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.Newsweek once again  selects The Chaim  Sheba Medical Center as one of the  WORLD'S 10 BEST HOSPITALS 

For the second year in a row, Newsweek magazine has chosen Sheba Medical Center as one of the Top 10 Hospitals in the world. 

This unprecedented achievement, which showcases Sheba as the 9th best hospital in the world, moving up one slot from last year, comes at a time when the hospital is advancing medical innovation on all fronts including dealing with the coronavirus crisis using ground-breaking telemedicine solutions to treat coronavirus patients who are quarantined at a special hospital complex. 

"I am especially proud to be on the Newsweek list once more. This achievement denotes another year of innovative medical achievements which are impacting the world," said Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, Dir. Gen. of Sheba. "I am especially proud of our 9100 medical professionals who wake up each morning and come to work dedicating themselves to thinking outside the box, creating new ways to giving patients the best care and dealing with crisis like the coronavirus by employing game changing technologies such as telemedicine. At Sheba we use the phrase...hope has no boundaries. And this is what motivates us."




The Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer is a university-affiliated tertiary referral hospital that serves as Israel's national medical center in many fields. 

Adjacent to Tel Aviv, it is the most comprehensive medical center in the Middle East, renowned for its compassionate care and leading-edge medicine. It is also a major medical-scientific research powerhouse that collaborates internationally with the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries to develop new drugs, treatments and technologies, and a foremost global center for medical education.

Today, the Sheba Medical Center combines six major facilities: 

  • a vast medical research complex

  • medical education academic campus

  • acute care hospital

  • children's hospital

  • women's hospital

  • the country's main rehabilitation hospital





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