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 Today, November 26, 2023, 3rd day of liberation of the kidnapped persons by the terrorist group "Hamas", I had a conversation with Uri Geller, British-Israeli mentalist, worldly famous for his psychic abilities, reader of minds and bender of metals, whom I admire a lot and met personally in Jerusalem.

I remembered that he mentioned 15 days ago in the program "Ofira Vecatorza" that he warned about a Black Saturday exactly two months before the fateful October 7. I asked him: “Uri, did you really have premonitions of the coming catastrophe and you warned about it?”.
Uri: “Yes, exactly on July 13 I sent a special letter to authorized sources warning about the danger”.

The letter said: “Israel is like the Titanic traveling toward an iceberg. Israel is in a clear and immediate danger. We are busy with internal ears between us and we are sedated by politicians of all sides of the spectrum helped by all communication media. The retired generals and politicians tell us grandmother stories about being strong. In short terms we deal with a war with five scenarios at the same time: Siria, Iran, Lebanon, Gaza inside Israel”. For twenty years our enemies have gathered and have an arsenal of 250.000 missiles, they will launch 5.000 missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles everyday over Israeli cities``.

Geller warned that “at the same time there are 600.000 weapons in the Arab settlements, and that chaos will reign in streets of cities like in Shomer Homot. Many people don’t know the strength of Radwan of Hezbollah, which is the strength of command with thousands of soldiers whose aim was to penetrate the Lebanese border from Gaza to all the settlements. It is supposed that the situation is difficult with hostages, a massacre, we must be prepared for a total war with the FDI, which is based on the immediate reserve army”.

Geller concluded the letter with a call to equip the residents with weapons and recruit many for the combat service. The weapons must be redistributed between all the residents, each settlement along the conflict line must be equipped with weapons, food and medicines. The National Guard must be immediately established with 100.000 volunteers, religious, traditional and secular, armed and trained. We must be enlisted for combat service. “Am Israel Jai”.

Finally I asked Geller: How do you see the continuation and ending of this war?
Uri Geller answered me: “Firstly our goal is to bring back all the kidnapped people. We will have a few more days with a ceasefire, but at the end of the day we need to destroy Hamas, not only for the cruel murders they have carried out. In the world, there was no such thing, maybe in the time of barbarians hundreds of years ago, maybe because we need peace in the south, and that's why Hamas will disappear. As for the north, it is more problematic, but there too we will have to do something. I am an optimistic person and I believe that even in the north we will be able to restore peace of mind to the people, and return to their homes. Don't forget that we are now under attack by 7 countries. I am an optimist!


Photo Silvia G Golan