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Royal Caribbean International launches Quantum-Class Cruise Ships


Unseen cruise ship design that includes free-flight experience, crushing car games, wheel skating, virtual terraces, and more…

As part of over 40-year heritage of innovation and creative design, Royal Caribbean International is looking forward to launch the Quantum-Class cruise ships, starting with the delivery of its latest ground-breaking ship, Quantum of the Seas, in November 2014, which continues the company’s strategy of developing the next generation of cruise vacations.


These cruise ships will change the rules of the game in cruise ships experiences, including free flight of guests of over 100 meters, the largest onboard sports and entertainment area, with crushing car games, wheel skating, and more. The cruise ships will also include the largest and most advanced onboard cabins. These cabins will provide innovative design, storage and comfort, including the first onboard virtual terraces.


Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCCL) recently held its third quarter earning call communicating that 2013 Quarter Three results were better than expected, driven by stronger close-in demand and good cost control which more than offset the revenue and cost impacts from Celebrity Millennium's unscheduled drydock. Constant-Currency Net Yield for the third quarter increased 2.6%, which was 110-basis points better than the mid-point of previous guidance.  Stronger close-in demand in Europe and Asia, as well as robust onboard revenue drove the revenue improvement. The order book for 2014 remains ahead on both load factor and rate.


Mrs Helen Beck, Regional Director, International Representatives, Europe, Middle East, Africa in conversation about the Israeli market said: “ We are pleased to see an approximately 10% increase year on year for our 2013 sales over 2012 with bookings being split between Europe and the rest of the world including the Caribbean, Alaska and Asia.” She continued: “The forward bookings for 2014 are very positive being currently well ahead of same time last year giving a good indication that the Israeli market is recognising the value of booking earlier to secure the best rates and availability


Uri Schnabel, CEO of Sunorama Tourist Services Ltd, RCCL’s appointed representative for Israel commented: “This is particularly encouraging and important as we are already seeing rates for European cruises increasing steadily due to there being less capacity deployed for the 2014 European season. Equally encouraging is the increasing interest that we are seeing in the Caribbean ships and itineraries throughout the year.  The demand from the general public, particularly for Royal Caribbean’s Oasis and Allure of the Seas, remains high as these ships are well-suited to the multi-generational families that we see now travelling from Israel to the US”.

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GINDI TLV FASHION WEEK 2014 will take place in the TLV Fashion Mall between the days 9-12 in March 2014. The TLV Fashion Mall belongs to the companies that promote and own the FASHION WEEK: Gindi Investments, Moshe and Yigal Gindi, הריבוע הכחול נדל"ן and Fashion Producer Moti Raif.


GINDI TLV FASHION WEEK 2014 will be supported by public institutions, such as the Israel Institute Export, Manufacturers Association of Israel, Ministry of Tourism and Tel Aviv Municipality.


The FASHION WEEK will count with the participation of 22 leading Israeli fashion designers, who will present the fall and winter 2014-2015 collections and the summer 2014 collection to the major fashion community in Israel.


The FASHION WEEK will also count with the participation, for the first time, of international commercial buyers, who will be exposed to these collections, in order to promote the expansion of the Israeli fashion throughout the International Market.


Manor Gindi, Gindi Investments CEO, said: We are very excited today, and proud to continue this second year with the  FASHION WEEK, which provides the Israeli fashion the best and most respectable stage. TLV Fashion Mall is a home for the Israeli fashion industry, and as we invest with great love and faith, so we will bring the most advanced fashion stage, such as did not exist before in Tel Aviv nor Israel.


The building of the TLV Fashion Mall stage is one of our biggest projects, and we are proud to continue and create with imagination, innovation and achievement.


Fashion Producer Moti Raif said: With the announcement of FASHION WEEK: We are more proud this year as ever to continue, create, develop and excite, and to bring the best and most creative fashion of our country to the public of fashion lovers. This year I am particularly glad because the FASHION WEEK will host international buyers, who will give us the opportunity to break our way into the international market.


