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The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Israel celebrated its national day in Israel on November 26th, 2019. The joyous occasion was held and hosted in the building of the Korean embassy in Herzliya Pituach, in the Central District of Israel
This momentous event was held by H.E. Mr. Suh Dong Gu, the new Ambassador of Korea to Israel and his wife. Honorable guest was Mr. Rafi Peretz, Israeli Minister of Education.
Among the many distinguished guests or the evening were Mr. Tzachi Braverman, the secretary of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister; Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, President of the Ambassador’s Club; Ambassador Matan Vilnai, President Israel- Asia Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Adi Barough, Senior Advisor PMO; Amir Halevi, Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Superintendent Mr. Moti Meiry, the representative of the Israeli Police; Mr. Ehud Rassabi Chairman of the Board of Ilan- Israel Foundation for Handicapped Children; Israeli Businessmen ,members of the Korean community in Israel, Korean journalists, and a range of military officials .
The event was accompanied by a talented group of classical musicians led by Shai Siman Tov who added rhythm and wonder to the festive atmosphere. 
H.E. Mr. Suh Dong Gu warmly welcomed the guests in the happy celebration of the National Day of Korea 2019 and stated that, “2019 is a landmark year in the bilateral relations between Israel and Korea”, highlighting the importance of a mutual trade between the two countries including the purchase of Korean products, the main focus being on technological items. 
He added: “We Koreans hold Israel with high esteem. Israel has great people and both nations celebrate the passion for promoting family values, education, and research.” The ambassador further addressed the future and cooperation between Israel and Korea, labeling Israel as the “powerhouse of innovation” and as “a nation that is leading the global market in the industrial technology.” He demonstrated the role of Korea as a nation that has a similarly powerful role in industrial technology, as well as in manufacturing power. 
The Korean ambassador continued to emphasize the significance of taking advantage of this well-timed opportunity for further cooperation, as he envisions a “technological alliance between Israel and Korea”. He also reported his enjoyment in the personal exchanges between the two countries in fields such as tourism. Korean tourists, as stated by the ambassador, are “steadily on the rise” and that another flight was added to the number of current flights between Israel and Korea, reaching four per week starting January 2019.
H.E. Suh Dong Gu expressed his wishes to have an educational exchange program in the very near future. Finally, he invited guests to have a taste of Korea and to sample some Korean cuisine such as kimchi, chogye muchim, and bokkeumbap, as well as Korean beverages like soju and makgeolli. 
Following the speech of the Korean Ambassador, Mr. Rafi Peretz, the Israeli Minister of Education, gave tribute to the “very long national histories, rich cultures, and shared values” that both countries cherish. Peretz also addressed the magnitude of advanced technology, and that both countries “are on the front-line of the development” in the world. The minister went on to praise the accuracy, high work ethics and integrity of Korea. Mr. Peretz addressed “the very successful visit of President Rivlin to Korea this last July, which is evidence of how our relationship continues to strengthen and deepen” and that “no fewer than 19 agreements were signed in the areas of economics, academic education, and energy”. Finally, Mr. Peretz conveyed to Korea, on behalf of the government, his “most sincere congratulations on the occasion of its National Day”. 
After this, the event continued with a wide range of Korean foods and drinks, paired with local music. The guests were delighted to have a taste of Korean cuisine and culture.
 The Staff of www.diplomacy.co.il  congratulates the government, people, and Embassy of Korea on the occasion of his National Day
Hassan Hassan is a member of Debate for Peace
 Photos by Silvia Golan