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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara,yesterday (Monday, 1 April 2013), attended Maimouna 
festivities in Or Akiva . The Prime Minister said, "Jewish People, eat and enjoy!
The Jewish People are moving from matza and bitter herbs  to mufleta and honey.
 I would like to thank the Israel Police and the security services for protecting and guarding Israelis
who traveled around the country during the holiday." Prime Minister Netanyahu added, "I would like you to know about the pain that I feel for the families
that lost loved ones in traffic accidents and for the Sarayah family, which lost three of its sons
 in a tragedy off the coast of Ashkelon. I spoke with the father of the family
and I told him that I speak on behalf of all Israelis, that he and the rest of his family
should find the strength to overcome the disaster. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis
are now celebrating Maimouna. I call on all Israelis to drive home safely."