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Cofix launches its Cofix Bar that offers wines, beers and alcoholic beverages at only 5 NIS!

· Cofix Bar branches offer all the products sold in the Cofix branches combined with an additional bar, which offers alcoholic beverages starting at afternoon hours.

· The first branch opened on Monday, March 3, in 21 Lilienblum St. (corner with Herzl St.), Tel Aviv.

Cofix network, which generated a revolution in the coffee prices in Israel and leads an economic agenda of quality products at 5 NIS, launches a new and surprising initiative - Cofix Bar, which offers alcoholic beverages at only 5 NIS. These beverages include a variety of quality alcoholic drinks: Wine, vodka, whisky, beer and more, which are served in glass cups.

The Cofix Bar branches are larger than the Cofix branches, and include tables and chairs for seating in place.

The design of these branches is based on the design concept of the network: a train wagon where the food and drink products are offered, and at the side, separated, a designed bar, where the alcoholic beverages are served.

The alcoholic beverages are sold according to the law, starting at 18-year old visitors only. The beverages are served in glass cups.

The alcoholic brands offered include the best products from the best manufacturers in Israel and the world.

Avi Katz, the network initiator, says: "Cofix Bar will generate a revolution in the alcoholic beverage market, similar to the coffee revolution of Cofix. This revolution will lead to the decrease of alcoholic beverage prices for the end consumer, and will be another layer in the price revolution that we are leading. This is an additional proof that it is possible to offer the consumer quality products at fair prices."

About Cofix:

Cofix network opened its first branch on September 30 in Ibn Gvirol St., in Tel Aviv. It counts now eight branches, four in Tel Aviv, and the rest in Netanya, Rishon Lezion and Holon.
So far, more that a million items have been sold.
The economic vision that serves as basis for the founding of this network, which is the sale of coffee and food that is fast, low priced and easily accessible in strategic locations in each city, is proving itself. The network, which already acquired the customers trust, continues gaining public support and sympathy.
Cofix offers food and drinks in Take-Away system with a new and unique system.
The network branches offer a variety of food and drink products, such as quality coffee, fresh sandwiches, toasts, fresh pastry (sweet and salty), soups, cakes and cookies, soft drinks, fresh juices, and more .... and all this at a single and fixed price of only 5 NIS.

Photo Itzik Biran






Tambour, the leading paint company in Israel, opens the paint season 2014 with complete solutions in the world of construction and development of the category by education in the market of products with upgraded benefits

Michael Dayan, Tambour Company's CEO, said: "Tambour Company has grown in 63% in the last 5 years, and continues developing and bringing to the customers the next product that will provide them with the perfect and complete solution in the world of construction. The entrance to the worlds of content, which complements the world of paint, is part of our business and marketing strategy from the entrance of Tambour in the field of construction products and plaster plates, up to the addition of products with added values."

Tambour opens the paint season 2014 with a consumer strategy of market increase, which focuses in the education in the market of products with upgraded benefits in the solutions for houses, with sales increase of 8% in 2013 in the local market, and aspiration to cross promptly the milliard NIS threshold and provide product innovation next Passover.

Paint market in the coming Passover:

Passover is a significant marking point in the upgrade and painting of the house. In the survey of painting plans conducted by Tambour, it turns out that 52% of the population intends to paint or repair their houses for Passover. In Jerusalem, Haifa and the north of Israel over 75% of the population intends to paint their houses for Passover.

Product innovation - functional benefits:

The paint market in the world in general and in USA in particular, is a developed one, in which there is a demand for products with functional benefits, besides the basic need for long-lasting durable paint. Now, Tambour is investing in the education of the Israeli market about upgraded products:

· Supercryl Clean - quality paint from the Supercryl series, easily washable; enables cleaning stains from walls frequently, easily and quickly.

· Supercryl Super Mat - Tambour has invested significant development resources to achieve quality upgrade in its products, and launches the next generation of Supercryl series products – the paint with the best surface covering in the market (enables painting of larger surface using the same amount of paint – 13 m2 per liter! 20% more than the other products), and with the best concealment capability.

· Cholit (חולית) - new effect among Tambour's effect series, which gently introduces nature into the house and provides a look of beach sand to indoor walls. It is provided in two finishes (mat and shining mat) and ten shades, for suiting the taste of the Israeli public, which prefers "50 shades of white". This effect enables a real upgrade with delicate look.

