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On June 12, 1990 Soviet leaders signed a declaration of Russia’s state sovereignty. That document symbolized the beginning of democratic reforms in Russia. It also marked one of the first steps to the official dissolution of the Soviet Union. Only in 2004, June 12 became officially a public holiday.

To celebrate the National day, the Russian embassy in Israel hosted a glamorous reception at the Hilton Tel-Aviv Hotel, in honor of this meaningful occasion. The honored Russian ambassador to Israel Sergey Yakovlvich Yakovlev welcomed warmly his guests.  


As the Russian are known with their rich affiliation to culture, music and art- the guests were not surprised when two opera singers from the Bolshoy famous theatre in Moscow were invited to sing on the stage. The Opera singer Alexandra Durseniva was beautifully performing with the song 'You are my soul', which followed by a famous song 'Ochi Chorniyi' or in English 'The black eyes'.

As the evening continued, the Minister of Absorption Sofa Landver, represented the Israeli government. In her thoughtful speech she expressed her gratitude to the Russian embassy in contributing to constantly strengthening the ties between the countries.

I am honored to represent the government of Israel."

It is known that Russia and Israel share warm relations.

We have accomplished this week "the days of Moscow in Israel" and "Tel Aviv days in Saint Petersburg" and we will continue presenting the Israeli culture and economy. We remember the battle of the Red Army against the Nazi beast, the soldiers, the partisans, and the holocaust survivors."

Minister Landver added, "The establishment of the monument in Natanya in a memory of the Red Army, the opening of the Jewish History Museum and building the Center for Tolerance in Moscow, are serving as a valuable contribution to our mutual heritage."  

Minister of Absorption emphasized, that the influence of canceling the visas between Russia and Israel, brought the tourism between the countries to flourish.  In the parallel, she added, Russia is also one of the leading export destinations of the Israeli market.   

The next speaker was Mr. Moshe Shpitzburg, the Spokesman of the 'Association of Disabled Veterans of the War against Nazism'. He mentioned that as a result of the cooperation with the Russian embassy and the Russian cultural center, Israel hosted Moscow days in Russia and other memorial days as a memory of veterans' heroism and the war against Nazism.

Mr. Shpitzburg emphasized, "We are proud to represent the Moscow club of heroes from the Soviet Union in Israel. Only 6 veterans immigrated to Israel, which nowadays only one of them is still alive, Yaakov Forzun- a hero of the Soviet Uniot. We are grateful to Prime Minister Natanyahu and Prime Minister Putin who both invested in the Memory of war against Nazism, and we are truly hope that our voices will be more heard in the public and within the government, in order to nurture and preserve this important memory". The president of this unique association is Roman Yagel- Israel general brigade from Poland and Russia, who is now 92 years old.

After this meaningful speech, the Russian National Anthem was playing which followed by an Israeli Anthem 'Hatikva'. Next to the stage was proudly standing the Russian flag and a two-headed eagle, the state symbols of the Russian Federation that are the most common symbols of Russia Day.

Photos Silvia G. Golan