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Members of the Italian community in Israel, businessmen, members of the Israeli government and friends gathered in the Italian ambassador's residence in Ramat-Gan to celebrate the national day of Italy.
Ambassador Luigi Mattiolo

The ambassador of Italy to Israel, H.E. Luigi Mattiolo and his wife welcomed the guests to their beautiful home and wished them happy Italian national day.

The ambassador spoke about the great relations between Israel and Italy and mentioned the recent economic agreement that will allows the two states to increase their trade between themselves. 

Among the guests were Chairman of the Israeli parliament, Rubi Rivlin, minister of education Gideon Sa'ar, MK Silvan Shalom, MK Gideon Ezra, minister of agriculture, Orit Noked and many more. President Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu sent their greetings as well.

The guest enjoyed a variety of top quality Italian cheese, wine and drinks imported specially for the event.  

Italy's National Day. (Diplomacy.co.il)   

Ambassador's residence. (Diplomacy.co.il)


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Many Diplomats, Israeli officials, businessmen and friends gathered in the beautiful “Metsudat David” hotel in Jerusalem in honor of the Bahai New Year- the Nahruz.
"Metsudat David" Hotel. (Diplomacy.co.il)


The hall that the event took place in was decorated with flowers, trees and more that gave the scenery a nature like atmosphere.


The representative of the Israeli government was minister of tourism, Mr. Stas misezhnikov, who greeted the guests and thanked the Bhai community for contributing to the unique nature of Israel and attracting so many visitors to see their holy temples in Haifa and Akko.


The Bahai’s were wearing their traditional festive clothing, which was colorful and lovely. The members of the Bhai community made sure they will introduce themselves to each and every guest. The crowd enjoyed as well the delicious traditional Bhai cuisine, many of them, for the first time.


The head of the Bahai community, Secretary General, Mr. Albert Licoln, blessed the crowd and thanked them for their participation in the New Year’s celebration.

Mr. Lincoln spoke about the achievements of last year and shared the plans for the following year to come.

The perfomance. (Diplomacy.co.il)Members of the Bhai community and friends. (Diplomacy.co.il)Minister of tourism, Stas Miszhnikov. (Diplomacy.co.il)

All those who value life and peace must join forces to prevent arms smuggling, so that Israel can continue to ease restrictions on the Palestinians.

Today (March 10) a briefing for foreign ambassadors in Israel was conducted by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and Maj.Gen. Eytan Dangot, Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT).

The subject of the briefing was the implementation of the civilian policy in Judea and Samaria and towards the Gaza Strip in light of the dramatic changes in the region.

After reviewing the government's policy of easing restrictions in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, which has brought about significant economic growth in both areas (9% in Judea and Samaria, and 16% in the Gaza Strip), DFM Ayalon concluded, "Israel aspires to continue the easing measures. At the same time, the complexities of this region and the recent dramatic changes have intensified the threat of arms smuggling that endangers Israeli citizens in the southern and central parts of the country.

"Unfortunately, you and your families living in the center of the country also understand the this is a very real threat; the range of the rockets reaches all of us and already today thousands of rockets are stored in the Gaza Strip that threaten the population in Israel.

"We call on the international community and all in the region who treasure life to join forces to prevent the arms smuggling. The rockets threaten not only Israeli citizens, but also the citizens of the Gaza Strip who also long for a normal life. The continuation of the smuggling will interfere with Israel's ability to ease restrictions for Gaza residents. All those who value life, whether they are Egyptian, Tunisian, Jordanian, Israeli or Palestinian, together with the international community, must stop the Iranian infiltration.

"From here I call on the international community to put pressure on Hamas to release Gilad Shalit, who does not receive even the most basic human rights."

In response to journalists' questions regarding Denmark's upgrading of the status of the Palestinian delegation, DFM Ayalon called it "a virtual upgrade that won’t change the reality on the ground. Whoever deludes the Palestinians into thinking that they can establish a state unilaterally, without negotiations, is diminishing the chances for peace and for a Palestinian state."

DFM Ayalon added, "Palestinian obstinacy will not prevent Israel from making diplomatic progress and cooperating with the international community."

By Jonathan Danilowitz

Bulgaria's Amabassador to Israel, Honorable Mr. Yuri Sterk
On the 9th March, His Excellency Mr. Yuri Sterk, the Bulgarian Ambassador to Israel, opened an exhibition at Tel Aviv's Enav Cultural Center. Amongst those at the event were key Ministry of Foreign Affairs persons, members of the diplomatic and consular corps and of course, many present and former Bulgarian citizens.



