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On Wednesday, September 20th, 2023, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Israel, held a celebration for the 74th Anniversary of the Founding of the People 's Republic of China at the Hilton Hotel in Tel-Aviv. Upon registration, guests received lapel pins of the Chinese and Israeli flags, and after being greeted by the Ambassador and his wife, they entered an international Pictures exhibition called “An Extraordinary Decade of China in the New Era.”

At the ball room, guests gathered and enjoyed a wide selection of Hors d'oeuvres on small plates, traditional Chinese food and desserts, and a variety of beverages. At the center of the ballroom a stage was set with decoration of traditional flowers, China and Israel flags on the sides, and a yellow background with titles in Chinese and  English “Celebrating the 74th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China” and the Embassy’s title below. In addition, two giantantic LED screens displayed video pieces of Esther Hui, who performed at the event, pieces of the Chinese Ballet, and videos showing the scenery and terrains of the Chinese republic. 

The ceremony started with a solo performance of the Chinese singer Esther Hui ( HaHui - Asaph) , who was joined by the Israeli musician Yair Levi for an exciting duet of the song “Rafa Na.”  After the live performances of the two national anthems, the President of the State of Israel, H.E Isaac Herzog, delivered a recorded speech.

The President started by offering his  warmest congratulations to the Chinese Embassy in Israel,to President Xi (Shee) Jinping,  and to the entire Chinese people for the  joyful occasion of the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. He elaborated the elements the two nations share in common; both are bonded by a direct link to ancient civilizations that have made deep and enduring contributions to humanity, and both have proud histories  that continue to fuel the nations’ success as modern nation states. 
In this fashion, the President mentioned that the establishment of the People’s Republic of China 74 years ago has led to remarkable growth and development for modern China, helping drive innovation, progress and prosperity, domestically and globally. Naturally, he continued, Israel attaches great value to the strong diplomatic relations between the countries.

Mr. Herzog recalled that his father, Israel’s sixth president Chaim Herzog, talked about his official state visit to China in December of 1992, just as China and Israel had established diplomatic relations. He shared that his dad was so struck by the deep points of connection that bind the two ancient and magnificent nations; by the enormity of what China was accomplishing; and by the potential for relationship between the two nations.

The President said that the two nations have a thriving and singular partnership, grounded in mutual regard, ongoing high-level diplomatic dialogue, strong people-to-people exchange, and economic collaborations. 
He specified the China-Israel Joint Committee, which has deepened the ability to leverage the striking ingenuity of both nations, and to deepen the bilateral ties. Mr. Herzog expressed his satisfaction that it will shortly be convening for the sixth time.
The President thanked Ambassador Cai Run for helping steward the excellent relations toward their full potential and shared his anticipation of their continued growth. Mr. Herzog concluded by sending his best wishes to the People’s Republic of China with hope for a year of peace, goodwill, prosperity and success.
 President Herzog's speech was followed by the Ambassador of China Mr. Cai Run's  formal remarks. He began by thanking President Herzog's friendly and kind words and extended warmest welcome and gratitude to friends from all sectors who have long been caring for China's development and supporting China-Israel friendship.

Over the past 74 years, as the Ambassador mentioned, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has united and led the Chinese people in forging ahead persistently, in holding the future of the nation firmly in their hands, and in successfully blazing a path to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Facts have proved that the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is not only right and viable, but also steady and solid.

The Ambassador mentioned that China has implemented the people-centered development philosophy, and developed the world's biggest systems of education, social security and healthcare, improving people's life in all aspects and making advances in pursuing common prosperity. China's economy, as he explained, has entered a new stage of high-quality development with accelerated efforts to increase self-reliance in science and technology, building China into a country of innovators.

Guided by the philosophy that clean waters and green mountains are just as valuable as gold and silver, China has taken solid steps towards green, circular and low-carbon development. Despite the complex and severe international environment, in the first half of this year, China's GDP grew by 5.5% year-on-year, the biggest growth rate of all major economies in the world. It demonstrates the strong resilience of the Chinese economy. The fundamentals of China's long-term economic growth have not changed.

Over the past 74 years as the Ambassador stated, China adhered to the path of peaceful development and has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and an upholder of the international order. China is committed to win-win cooperation and fostering a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for mankind, as reflected by the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative. Such initiatives offer Chinese solutions and undertake China's responsibility for human development and progress.

The Ambassador mentioned that China has contributed more than 30% to world economic growth for more than ten consecutive years. As this year marks its 10th anniversary, the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will be held in Beijing soon. The "Belt and Road" initiative is becoming "a belt of prosperity" and "road to happiness", benefiting people across the world.

