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"Any kingdom that does not have advisers, its kingdom is not a kingdom; When there are no plots, a nation falls, and salvation is in the multitude of counselors"

‏MIND Israel (NGO) was launched in a closed and intimate event with senior officials from the government, security and economic sectors. The organization will advise and accompany security-political bodies and decision-makers.

Last night, in Herzliya Pituach at Pninit and Pini Cohen residence, chairman and partner of America-Israel, MIND Israel was launched; MIND Israel was founded by Mr. Cohen together with Major General (ret.) Amos Yadlin and Orly Hayardeny. With the aim of contributing to the strengthening of the State of Israel, MIND Israel will conduct research and accompany security-political bodies and decision-makers, and advise them on issues related to national security in Israel.

About 80 people, leaders in the fields of state and security, were invited to the closed and intimate event. Arrived: US Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Thomas Nides; retired Major General, Tal Russo; Major General Aharon Haliva, Military Intelligence Chief; Aviv Kochavi, retired Chief of Staff, and his wife Yael; Eyal Waldman, Chairman of Waldo Holdings; attorney Amy Palmore, former CEO of the Ministry of Justice and a board member at MIND Israel; Giora Island, retired Major General; Karin Mayer Rubinstein, CEO and President of the Israel Advanced Technology Industries, and her spouse Golan Rubinstein; Ido Nehushtan, former Air Force Commander and CEO of Boeing Israel; Gad Somech, KPMG senior partner; architect Moshe Tzur and his wife and partner Arena; Jonathan Locker, former chairman of ICL and currently chairman of Klalit Health Services; Shimshon Harel, chairman of the Weizmann Institute and partner in America-Israel; Eli Glickman, CEO of Zim and former CEO of Israel Electricity Company; Ohad Shaked, ThinkUp founder and former partner in 888; Shay Weil, owner of Minrav Group and more.

The event opened with a reception and dinner and continued with a lively discussion on the security fields of the State of Israel in the past, present and future. The following spoke: the President, Mr. Yitzhak Herzog, opened the event (recorded video), followed by the US Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Thomas Nides, the head of the National Army, Major General Aharon Haliva and Yadlin, who reviewed the political-national security situation and conducted a discussion with the participation of the audience.

According to Yadlin: "Establishing a strategic, professional, experienced and skilled, action-oriented consulting team, which assists the decision-making processes in Israel on national security issues - is a must in current times, and we intend to contribute to the strength of the State of Israel and look forward to the future.”

Mr. Cohen said that "the strategic consulting team knows how to look beyond tomorrow's crisis to the long-term horizon, thanks to its proven analytical skills and reputation. The team will operate as a non-profit that supports the need to accompany complex processes in the field of Israel’s national security, and to influence the decision-making in the best way so that entanglements, which are considered critical to Israel's strength, will be dealt with in the present and in the future."

According to Mr. Cohen, "All the issues that MIND Israel will deal with are not political but national, which every government in Israel must deal with. These include the Iranian nuclear program and the threats on the northern front from Hezbollah. We would all be happy if the Saudis joined the Abraham Accords and if we can promote the technological cooperation with the US, and handle other challenges related to AI and its effects, the consequences of global warming and other challenges that have been faced by our nation.”

Mr. Cohen added: "We do not have another passport and another country, and we will make every effort to unite the people and to create a constitutional base and a new social contract, which will ensure the stability of our country for years. Today, when there is a negative turn in the perception of Israel's deterrence and its international standing, MIND Israel's creative ideas, based on decades of experience and knowing the various players in Jerusalem, Washington and other capitals, together with deep academic understanding and extensive international impact network, will help reverse the trend and strengthen Israel's resilience, economy and standing among nations."


The US Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Thomas Nides, replied to Cohen, "The US needs advisory bodies like MIND Israel."

Major General Aharon Haliva, Military Intelligence Chief, reviewed the global trends and the significant arenas that Israel is facing, including the Russia-Ukraine war and drew conclusions from all these developments.

According to Gen. Haliva: "The world realized that war is not a good idea and left it to the Russians and Ukrainians; as evidence of that, the last war, that spread over several arenas at once, ended 50 years ago! However, we must be prepared on all fronts and ready by all means."

MIND Israel was founded by Major Gen. (ret.) Amos Yadlin, who serves as its president, Mr. Pini Cohen, who serves as its chairman, and Ms. Orly Hayardeni, who serves as its CEO. MIND Israel's board of directors includes Mr. Natan Hetz, Major General (ret.) Amikam Norkin, Ms. Emi Palmore, Mr. Gil Rave and Mr. Ahiad Salton.


Photo credit Kfir Ziv