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FM Cohen met with dozens of foreign ambassadors whose citizens are being held by Hamas in Gaza: The release of the abductees is our foremost priority.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Eli Cohen is joined by 22 ambassadors and diplomats from countries whose citizens have been abducted to the Gaza Strip in a call for the immediate release of the abductees and to allow visits by the Red Cross.


FM Cohen: "Hamas’ crimes are unforgivable. The kidnapping of civilians, including babies, children, women and Holocaust survivors, is against every international law and every human norm.

“We will do everything in our power to release the abductees, regardless of their citizenship.

“In cooperation with the other countries whose citizens are missing, we will be able to exert significant international pressure on the Hamas terrorist organization for the return of all the abductees.


“We demand that the international organizations and the Red Cross visit the abductees to verify their condition and the conditions in which they are being held.”


Minister of Foreign Affairs Eli Cohen met today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with dozens of foreign ambassadors from countries whose citizens were abducted by Hamas and asked their cooperation in pressuring Hamas for their swift release.


The ambassadors and diplomats were from Tanzania, Russia, Romania, Portugal, Peru, Serbia, Colombia, Austria, Ethiopia, Argentina, Philippines, Georgia, Sri Lanka, France, Mexico, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Thailand, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland and the European Union.


FM Cohen meeting with foreign diplomats. Phtoto: MFA Spokesperson's Office.