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The Globes 2013 Israel Real Estate Conference


The Globes Real Estate Summit will set the agenda for a national housing policy for Israel. A long-term national housing policy,
 which will stay in place even during changes in government, characterizes every Western country.
The time has come for Israel to have a clear and unequivocal national housing policy. Such a policy will include
 the establishment of a national authority for urban renewal and affordable housing, which will create a differential policy
 for a supply of new housing for an extended period, and will adjust the housing supply to the needs and demands
of the country's diverse population.
Israel also needs a structural reform in planning which can implemented beyond the slogan of the "balcony reform,
 with planning at the national level which will maintain strategic interests alongside specific planning
at the local level for municipalities and neighborhoods.
The Globes Real Estate Summit will present ways to solve Israel's housin shortage, such as granting property rights
on a national scale and a real options for affordable housing and urban renewal in poor neighborhoods.

The conference will take place at the David InterContinental hotel in Tel Aviv

For more info : www.globes.co.il




am Morning networking08:00-09:00

09:00-11:00 am National housing policy

A long-term national housing policy which will remain in place even during changes in government, is a feature of every functioning
Western country. The time has come for Israel to also have a clear and unequivocal housing policy.

MK Uri Ariel, Minister of Housing and Construction

Welcoming remarks:

Eitan Madmon, CEO, Globes

Nissim Bublil, Israel Builders Association

Introduction: Adv. Shraga Biran, Institute for Structural Reform – Presenting the main points of a national housing policy
through a bill for the establishment of a national urban renewal and affordable housing authority, and structural reform in planning

Prof. Yaakov Neeman, Minister Of Justice

Harel Locker, Director General, Prime Minister's Office

Eli Yones, CEO, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank


Yona Yahav, Mayor, Haifa

Ofer Kotler, CEO Shikun & Binui

Benzi Lieberman, Director, Israel Land Administration

Moderator: Dror Marmor, Real Estate Editor, Globes

* Revealing Real Estate Man of the Year

11:00-11:30 am Networking

11:30-13:00 pm Parallel Sessions

The construction industry in times of uncertainty Urban renewal as a social reform


A government budget, Financing, credit, mortgages, and construction

Introduction: Reuven Kogan, Deputy Director of budget unit at Ministry of Finance, Israel

The impact of the national housing policy on the industry and its financial conduct

Yakov Royter, Mortgages Manager, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Tamir Dagan, CEO, Shikun & Binui Real Estate

Oren Hod, CEO, Africa-Israel Residences

David Zvida - C.E.O ,Jerusalem Economy

Talk: Professor Nathan Zussman, Director, Bank of Israel Research

Moderator: Dror Marmor, Real Estate Editor, Globes


The need for a law for the establishment of a national urban renewal

and affordable housing authority to implement a national housing


Introduction: Adv. Assaf Yahav, Institute for Structural Reform

Proposal for a bill for urban renewal

Menahem Leibe, Director, General, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality

Shlomo Dolberg, Director General, Union of Local Authorities in Israel

Ohad Danus, Chairman, Real Estate Appraisers Association in Israel

Adv. Efi Nave, Head of the Tel-Aviv and Central District, The Israel Bar Association

Adv. Avraham Lalum, Chairman, Property and Real Estate Committee of the Tel Aviv & Central board of the Israel Bar association.

Eliav Ben Shimon, CEO, Boney Haaretz Association

Moderator: Stella Koren Liber, Senior Commentator, Globes


1:00-1:30 pm Networking

1:30-3:00 pm Parallel sessions

Investing in real estate in Israel and globally

Global review & Investment opportunities

Global introduction: Elchanan Rosenheim, Managing Director, Profimex

Russell Appel, Founding Principal, The Praedium Group

Omer Kreisel, Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings

Dr. Michael (Miki) Vardi, Chairman, Reality Venture Capital

Adv. Nir Amsel, Founding Partner, HAP Investment

Michael Karsenti, CEO, Caesarea Development Corporation and Caesarea Assets Corporation


Affordable Housing

Apartments at cost, public land, and joint buyer-stated owned land

Presentation of a financial structure for the joint buying of an apartment by its resident and the state - Adv. Shraga Biran,

Institute for Structural Reform

Introduction: Mathew M. Wambua, Commissioner, New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)

HPD is the nation's largest municipal housing agency, with 2,000

employees and an annual budget of approximately $1billion. HPD

preserve approximately 15,000 units.



Talk: Hershey Friedman, Owner, Azorim

Moderator: Moshe Lichtman, Commentator, Globes

Hanan Mor, Chairman, Hanan Mor Group - Holdings

Dr. Emily Silverman, Senior Research fellow, Institute for Urban Studies, Hebrew University

Dr. Shuki Amrani, Vice General Director, Ministry of Interior

Sammi Maslavi, Chairman & Owner, Construction Company

MK Eitan Cabel

Moderator, Dror Marmor, Real Estate Editor, Globes


3:00-3:30 pm Networking

3:30 pm Parallel sessions

Reforming planning

Housing failures require structural reform anchored in law,which will set a national planning strategy
 and specific planning at the local level

Introduction: Adv. Meir Furgas, S. Biran & Co., Law Firm

Binat Schwartz, Planning Director, Israeli Ministry Of Interior

Prof. Shlomo Hasson, Head of the Shasha Center for Strategic Studies, The Hebrew University Jerusalem

Prof. Architect Eli First, Architects & City

Planners. Adam Mazor-Eli Frisht

Architect Ze’ev Stein, CEO, Blue Square Real Estate

Moderator, Dror Marmor, Real Estate Editor, Globes

Infrastructure: from the "center" to the periphery and back

Two sides to every coin

Introduction: Tal Alderoty, Chief Government Appraiser

Uzi Izaki, CEO, Ministry of Transpiration

Asher green, Vice President Israel Builders Association: Boney Haaretz & Chairman of Contractual Division

עו"ד שירי חגואל, חברת מועצה ויו"ר החברה הכלכלית


Yossi Gordon, Manager Real Estate and Construction,Finance Sector, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Moderator: Moshe Lichtman, Commentator, Globes


Ethics and standards for Israeli real estate agents

Adv. Adina Haham, CEO, AngloSaxson

Bernard Raskin, Regional Owner, Re/Max Israel

Yohanna Hass, CEO, ELHaneches

Isaac Levy, Director, Ambassador Real Estate Jerusalem & Co

Chairman, Jerusalem Chamber of Real estate Brokers

Adv. Avner Friedman, President, Association of independent real estate agents in Israel

Moderator: Ori Chudy, Real Estate Correspondent, Globes


*Interactive discussion with leading Israeli real estate agencies

*Places are limited