Moti Raif also added: the production of the FASHION WEEK involved enormous investment, one of the largest at international level. I have no doubts that that we will produce new events of this type and others, of which will inform you in the future. We will present the best of our achievements, and wish a great success to all the participating designers.


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Syneron Beauty Inc., the Israeli company that pioneers the development and marketing of medical aesthetic products for the home users, announced the launch of its Pearl Brilliant White Ionic Teeth WhiteningSystem in Israel. This important event took place in the Dan Tel-Aviv Hotel a few days ago, on Sunday 3/11/2013. Pearl has been successfully soldin the USA and Canada, and declared by the American "New Beauty" magazine as the best product for home treatment for teeth whitening.

Pearl was developed to solve the increasing aesthetical need of customers throughout the world to enjoy a white and radiant smile, and obtain an attractive look. Pearl includes an electronic bite that activates the whitening gel operation, including the removal of stains located in the teeth for years. Pearl also helps neutralize bacteria that may cause a bad smell in the mouth, and so provide a white, clean and fresh smile.

The treatment with Pearl is simple: 5 minutes, twice daily, morning and evening, for 5 days, incorporated in the daily teeth cleaning routine. Clinical and technological research proved that whitening up to 7 shades can be achieved in less than a week (50 minutes of accumulated treatment only!), in an effective and secure fashion, while maintaining the teeth enamel.

DDS Veda Faith Afsahi, leading dentist in California, USA, managed a comprehensive clinical research on the Pearl system and said that Pearl is a revolutionary solution for home treatment for teeth whitening. The ionic technology on which the system is based allows the achievement of whitening results comfortably and safely, without the worries that characterize professional treatments that involve the use of high concentrations of active material. She added that Pearl is comfortable and easy to use, and the results obtained are similar to those achieved with whitening professional treatments, without patient sensitivity in most cases. Pearl is most comfortable for those seeking teeth whitening results at home, by just a short and simple treatment of 5 minutes twice a day during 5 days.

Syneron Beauty entered the field of mouth aesthetical treatment a year ago, when it launched Pearl in USA. After this event, Pearl won prestigious prizes for offering the customers an advanced solution for teeth whitening at home. The "New Beauty" magazine described it as the best product in 2012 for home treatment for teeth whitening.

Omry Khayat, Operation Deputy Director, saidthat with the launch of Pearl, Syneron Beauty continues to provide access to innovative and advanced solutions from the professional medical world, this time in mouth care. We are the only ones that offer an advanced technology of ionization for teeth whitening approved by the FDA for home use, by means of a technological patent developed in Israel, which allows our customers to obtain professional results at home that are maintained for a long time with no damage to the teeth or gums.

Adi Eckhouse, International Marketing Operation Manager, said: We, at Syneron Beauty, are proud to present a revolutionary product in the field of medicalaesthetical instrumentation to the Israeli customer, following mē™,for permanent hair reduction, and zap™, for Acne treatment. We are launching now another unique and revolutionary technological instrument for teeth whitening, which follows the line of efficient and safe home instruments sold in Israel and the world.
The participation of
Super-Pharm in Israel allows us to provide customers, in the widest distribution, of efficient and safe products of the most advanced technologies.

Syneron Medical Ltd. was founded in Israel in 2000 by Dr.Shimon Eckhouse, inventor of IPL and elōs, and is presently considered the largest and leading company in the world, with the widest variety of products in the field of medical aesthetical professional instrumentation. The company products are sold in over 90 countries at about of 264 million dollars a year. The company holds many patents in its field, lead by elōs technology.
The company is considered as a pioneer in the design, development and distribution of energy-based products for home use in personal aesthetics, specializing in the supply of professional, innovative and efficient solutions based on proven technologies in the field of clinical/aesthetical treatment, carried out in professional clinics throughout the world. The main product of the company for home users is
, for permanent hair reduction.