 Photo Shuka Cohen



 EXCLUSIVE lighting furniture (http://exclusive.co.il/en), the leading lighting equipment importers, and decorative and architectural lighting designers, provide you with important tips to improve the looks and atmosphere of your house in the New Year by changing and upgrading the lighting design. This is possible without getting into complicated and expensive changes and repairs of the house structure.




 Gail Slutski

 The change and upgrade of the lighting design is a great way to achieve house improvement with simpler and cheaper means for two reasons: first - lighting has a decisive influence on the space character and atmosphere; and second - enables the achievement of a dramatic change with a relatively moderate effort and cost.

We will focus our main effort to the "public" parts of the house, where we will host our guests, and where we require greater lighting versatility for the different situations in our day-to-day lives (e.g., lighting that is warm and intimate for 4 persons turns grim and dark when 10 persons are present). We will deal with three areas within this framework: dinning area, salon and guest service room. A new and proper lighting implement will provide these spaces with completely different looks and atmosphere.
We will not deal here with the "proper" lighting for each area nor the selection of the specific lighting implements, which change depending on this area. We will just point out that there must be a number of lighting planes to achieve depth and ambience: the general lighting, which provides most of the functional light in the space and background (not dealt with here), the focused lighting, which focuses the attention to certain to areas and points in space, and the ambience lighting, which is expressed by implements that are decorative in their nature and their role is mainly to support the present atmosphere and space.

1. Our first recommendation is the use of dimmers. Regardless of the lighting purposes, the dimmers allow us to control the light intensity and determine the lighting focus. The capability to manipulate the intensities between the different lighting planes is the most significant issue for the atmosphere in space and its depth.
2. The use of light spots in the space (sunk, attached or aligned) enables us to stress specific points in this space at will (e.g., paintings, sculptures or other special objects), and so to focus the viewer attention, create depth and even drama in the space. Light spots also enable us to create movement using light beams and stress different textures in space, such as covered walls or curtains.
3. Standing light equipment placed on the floor, table or shelves, create focusing points in the space, influence our perception of the space, and generally create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for our guests.
4. In special occasions, a chain of LED candles on the dinning tablecloth or behind an organza curtain make wonders for the evening ambience. If you want to abstain from using strings or wires by the table, you can find and buy a variety of lighting gadgets based on batteries. A combination of such gadgets on a table can make a great and lasting impression among your guests. We do not refer to designed implements, but to gadgets that cost a few NIS and even resemble toys. The original composition, imagination and design talent will carry you in the right direction.
5. Another option is to combine in the space LED gadgets with controlled RGB lighting, which enables you to choose the light color at any time to suit the situation, or select automatic change of colors.
6. In any case, it is important to remember: The purpose of lighting and lighting implements is to support the space and atmosphere that you want to create, and not to become the main issue. Whatever suits a coffee shop / restaurant / event and looks good not necessary will suit a space where you plan to spend a long time like you home space. The lighting versatility and the possibility to suit a large number of options will contribute more than a specific gadget.

We Wish You a New Year Full of Light !!!


Photos  Silvia Golan




IKEA has invested 380 million NIS in this and provides direct connection with the shopping center.

IKEA Kiryat Ata, which will be opened on March 11, will extend throughout 27 square meters, will offer 450 seats in its restaurant, 51 display rooms, many design areas and over 2,000 parking places.

New feature in the family recreation experience: a cup of coffee with free refill for only 8 NIS, and a "Children Kingdom" with an innovative design.

Shuki Koblenz, CEO of IKEA Israel, said: "We are very excited facing the opening of IKEA's third branch in the north of Israel in Kiryat Ata. As we have demonstrated in Netanya and Rishon Lezion, we believe that this new shopping center will become a source of attraction to the city residents, will lead the creation of opportunities for the development of commerce, new jobs and recreation, and even will improve the business quality in the region".


Photos Silvia Golan








Aerial map of Rosh Tzippor, which looks like a bird's head. Photo: Yoav Devir

On December 18th, a ceremony was held to celebrate the laying of the foundation stone for the new Rosh Tzippor bird-watching center to be established in the forest with the support of the Besen Family Foundation and Friends of JNF Australia. Among those present were KKL-JNF officials, the Mayor of Tel Aviv, the Australian Ambassador to Israel and relatives of the donors.

http://youtu.be/LUjuaUnKUugFor Tel Aviv residents who want to enjoy an excursion in natural surroundings close to home, Rosh Tzippor Park is the perfect venue. Situated in the city's Yarkon Park, this site is a paradise for nature lovers.

