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Innovative technological developments in the education field are to be displayed at the BETT Educational Technology Exhibit in London
ContentNet Education, a member of the Optimum Group, and Radix Technologies Ltd. are proud to present the AURA Platform – an innovative 21st century educational technology platform – at London’s BETT Technological Exhibit taking place at the end of the coming month (30/1-2/2).
The AURA Platform provides comprehensive and organized high-level teaching and management tools, aiming to enhance the educational experience for both teachers and students. Using advanced lesson management and preparation capabilities, educators can gain
control over the learning process while integrating digital and interactive content appropriate for education in the modern era. AURA creates a flexible, simple-to-use and integrated educational environment to facilitate research, cooperation, experimentation and discussion at any location and at any time. The system supports a wide range of study options and distance learning, and is appropriate for every school’s unique pedagogic philosophy. A tablet and/or personal computer system allows students and teachers to maintain an on-going private dialogue based on educational content
and social networking.
The system passed its pilot test in the AMIT network of schools and has been recently deployed to a number of schools in the network.
Radix, the leading company in the field of computer use in classroom training, offers centralized management solutions (Mobile Device Management) that provides an infrastructure for each educational training and management system in an innovative learning environment.
The teacher is given access to a variety of sophisticated teaching tools to illustrate each subject in an experiential and enriching manner, thus fully engaging each student, while monitoring computer use to ensure that students remain focused on the lesson.
Operational personnel as well have access to effective tools for managing laptops, tablets and smartphones located on and off the campus, and performing control tasks to easily and efficiently maintain thousands of computers simultaneously.
The AURA system and Radix platform management control combine a variety of advanced technologies in multiple fields, including interactive documentation systems, 3D illustrations, monitoring capabilities, remote system maintenance and control and integration with various
external systems (such as Education Ministry systems) and more.
According to Dr. Dina Goren-Bar, Chairman of the Optimum Group, by converting innovative industrial technologies into an educational platform, “Together with Radix we were able to create comprehensive solutions allowing teachers and students to use digital literature and interactive lesson plans in a creative and fun way, beyond simply providing experience futuristic lessons. We have built these tools specifically for them.”
Demonstration of the system aroused great interest among those involved in educational technology development who are interested in promoting the field in Israeli schools. Discussion has begun regarding deployment in the coming school year.
Dov Shoham, CEO of Radix, indicates that embedding its monitoring and control platforms into AURA gave expression to Radix’s extensive experience in this area, accumulated over more than ten years of development. The system was designed with the lessons the company learned
from completing hundreds of projects that were successfully incorporated into education and academia, banking, insurance, industry and security in Israel and around the world, including a recently-developed control and monitoring project for ACER that has been deployed in
hundreds of training classes and includes thousands of tablet computers.
According to Dr. Goren-Bar and Dov Shoham, raising the Israeli educational system to 21 st century standards using the most advanced tools to position the State of Israel as a technology leader in education was the shared vision driving the companies’ shared collaboration.
Visit the exhibition’s web site at: http://www.bettshow.com/