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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this evening (Monday, 31 December 2012), at Ashkelon Academic College, attended the opening ceremony for a national program to train young people for cyberwarfare.
Prime Minister Netanyahu said: "The threat of cyberattacks against Israel comes from Iran and other elements. Our vital systems are targets for attack and this will only increase as we enter the digital age. We are bolstering our ability to deal with these threats via the Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB) that we established, and we are building a digital Iron Dome for Israel. To the outstanding pupils that are studying in the special program, I say: 'You are the future interceptors for the State of Israel.' We are one of the world's leaders in the field of cybernetics and we must maintain this position; therefore, we will continue to cultivate the generation of the future."

 INCB head Dr. Eviatar Matania said: "We realize that many elements in the world are interested in Israeli minds in the field of cybernetics, as well as in how they are developed. We must improve methods of operation and it is our intention to do so. This program is an example of the actions that we are advancing in the field of cybernetics in order to develop the high-quality human capital in the State of Israel."

 Following the ceremony, Prime Minister Netanyahu personally met with the pupils in the program who showed him some of their work.

The State of Israel was one of the first in the world to understand the importance of defending vital computer infrastructures. Given developments in cyberspace and the rapidly increasing number of threats in the field, Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the establishment of the INCB, which will operate directly under him in order to be in constant contact with what is happening on the new battle front that has opened before the state.

 Prime Minister Netanyahu has instructed the INCB that Israel must be among the five leading countries in the world in the field of cybernetics.

 The aforesaid national program is a three-year proficiency program focusing on training and the development of expertise in the field of cybernetics and computers among outstanding pupils, aged 16-18, from the periphery – Acre, Afula, Tel Hai, Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva, Kiryat Gat and Ashdod. The program was established on the basis of the principle that the State of Israel has high-quality human capital, which it is possible to lead toward excellence in the field of cybernetics and in the understanding that developing human capital will meet security needs and promote economic and social growth. The plan is supported by the INCB and the IDF, in cooperation with the security services, the Rashi Foundation, the State Lottery and the Education Ministry.