"Desert Oasis", beautiful estate of Health and Spa, provides:

· 9 large and especially designed treatment rooms, and beautiful lobby.
· Large variety of health treatments, among the most advanced in Israel, provided by specialized masseurs.
· 2 special treatment rooms for couples, which include private Jacuzzi tubs that provide intimate, romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

· VIP Spa site - private Spa facilities and especially designed lawn, which includes sun-tanning terrace, comfortable sun tanning with outdoor Jacuzzi and Spa.

· "Spa in the Desert" is suitable for private events, fun days and social celebrations.
· Culinary experience, lead by the chef chain of Guy Peretz, Eli Uzan – a variety of traditional and new menus per order.


"Desert Oasis", the estate of Health and Spa, is located in the Ramat Negev region, 20-minute drive south of Beer-Sheva, and covers an area of 8000 square meters. It launches these days the "Spa in the Desert", a new and elegant Spa site. This new site has a unique design, which provides its visitors with a feeling of entrance to a calm, harmonic and charming world. This Spa site was built with an investment of 3 million NIS.


"Spa in the Desert" is a secluded site within the "Desert Oasis" estate, and the entrance to this site is allowed to the Spa visitors only. This site is roofed, and has a vast parlor at its center. It includes 9 especially designed treatment rooms that inspire a relaxing atmosphere, where light food and refreshment are served. Two of the treatment rooms are dedicated to couples, and include private 2 beds and Jacuzzi tubs that provide intimate and romantic atmosphere for a few hours.


The Spa treatments include: Medicinal massage, massage with hot stones, massage with hot sesame oil, Ayurveda massage, massage of body extremities, and body massage combined with feet massage.


The VIP Spa site is located outside the roofed "Spa in the Desert" site. It is open and limited to the VIP guests. It includes private Jacuzzi and sauna, sitting spots and sun-tanning terrace in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The Spa guests are provided with personal dressing rooms, which include two bathing rooms and personal lockers, so they can walk around comfortably within the site. Each VIP guest receives at the entrance an elegant robe and personal Spa shoes.


Among the first guests at the VIP Spa site inauguration, was President Shimon Peres, who invited the president house workers and their families, about 70 people, to a charming and relaxing evening that included a variety of indulgences, dinner and public singing in the "Desert Oasis" estate and the new Spa site.

Udi Zilberstein, "Desert Oasis" CEO, said: "This new Spa site is one of the most prestigious in Israel and we invested millions of NIS in its construction. The site was planned and designed to provide the Spa guests a special physical and spiritual experience, so that along with the professional treatments, they can enjoy the unique, inviting and relaxing design. The site provides suitable solutions for guests interested in privacy and enjoyment of personal Spa facility, and for others that prefer social celebrations in this estate."


I strongly recommend it !!!






Photos courtesy of  Spa in the Desert










Yair Malca: "Following the success of the vegan menu that we launched a year ago, we decided to enlarge it, and it will include, from now, 22 portions, including vegan desserts and home utensils".

With the launching of the new menu, the chain starts a wide campaign evaluated in 1 million NIS

The Greg chain, owned by Yair Malca, Gilad Almog and Nir Edri, is launching, in about 94 branches throughout the country, an rich and varied summer menu,   composed by leading chefs, such as Nadav Marom.

This menu includes 40% of new dishes, and is based on inspirations and tastes from the whole world. Among these cuisines: Italian, Asian, American, Balkan, Suisse, Mexican, and, of course, Israeli, which are served in a fully vegan menu, health dishes, vegan desserts, cocktails and even home utensils.

The chain also offers in its 94 branches take away dishes, in new and especially designed packages, with no need for waiting.

Photo Asaf Levi


Cofix launches its Cofix Bar that offers wines, beers and alcoholic beverages at only 5 NIS!

· Cofix Bar branches offer all the products sold in the Cofix branches combined with an additional bar, which offers alcoholic beverages starting at afternoon hours.

· The first branch opened on Monday, March 3, in 21 Lilienblum St. (corner with Herzl St.), Tel Aviv.

Cofix network, which generated a revolution in the coffee prices in Israel and leads an economic agenda of quality products at 5 NIS, launches a new and surprising initiative - Cofix Bar, which offers alcoholic beverages at only 5 NIS. These beverages include a variety of quality alcoholic drinks: Wine, vodka, whisky, beer and more, which are served in glass cups.

The Cofix Bar branches are larger than the Cofix branches, and include tables and chairs for seating in place.

The design of these branches is based on the design concept of the network: a train wagon where the food and drink products are offered, and at the side, separated, a designed bar, where the alcoholic beverages are served.

The alcoholic beverages are sold according to the law, starting at 18-year old visitors only. The beverages are served in glass cups.

The alcoholic brands offered include the best products from the best manufacturers in Israel and the world.

