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Israel-Italy: Joint R&D Projects

Proposals For Joint R&D Projects 2013

Within the activities foreseen by the framework Agreement on industrial, scientific and technological research and development cooperation between Italy and Israel (hereinafter called “Agreement”) the Directorate General for Political and Security Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Italian Party, and MATIMOP – The Israeli Industry Centre for R&D for the Israeli Party on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labour, are starting the procedures for the selection of projects eligible for financial support as in Article 4 of the Agreement.

The Chamber has set as its main goal the enhancement of bilateral relations between Italy and Israel.

To do this, the Chamber is supplying all necessary services to businessmen, companies and institutions of both countries helping them create new economic relations and develop existing ones.

Free market agreements with the European Union and the geo-cultural proximity of Israel and Italy transform the latter into a natural base for business relations between Israel and Europe.


The Agreement

Research and Development cooperation


The Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of the State of
Israel (hereafter referred to as “the Parties”),
WISHING to strengthen the traditional friendly relations between the two
Countries and to promote the sharing of knowledge between them,
CONSIDERING that industrial, scientific and technological research and
development cooperation is one of the most important constituents of
bilateral relations and an outstanding element of their stability,
CONSIDERING the mutual interest in making progress in the field of
industrial, scientific and technological research and development and the
resulting advantages for both sides,
TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the positive experience of the ongoing relations
between the scientific institutions of the two Countries,
RECOGNIZING the importance of improving the coordination of the Italian
and Israeli relations in all sectors of industrial, scientific and technological
research and development and the need for their expansion,
HAVE AGREED as follows:

1. In Conformity with the respective laws and regulations in force, the
Parties will promote the development of industrial, scientific and
technological research and development cooperation, in areas of
reciprocal interest and on equal basis.
2. Hereafter “research and development” will be mentioned as “R&D”.

The Parties will encourage and contribute to the development of cooperation
between the two Countries in the field of industrial, scientific and
technological R&D with particular reference to the following areas:
- medicine, public health and hospital organization;
- biotechnology;
- agriculture and food science;
- new energy sources and natural resource use;
- applications of informatics to education and scientific research;
- environment;
- communication;
- innovation production processes;
- space;
- information technologies, data communication, software;
- any other areas of mutual interest.

The Parties will encourage, if necessary, the establishment of industrial,
scientific and technological R&D relations and the stipulation of specific
agreements among Ministries and Institutions, Universities, research centers
and institutes, scientific and industrial R&D associations, companies,
corporations, and other natural and legal persons of both Countries working
on industrial, scientific and technological innovations.

The scientific and technological cooperation within the present Agreement
will be carried out in the following forms and methods:
a) exchange of scientific and technical information and documentation;
b) joint organization and execution of seminars, symposia, and
conferences on industrial, scientific and technological topics;
c) grants for joint industrial R&D projects;
d) any other form of cooperation which will be further agreed upon by
the Parties.

1) Projects eligible for grant support will be projects of joint industrial,
scientific and technological R&D which can help to bring innovative
and marketable systems, products, applications and processes with
potential to the economics of both Italy and Israel.
2) Support will be given only to joint technology development projects
which are undertaken by private sector businesses from Italy and
3) Grant support will be limited to 50% of a project’s total eligible R&D
costs. The successful aid recipients will be those whose projects have
passed an appropriate review, organized by the Competent
4) The Cooperating Authorities, as defined in Article 8, shall develop
procedures that will ensure that when a project is successful in
achieving sales of a product or process and/or receives licensing fees
and/or royalties, the support given under the scheme will be repaid at
a prefixed royalty rate from the sales or other income from the
successful project.

The Parties will support the formulation of joint projects which could be
inserted in the programs of the European Union, namely the RTD
Framework Program, or other International Organizations. The Parties will
encourage the partnership in initiatives about scientific research and
technological innovations which could be realized within the MEDA
Program Fund of the European Union for the Euro-Mediterranean

1. The partners to projects supported under this Agreement shall be
required to submit to the Parties evidence of contractual arrangements
between them relating to intellectual property rights. These should
address, in particular:
a) the ownership and use of know-how and intellectual property
owned by the partners prior to the projects;
b) arrangements for the ownership and use of information and
intellectual property to be created in the course of the project.
2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 above, it shall be the
responsibility of the partners to projects supported under this
Agreement to safeguard their own interests.
3. Scientific and technological information of a non-proprietary nature
arising from the cooperative activities under this Agreement may be
made available to the public through customary channels.
4. Each Party commits itself not to transmit, without written approval of
the other Party, information concerning the results obtained from the
cooperative programs for industrial R&D covered under this
Agreement to a third person, organization, or to any other Country.

The Italian Party appoints the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli
Party the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as the respective coordinators for
the execution of this Agreement at a national level.
The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the Chief Scientist
(OCS) of the Israeli Ministry of Industry shall be the Cooperating
Authorities for the purpose of implementing the forms and methods
specified in article 4.
The activities carried out under this Agreement will be subject to an
agreement between the competent Authorities regarding the nature of the
cooperative projects, the availability of funds and resources of the Parties
and general arrangements and procedures to be followed implementing the
forms and methods specified in Article 4 and Article 5.

In order to execute this Agreement and verify the state of its application, the
Parties will appoint a Joint Commission for industrial, scientific and
technological R&D cooperation. The Joint Commission will evaluate the
state and prospect of cooperation, define the execute programs and supervise
their realization.
The Joint Commission, under the chairpersonship of each Country, will meet
every second year, unless otherwise agreed, alternately in Italy and in Israel,
the dates to be agreed upon through diplomatic channels.

The provisions of this Agreement do not prejudice the rights and the
commitments of the Parties arising from the international Conventions
concluded by them with third Countries.

Any dispute arising from the interpretation on the application of this
Agreement will be settled by negotiations between the Parties.

This Agreement shall be ratified in pursuance of the constitutional
requirements of both Parties. It shall enter into force on the date of the last
notification by which the two Parties shall have communicated officially to
each other the fulfillment of their respective procedure.
This Agreement shall remain in force for a period of five years and it shall
be automatically renewed for the same period. Each Party shall have the
power to denounce in writing this Agreement six months before its expire
The denouncing of this Agreement will not prejudice the development of the
ongoing projects, execution of which will continue until their competition, in
accordance with the agreed upon terms and conditions.
In witness thereof the under-signed Representatives, duly authorized by their
respective Government, have signed this Agreement.
DONE in Bologna on 13 day of June, 2000 which corresponds to the 10 day
of Sivan, 5760, in two originals, in the Italian, Hebrew and English
languages, all texts being equally authentic. In case of divergence of
interpretation the English text shall prevail.

More relevant information on Matimop´s website.