"Residents of central Israel deserve to have a green area that will be accessible to everyone. The bird-watching center will add another natural gem to Yarkon Park," said KKL-JNF World Chairman Efi Stenzler at the ceremony. In his speech he recalled the task that JNF Australia had taken upon themselves in the wake of the Maccabiah disaster: to work for the rehabilitation of the Yarkon River. "In those most difficult times the community displayed exceptional generosity of spirit," said the world chairman.

KKL-JNF began to plant the Rosh Tzippor (Hebrew for bird's head) Forest in the 1950s, and work still continues there today. The first trees to be planted were eucalypti, themselves natives of Australia. In recent years, however, local varieties such as Tabor oak, Judas trees and two species of mastic tree have been added to the mix.

Aerial map of Rosh Tzippor, which looks like a bird's head. Photo: Yoav Devir
The forest has dense undergrowth and it is home to a variety of songbirds and waterfowl. These, however, are not the source of its name, which derives instead from the shape of the forest: when viewed from the air it has the appearance of a bird's head with an eye in the appropriate spot.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, a former pilot and commander in the Israeli Air Force, is probably long familiar with the landscape of the park as seen from above. In his present capacity as mayor, he is well aware of the park's special importance to the residents of his city. "This park is a miracle, a green oasis surrounded by fast highways and urban development," he told those present at the ceremony.

The mayor added that the site is one of the most frequently visited in the country. And, indeed, on a weekday morning the park is thronged with people: cyclists, joggers, groups of schoolchildren, courting couples and parents with baby buggies.

The park is crisscrossed by a number of walking routes, cycle paths and jogging trails. The easier footpaths are suitable for family outings and accessible to people with disabilities; children will enjoy the zip lines, rope bridges, roundabouts, seesaws and wooden climbing equipment in the adventure playground.

Other places to visit in Rosh Tzippor Forest include the historic Seven Mills (Sheva Tahanot) site, where water mills constructed along the banks of the Yarkon River in the 19th century remained in use until around a hundred years ago. On Napoleon Hill the remains of settlements dating back thousands of years can be seen.

Right: Eva & Marc Besen, Efi Stenzler, and H.E. Dave Sharma sign the document to be placed in the cornerstone. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive.
Left: Birds on the Yarkon River. Photo: Yoav Devir

Australian Ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma said that on his travels around the country he had been greatly impressed by everything Israel has managed to achieve in such a short time against all the odds. "Thanks to the active Zionist Jewish community of Australia and its collaboration with KKL-JNF, we have had the privilege of taking part in the building of the State," he added.

The main contribution towards the establishment of the bird-watching center was donated by the Besen Family Foundation of Melbourne, and over thirty members of the family took part in the ceremony. Foremost among them were Marc Besen, who celebrated his 90th birthday in the course of the visit, and his wife Eva.

"Our family has grown since our last visit to Israel, and the State, too, has grown and developed," said Mr. Besen. "We are very happy to be here playing a modest role in making the region green and contributing in a small way towards the growth of the State of Israel as a whole."

Australian donors Geoffrey and Velmae Morris of Perth were likewise present at the ceremony. "I learned from my father that Israel is our native land and our second home, and everything we can do for the State brings us great happiness," said Geoffrey Morris. "I regard the rehabilitation of the Yarkon River as a particularly important project, and, of course, developing nature tourism in Israel is vital, too."

The list of Australian donors who contributed to the establishment of the bird-watching center includes the Ferster and Schaffer families, the estate of Stephen and Rita Gerstl, Sussanne Pinkus and Esta Blashid; an additional donation was made by the Beer-Gabel family of France.

After the speeches were over, all those present made their way to the spot where the foundation stone would be laid. Before the hole was covered up with cement, the participants filled it with documents bearing their signatures in order to mark the establishment of this new site.

Architect Gidon Sarig presented the plans for the bird-watching center, Dr. David Pergament, Director of the Yarkon River Authority, told those present about the park and the rehabilitation of the waterway, and the day's activities concluded with a tour of Yarkon Park in a vehicle resembling a motorized train. Like the residents of Tel Aviv and its surrounds and visitors from all over the country, the Australian guests enjoyed the lake, the tropical garden, the rock garden, the park landscapes and the riverbank scenes.