 “Belt and Road”, the Ambassador explained, contains elements that are common to the modernization processes of all countries, but it is more characterized by features that are unique to the Chinese context. Chinese modernization is the modernization of a huge population, of common prosperity for all, of material and cultural-ethical advancement, of harmony between humanity and nature, and of peaceful development.

The Chinese future is bright, the Ambassador stated, but added that there is still a long way to go in building a modern socialist country in all respects. China is committed to its fundamental national policy of opening up while pursuing mutually beneficial, high-standard opening up. China will draw development momentum from the world's openness and cooperation, and will continue to provide new opportunities and greater benefits for all countries with our new development.

Focusing on the relations with Israel, which were established 30 years ago, The Ambassador shared how they have kept a sound momentum. He shared that President Xi Jimping and President Isaac Herzog stay in close communication and have reached important consensus on the China-Israel relationship, providing strategic guidance for its development. The Chinese practical cooperation in various fields has yielded fruitful outcomes, benefiting both countries and peoples. China, as the Ambassador showed, has become Israel's largest trading partner in Asia and second largest in the world, as well as Israel's largest source of imported goods.

The Ambassador then elaborated on how Chinese companies participate in Israel's infrastructure construction. Projects like the Haifa New Port and Tel Aviv Red Line Light Rail are now in operation, making contributions to Israel's economic and social development. The China-Israel Changzhou Innovation Park and Shanghai Innovation Hub, jointly established by the two sides, continue to make progress. Innovation cooperation has become a highlight and driving force in our bilateral relations.

The Ambassador also mentioned the quick resumption of people-to-people exchanges after the pandemic. He pointed out the direct flights from Chinese cities including Shanghai Beijing and Shenzhen to Tel Aviv, the outbound group tour to Israel, and the growing number of sister cities between the two countries which now stand on 29 pairs.

The Ambassador concluded that with complementary strengths and driven by strong internal dynamics, China-Israel cooperation delivers benefits to both sides and demonstrates huge potentials and broad prospects. The Ambassador expressed the Chinese willingness to work with the Israeli friends to act on the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two nations and jointly create a better future for China-Israel relations.



Next spear was Haim Katz, Israel’s Minister of Tourism, who spoke on behalf of the Israeli government and on behalf of Yitzhak Goldknopf, who serves as Israel’s Minister of Housing and Construction. Katz mentioned that the good relations between the two countries are based on mutual respect and appreciation, frequent high-level political dialogue, economic cooperation that doubled in the past decade, deeper ties between universities and through cultural exchanges and tourism.

The Minister spoke about the fact that both China and Israel are two ancient peoples connected by culture and history through ancient languages and the ancient Silk Road. Relations with China are based on Israeli recognition of China's importance in the international arena, of being a large market for Israeli products, and its influence on the world economy. Katz shared his belief that  it is important that both countries will invest in the future generation so that young people from both countries will recognize the advantages that exist in each of the two countries.

He added that it is also  very important to return the same pre- Corona volume of direct flights and even more. Katz suggested that it will help the joint ambition to significantly increase the number of tourists from China, to return to  levels of over 160,000 tourists per year and much more. He mentioned the  successful roadshow of Israeli and Chinese travel agents to promote mutual tourism in four cities in China.

The Minister thanked the Chinese ambassador for his help in adding Israel to the list of approved countries for group tourism a few weeks ago and for the increasing number of Chinese tourists. Katz concluded his remarks by inviting the Chinese Minister of Tourism to the outgoing tourism fair in February 2024 and wished all the Chinese people happiness and success.

Among the distinguished guests were Mr. Gil Haskel, Chief of State Protocol at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affair; Rafael Harpaz, Deputy Director General of the Asia Pacific Department of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Michael Ronen, Head of Bureau South East Asia - Pacific Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Yoel Razvozov former Israel Minister of Tourism; Adi Baruch, Senior Counsel of MK Benjamin Netanyahu; Editor - in - Chief , The Jerusalem Post, Avi Mayer ;Asher Ben Artzi, Chief Superintendent (ret.) and the Ret, Director of Interpol at Israel Police; Yona Bartal, representative of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation; Andrea Yip Zidkilov from the Andrea Yip Consulting Group and many Ambassadors, others diplomatics, military and business leaders.

Diplomacy.co.il congratulates the Embassy , Government  and People of China on the National Day, and offers best wishes for the continued success and growth of the ties between China and Israel.
 Photos Silvia Golan 

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