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3rd Annual International Cyber Security Conference of the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop and Israeli National Cyber Bureau to take place at Tel Aviv University on June 9-12, 2013  

Creating Cyber Ecosystems .Cyber experts from Israel and around the world will gather on the Tel Aviv University campus to examine cyber security scenarios and implications and discuss issues such as threats, national policies and cyber-readiness among Web users and cyber end users. 


Israel's reputation in the cyber security field will reach a new height on June 9-12, during the 3rd Annual International Cyber Security Conference conducted by the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security and the Israeli National Cyber Bureau. Leaders of the global cyber security industry, senior national security officials, army officials, world-renowned scientists and academics, senior government officials and decision makers, as well as venture capitalists and leading startup companies in the cyber security space will discuss the latest innovations and developments in this field, as well as cyber-readiness.

The conference, which will be held for the third consecutive time at  Tel Aviv University, will be chaired by Prof. Itzik Ben Israel, Head of the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security: "In order to succeed in the cyber security space, an entire ecosystem is necessary, a cooperation between leaders in academia, the industry, government, human capital and entrepreneurs. We should focus on locating high school students and training them to become Israel's future 'cyber warriors', so that Israel can become a Cyber Nation rather than a Startup Nation."

Among the topics to be discusssed in this year's conference:

  • ·       The national program for positioning Israel as a cyber superpower.
  • ·       National cyber security policy and readiness.
  • ·       Human capital and cyber security training for future generations.
  • ·       Technological trends and innovations in the cyber security space.
  • ·       Dealing with threats on the the civilian and financial sectors.
  • ·       The link between brain research and cyber security R&D.


The 3rd Annual International Cyber Security Conference of the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop and Israeli National Cyber Bureau will be held on June 9-13.

The conference will open on June 9, with a gathering of start ups and investors, in the presence of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Minister of Economics Naftali Bennett. In the past few years, Israel has become a veritable international incubator for cyber security companies. Each year, the country is able to grow dozens of start ups, which present exciting opportunities for investors from around the world. The gathering, for invitees only, will take place as part of the Tel Aviv University Board of Governors' annual meeting events, at the Bar Shira auditorium. It will feature investors from Israel and other countries around the world, as well as VC representatives, who will meet the most promising cyber security start ups and entrepreneurs in Israel.

The 3rd International Cyber Security Conference will take place on June 12 in the presence of President Shimon Peres, as well as leading cyber security experts from Israel and around the world. The event will be held  in the Smolarz Auditorium on the Tel Aviv University Campus, between 8:30 and 18:45. Fifteen hundred guests are expected, including cyber security industry leaders, senior officials from the intelligence community and defense system, hackers, academics, senior government officials and decision makers, as well as delegations from around the world. Attached please find an invitation to the conference.

Among the expert speakers from Israel and foreign countries arriving especially for the conference are:

  • ·       Chairman: Prof. Maj. Gen. (Res.) Issac Ben Israel, Head of Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science Technology and Security Tel Aviv University


  • ·       Mr. Eugene Kaspersky - Chairman and Ceo Kaspersky Labs


  • ·       Dr. Eviatr Matania - Head of the National Cyber Bureau ,Prime Minister's Office


  • ·       Ms. Melissa Hathaway - President Hathaway Global Strategies LLC. Former senior director for Cyberspace, The National Security Council USA


  • ·        Mr. Richard A. Clarke - President Good Harbor Security Risk Management. Former Special advisor for Cyber Security to the President of the USA


  • ·       Lim Chuan Poh - Chairman National Inforcomm Security committee, and Chairman Agency for Science Technology and Research (ASTAR) Singapore


  • ·       Dr. Thomas Rid -  Reader un war studied, King's College London


  • ·       Mr. Art Coveillo - Executive Vice President EMC Executive Chairman RSA


  • ·       Mr. Robert Shaw - Ceo and President Net Optics Inc