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"The exercise that we are doing here is not theoretical. The reality around us is changing very quickly. It is explosive and dynamic and we need to be ready accordingly. What has impressed me today on yet another visit to a Golani Brigade exercise is that we are moving over time with an exceptional combination of commanders, soldiers and technology. I say this today to the Defense Minister, the IDF Chief-of-Staff, the Deputy Chief-of-Staff, GOC Northern Command, the brigade commander and to the commanders and soldiers.
We need to be prepared to change the situation and dictate situations according to developments. I have the impression that we are there. We are not looking for even a single challenge, but no one will attack the State of Israel without a strong and decisive response. The soldiers here today are practicing the various possibilities and I would like to tell them from experience, you should know that the battlefield is the realm of the uncertain. As much as we practice, train and plan, it is the realm of the uncertain. In the decisive battle, beyond the men and the technology, it is our determination, the will to win and the ability to break the enemy and – at the decisive moment – to put the fear of death into him. This is how battles are won. I hope that they will not try us. But if they do, I am certain that we will meet the challenge. I want to commend you,
commanders and soldiers; may you be ready for any challenge."