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Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Stanley Fischer, today (Tuesday, 2 April 2013), submitted the Bank of Israel 2012 Annual Report
 to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bank of Israel Governor Fischer said: "I would like to present you with the Bank of Israel 2012 Annual Report,
 the last report that I will present to you. I did not manage to present you with one when you were Finance Minister
but since you became Prime Minister, this is the fifth report that I have presented to you.
 The report describes the not bad situation of the Israeli economy.
 There are things to fix but we still grew faster than almost all OECD countries."
Prime Minister Netanyahu said: "Thank you for the report, thank you for the reports,
and for what stands behind them – your important work and our important work, together,
to advance the Israeli economy to the top of Western economies.
We see what is happening in Europe and this will not happen here because we responsibly
managed the Israeli economy over the last four years. Thanks to this, the Israeli economy
 is coping with the global economic crisis better than most Western economies,
 and thus we will continue to manage it."