The first 100 bottles of Israel's first single malt whisky from The Milk & Honey Distillery - Israel's first whisky distillery

will be auctioned off on the leading Scottish auction site

From August 11, 2017 - August 21, 2017

After making history this past international Whisky Day by launching Israel's first-ever whisky, Milk & Honey, the first whisky distillery in Israel will auction off 100 kosher bottles on the Scottish whisky auction site whiskyauctioneer

A new startup offers an improved viewing experience in a public screening, at any time and place, in different languages and at the convenience of viewers.

Muvix, a new startup, was established to reinvent the social experience of watching movies outside of the home. Using technological innovations and a unique business model, Muvix offers its customers an endless array of ways to screen and watch movies, TV shows, sporting events, shows, lectures and more in an enjoyable, high-quality fashion.

The R2M Group -- parent company of CoffeeBar, La Brasserie M&R and Delicatessen, among others -- comprises some of the most popular restaurants in Tel Aviv. So it is only natural that when pioneering restaurateurs Ruti and Mati Broudo branched out into the hotel business, a restaurant would be at the core of the establishment -- and indeed, be indistinguishable by name.

*"Women's Spirit" - Bridal Boutique - BRIDAL SALE 
This time at… TLV FASHION MALL in collaboration with Motti Reif Productions


Sale is 26-28 July at the TLV Fashion Mall

Like the Suzanne Dellal Center with which it shares a plaza, Bellini has been a fixture in the heart of quaint Neve Tzedek for two decades. Its rustic decor gives it a homey feel, while the presence of long tables makes it conducive to family-style dining. At the same time, the al fresco seating area, with tables for two amid evergreen citrus trees, is an ideal setting for a romantic dinner.

The best way to embark on your culinary experience at Bellini is with the restaurant’s eponymous signature cocktail, which in the summertime combines white rum, prosecco and red wine with homemade peach sorbet -- white peach sorbet, in fact, during the short season that this variant of the fruit is available. You will be tempted to drink more than one, so it pays to remember that as refreshing as this smoothie cocktail is, it is also alcoholic.