Avi Katz, the network initiator, says: "Cofix Bar will generate a revolution in the alcoholic beverage market, similar to the coffee revolution of Cofix. This revolution will lead to the decrease of alcoholic beverage prices for the end consumer, and will be another layer in the price revolution that we are leading. This is an additional proof that it is possible to offer the consumer quality products at fair prices."

About Cofix:

Cofix network opened its first branch on September 30 in Ibn Gvirol St., in Tel Aviv. It counts now eight branches, four in Tel Aviv, and the rest in Netanya, Rishon Lezion and Holon.
So far, more that a million items have been sold.
The economic vision that serves as basis for the founding of this network, which is the sale of coffee and food that is fast, low priced and easily accessible in strategic locations in each city, is proving itself. The network, which already acquired the customers trust, continues gaining public support and sympathy.
Cofix offers food and drinks in Take-Away system with a new and unique system.
The network branches offer a variety of food and drink products, such as quality coffee, fresh sandwiches, toasts, fresh pastry (sweet and salty), soups, cakes and cookies, soft drinks, fresh juices, and more .... and all this at a single and fixed price of only 5 NIS.

Photo Itzik Biran


During this event, a selection of aging wines in limited stock will be offered for sale in the winery store, in wine stores and in selected restaurants between March 15 and April 14

Passover, a holiday of a lot of food and wine, provides a great opportunity for wine lovers to open and enjoy festive wines, unique and unusual, which integrate perfectly in the holiday atmosphere.
Honoring this holiday, Ramat Hagolan Winery will open its basement and archive to wine in a feast of aging wines from grape harvest years 2000 till 2007, among these the unusual years 2003, 2004 and 2007. The wine variety offered will be especially great and impressive, including wines that express the whole region, and also wines from a particular winery, in 750 milliliters, magnum and double magnum. This event is a unique and unusual opportunity to become exposed and enjoy the best-kept treasured wines in the winery.
About the winery and aging wine:
The aging capability of a wine is a sign of its quality, and tells a lot about its history, concerning the grape growth and processing, and the professionalism of the vine grower and the wine maker.
The wines of Ramat Hagolan Winery, part of which will be offered for sale in this unique event, have great and unusual aging capability in the Israeli wine scene.
The winery invests the best means and resources, both human and technological, in an uncompromising ambition to produce most of the potential contained in the raw material – wine grapes, involving lot of consideration in each of the wine production stages, and close look at each of the small details related to the production process. Besides, the wine quality depends highly on the strictness of the group of vine growers relating the growth of quality vine strains suited to the vine growth region, and on the uncompromising attention of the wine producers along the whole manufacturing process.







Tambour, the leading paint company in Israel, opens the paint season 2014 with complete solutions in the world of construction and development of the category by education in the market of products with upgraded benefits

Michael Dayan, Tambour Company's CEO, said: "Tambour Company has grown in 63% in the last 5 years, and continues developing and bringing to the customers the next product that will provide them with the perfect and complete solution in the world of construction. The entrance to the worlds of content, which complements the world of paint, is part of our business and marketing strategy from the entrance of Tambour in the field of construction products and plaster plates, up to the addition of products with added values."

Tambour opens the paint season 2014 with a consumer strategy of market increase, which focuses in the education in the market of products with upgraded benefits in the solutions for houses, with sales increase of 8% in 2013 in the local market, and aspiration to cross promptly the milliard NIS threshold and provide product innovation next Passover.

Paint market in the coming Passover:

Passover is a significant marking point in the upgrade and painting of the house. In the survey of painting plans conducted by Tambour, it turns out that 52% of the population intends to paint or repair their houses for Passover. In Jerusalem, Haifa and the north of Israel over 75% of the population intends to paint their houses for Passover.

Product innovation - functional benefits:

The paint market in the world in general and in USA in particular, is a developed one, in which there is a demand for products with functional benefits, besides the basic need for long-lasting durable paint. Now, Tambour is investing in the education of the Israeli market about upgraded products:

· Supercryl Clean - quality paint from the Supercryl series, easily washable; enables cleaning stains from walls frequently, easily and quickly.

· Supercryl Super Mat - Tambour has invested significant development resources to achieve quality upgrade in its products, and launches the next generation of Supercryl series products – the paint with the best surface covering in the market (enables painting of larger surface using the same amount of paint – 13 m2 per liter! 20% more than the other products), and with the best concealment capability.

· Cholit (חולית) - new effect among Tambour's effect series, which gently introduces nature into the house and provides a look of beach sand to indoor walls. It is provided in two finishes (mat and shining mat) and ten shades, for suiting the taste of the Israeli public, which prefers "50 shades of white". This effect enables a real upgrade with delicate look.

 Photo Shuka Cohen