The exhibition – “The Power of Civil Society during the Holocaust: the Bulgarian Story, 1940 – 1944” – reflects some of the historic parallels between Bulgaria’s and Israel’s struggles for independence, and some of the similarities between the two countries, explaining the close ties that exist between them at all levels, to this day. (The exhibition is open to the public until 19th March.)


Although many individual Jews and several Jewish communities in Europe were saved from the Nazi death machine in WWII in various countries, Bulgaria was perhaps unique in that, thanks to the united civilian efforts (led by the Bulgarian Royal Family and other intellectual, spiritual and political leaders), almost the entire Jewish community there was saved. Neighbors would not stand by and allow the Jews to be deported to death camps.


In his address to the assembled guests, Ambassador Yuri Sterk spoke of the coincidence that the 9th March, the 133rd anniversary of Bulgaria’s liberation, was also the date of the start of the civil actions protesting against and resisting the “final solution” of the Third Reich, thus saving Bulgaria’s Jewish community.


Analyzing whether there is a link (separated in time by almost 65 years) between the two events, and the source of the close ties, the Ambassador continued: “I believe both represent crucial junctures in the development of the Bulgarian nation; both attest significantly to important features of Bulgarian national spirit and character which substantiated the historically critical choices Bulgarians had to make on those two occasions: once in the 1870s in favor of their freedom, to exercise their right to an independent national being. And a second time – in the dark years of WWII – in favor of human dignity, in support of universal human virtues and values as opposed to the probably easier way to dishonor and complicity in the most abominable crime against humanity in the history of Mankind.


Ambassadors and Diplomats enjoying the event. (Diplomacy.co.il)

“These are actually also the choices made, and the values and principles shared, by the people of Israel. These are the values and principles that are shared by both our peoples and which are the foundation of our peoples’ affinity for each other, of the friendship between our two nations”.


Ambassador Mr. Sterk concluded by graciously acknowledging the assistance of those who had helped make the exhibition possible, including Tel Aviv Municipality and the Bulgarian Institute of Culture. This is the very first time this exhibition has been shown in Israel.



Marking his nation's Independence Day, the Kenyan Ambassador to Israel,  Lt. Gen. Augostino S. K. Njoroge, delivered a rousing and heartfelt speech on Sunday December 12 at the Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv.


MK Avishai Braverman (center)

The African Ambassador spoke of the strong --and decades long--- ties between Israel and Kenya. At the evening's social event, Israeli MK Avishai Braverman also delivered a speech in which he also spoke of the special ties between Israeli and Kenya, with his hopes for a strong future between the two nations.

Giving a lengthy and all encompassing speech about the long-standing relationship between Israel and this African country, Ambassador Nijoroge began by offering his "heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones" while "praying for the quick recovery of the injured," in reference to the 43 deaths incurred by the massive forest-fire, which ravaged Northern Israel just a week earlier.

The ambassador requested the audience to "remain silent for a minute for the departed souls."

The ambassador's motif focused on the emphasis of the special bilateral relations between Kenya and Israel.

"It has grown in leaps and bounds. Relations can be traced to 107 years ago when in August 1903 the then British Colonial Secretary, Joseph Chamberlain, offered Zionists a part of Kenyan territory, which was part of the then British East African Uganda Protectorate... at the moment, hundred of Kenyans of Jewish origin live and call Kenya their first home."

Kenyan Ambassador, Augostino S. K. NjorogeThe Ambassador emphasized that over the past 20-years, the powerful alliance was based purely on trade and economic cooperation; however, in the last decade, political bonds have improved along with the shared cooperation in different sociological fields.

"It is my desire during my tenure as the ambassador of Kenya to the State of Israel to consolidate and strengthen the already existing ties even further," he said. "Let me extend Kenya's sincere appreciation for the technical support that the Israeli government continues to extend to Kenya through Mashav. The balance of trade remains largely in favor of Israel, mainly because ISrael has been exporting primarily to Kenya with regards to high-valued finished goods."

In a kind gesture to underscore his admiration for the Jewish state, the Kenyan Ambasador offered "a toast for the good health of his excellency Shimon Peres, the President of Israel."

This festive event also featured a host of various Kenyan dance and music with performers flying in from Kenya especially for the event.  This showing of "soft power" by incorporating pieces of Kenyan culture to another eclectic culture like Israel remains a welcoming sight to the ever-changing face of international diplomacy.



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