wooden promenade will be built above Gazelle Valley and link the park to the surrounding neighborhoods.


The fully accessible park will be open to the public all week long and will charge no admission. At the entrance, it will be possible to borrow binoculars, deck chairs and mats. In the future, it will be possible to buy ready-to-eat picnic baskets as well. It will offer guided tours, educational activities on topics of the environment and sustainability for school children, communal Friday evening Sabbath services, small chamber music concerts played by local ensembles, and more.


The park is being built by the Jerusalem Municipality with help from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jerusalem Foundation.


Gazelle Valley Urban Wildlife Park in Jerusalem
Copyright: Jerusalem Municipality








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